5 Temple Seniors Who Will Be Missed

Click on the photo of Connor Reilly to read about the five seniors who received the most playing time who will be missed.

Click on the photo of Connor Reilly to read about the five seniors who received the most playing time who will be missed.


21 thoughts on “5 Temple Seniors Who Will Be Missed

  1. it is not good when a coach refers to his own team as “they” vice “we”…., what is that all about? what do the players think about the coach who puts distance between himself and game day performance? IMHO this is not a good trait

    • Serious kj? The last paragraph he says “they” so he’s putting distance between himself and the players? I notice you didn’t mention the 2nd paragraph where he said “us” three times or the 9th paragraph where he said “we’re” once and “we” twice. No, it must be his use of “they” one time in the last paragraph that shows how he truly feels.

      Man, we will go to any lengths to crucify this guy…

      • I agree with NE Philly Owl here. I would not read that much into Rhule”s comments. He’s definitely a “we” guy when it comes to Temple. I just think his major problem is trying to fit his vision of the program, specifically about the offense, into personnel made for another system. A great coach adjusts his system to fit the skills of his players, not tries to force his system on players better-suited for another. This is personnel best suited to 2 backs, fullback, halfback, tight end and not 4 wides but I fully expect to see the 4 wides again and that would be playing right into Cincy’s hands.

  2. The key to winning tomorrow, as written earlier and skillfully by one of the prolific commenters, is to limit our own big plays and score on more sustained drives. Puts less pressure on our defense. Well said. Go Owls, but not too fast! Beat Bearcats.

    • Yes, long drives, ball control .. Jahad running behind Marc Tyson and an occasional play-action pass. Don’t know if Marcus Satterfield even has those plays in his book.

      • Agree with that strategy. Given the way the defense has been playing for the most part, I think the team would have had better results the last 2 games, at least a split, trying to win on aggressive defense and ball control on offense

  3. Moron and his merry band of Jackssses blow another WINNABLE GAME

    Cycle of Stupid

    • The offense was a joke today, bad execution at times, horrendous play calling at others, bad clock management and punter who seems to kick short when you need a boomer and long when you need it short. Worst of all second totally winnable game in the last 3, which should have this team sitting at 7-4 instead of 5-6, so can one of the MRAs tell me again how this team has progressed so much, as is continuos on the pay board. Now it’s this team will be a contender for the conference in 2 years maybe next year. After today’s performance this staff needs to be told no maybes, they need to be in the position Memphis is this year or time to clean house for 2016

  4. Just got back. Fans spoke with their absence. Felt like the opponent from Ohio was Bowling Green rather than Cincinnati. Whatever momentum Bernard Pierce generated for program is gone. Glass half-full is that next year’s home schedule gives multiple opportunities for relevance-gaining victories if the staff and players are up to it.

    • Agree with you Dave but those are some big ifs right now for next season. Could either gain relevance or push this program further into the background. All the season ticket holders were in my section but that was about it

  5. Looking at the stats of Tulane and Temple, if our defense holds Tulane to their seasonal average of scoring 17 points per game does anyone think our “offensive” offense can score more. I really believe for any chance to win next week our defense has to pitch a shut out and hope we can kick a field goal in OT to win 3-0. I know all of the problems are that the players can;t execute Satterfields “process” offense and if you believe that I have a couple of AC casinos that I can sell you.

  6. Three plays stand out. PJ’s brain freeze on the fumble, the reverse near TU’s goal line, and the call on third and one, which in my mind was inexcusable. Use a full back on two plays and get the first down. Yes, I know Thompson was open to a degree but why take the chance when you need a first down.

    • The only explanation anybody in my section, myself included, could come up with for that reverse was another case of Rhule trying to show how”smart” he is. Kind of like burning that timeout when Cinncinati made it look like they were going for it on 4th down in the 3rd quarter.

      • I’ve said that forever, Rhule and Satterfield want people to say what great plays they called as if that defines a good coach. They don’t realize that a good coach is defined by how many wins he has. Most people don’t care how the wins are obtained. Paterno, Hayes and Schembechler to name a few come to mind.

    • All good points John. Also, Fitzpatrick has to catch that pass on 3rd down on Temple’s first scoring drive.

  7. two things for consideration – Satterfield is probably done, and Rhule is a former linebacker. Rhule coached teams have never performed well on offense. Absent an OC change not sure we should expect anything better next year.

    good news is Snow has apparently redeemed himself and the defense should be even better next year.

    PJ is making Chester Stewart look like an All-American…, can’t believe losing the big play maker at the WR positon would make that much of a difference.

    not making field goals is demoralizing…., the offense needs four things next year:

    1. New OC
    2. Consistent play at the QB position, probably not PJ
    3. Pro talent on at least one of the three WR positions
    4. A 6’7″, 340lb, mean and nasty pro talent at OT

    right now we are 0-4 for all of the above

    • KJ, right now I would say absent any OC change the team will be hard pressed to even equal this year’s record ( whether 5 or 6 wins).
      There had better be at least one player for 3 and 4 above that meets your criteria already on the roster red shirting this season. If say Ruff is able to step it up next year at least at a minimum between him, Friend and Dawkins the o-line play should improve. As for WR, if none of the players recruited this year are playing at least close to the level that Andersen was at last season, then really have to start looking at whether Rhhule is as good of a recruiter as is believed.
      I’m surprised Satterfield didn’t attend class for Andersen, aside from making Walker look good, his play clearly covered up a lot of the poor offensive play calling we’ve witnessed this season

    • rhule is not going to fire satterfield. firing is not in his dna. it will have to be administered intravenously by the Temple BOT at the end of his contract. (Because of our “crowds” Temple will never fire a major head coach like other real institutions.)

  8. As the game went and ended, PJs fumble was the game. Poor coaching and/or hard-headed QB when you’re backed up to your goal line, you protect the ball like at no other time, not take chances. But it was the topping on a 4 play debacle including that stupid stopping the play to call in a change and letting the clock run out for a delay-of-game penalty. Why the F does Rhule do that? Is he so unaware of the clock situation – its been happening all season. Ugh! Once again the D played a solid game, good enough to win at least. Even the O had some nice drives. But the red zone quandry is really hurting the teams chances. The first Cincy TD never should have happened (PJs fumble on the 5 yard line) and with the missed field goal, Temple would have won 9 to 7, at least. So, here we are with a second “shoulda” game and the record SHOULD be 7-4, at least. These loses are very similar to last years close losses. Play like this next week and a win is still real possible and so is a loss. And, Geerson, others may have said it too, but I was the one that mentioned that we need more sustained drives to win, not just a few big plays (altho I didn’t say to limit the big plays. I’ll take them any time we can get them of course!). Anyhow, another blown season. Somethings gotta give or we’re headed for another Bobby Wallace deal.

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