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5 thoughts on “John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports’ Photos

  1. Ahmed and Lofton aren’t getting the job done. Put Quinn in to replace Ahmed and start Johnson over Lofton…, Lofton is going to get PJ injured and he should be benched immediately…., Ahmed lacks strength and technique, benching him is an easy decision.

    Tulane plays nine in the box, our WRs MUST beat man to man coverage downfield. beating them is simple, keep seven in to block and run three man routes downfield…, start stuffing the ball down their throats when they back off the line of scrimmage. use a TE or OL in the backfield when throwing.

    this new OL coach is doing a terrible job teaching techniques. he should take as much blame, if not more, as Sattercrap….., this is really painful bc this is not hard, but it is really hard to watch when we don’t block, go off-sides, drop passes, and miss easy FGs…,

    just bc we lack four star talent doesn’t mean we should lack fundamental skills. play within the rules of the game, block the guy in front of you, catch the football when it comes your way, and make a fu*#in FG for crying out loud!!!!

    • this team is about as poorly-coached as I’ve ever seen a Temple team. You have a guy who is rushed all season as your qb and you don’t do a single thing as a staff to help him out. You don’t even keep the tight end in … there is a reason why he is called a tight end. we don’t have great 4.3 speed and 6-foot-4 receivers yet we run a spread offense designed for 4.3 and 6-4 receivers. yet we do have 2 great blocking fullbacks and we try to make one a halfback and one a cheerleader. Yikes. Unless fundamental changes are made to this offense (like ditching it), we will have 3 more years of this nightmare.

      • Mike looking at 2015 and unless things break right scheduling I don’t see how this team can do any better. In 2015, AAC goes to a division format with Temple in the east with Cincinnati, ECU, USF, UCONN and UCF. Outside of UCONN and UCF do you really see as better than any of the other division members? We have an OOC schedule that I say will be 2-2, so unless our west division opponents are SMU, Tulsa and I’ll say Tulane don’t see how the 2015 record is any better than this year.Right now I would say at best we will be ranked as the 7th best team in the AAC for 2015. For all of the negative comments about Addazio, don;t get me wrong from what I’ve seen and heard about the guy don’t think it was a big loss him moving on, he has or will coach a team in a bowl game 3 of the 4 years he has been a HC

  2. The other thing is maybe pass plays could be called that don’t require PJ to take 6, 7 step drop out of a shotgun formation. During the second half of Saturday’s game started comparing Kiels drop backs to PJ. In the shotgun Kiel took the snap and after dropping back another 3 steps was setting to pass. PJ was taking much longer drops, with the Cincinnati ends it seemed taking turns who would flush him out of the pocket or sack.
    KJ I totally agree with you point about there being no reason for the lack of fundamentals regardless of a players talent ranking. That is the one thing I like about the MRAs, deep down I actually don’t even think they believe that his eminence Matt the First has a good staff. All they ever talk about is player talent like coaching is really unimportant.

  3. I’m glad Daz is gone but facts are facts: Daz had 11 starters back from a 2-10 team and turned it into a 7-5 team; Rhule had 16 starters back from a 4-7 team and turned it into a 2-10 team, with the 2 most embarrassing losses in Temple history. Daz even upped the ante his second season, improving on a winning season. Temple should have won 6 last year, 7 this one. Coaching matters in football more than any other sport.

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