Plenty to Play For, Just Not a Bowl

Sadly, the final gameday of the season.

Sadly, the final gameday of the season.

There are a lot of people who live in a fantasy world who believe that a team without a significant fan base and no bowl tie-in is going to somehow magically appear in a bowl if it becomes qualified because of things like TV ratings and conference affiliations.

Count me out of that group.

There’s plenty to play for, though, tonight when Temple travels to Tulane (7:30).  The game is on a real ESPN network (the duece), not ESPN3 or ESPN News or ESPNU so there will be a significant potential audience out there. The Owls will be playing to avoid a third-straight losing season and that is important.

The fact that Temple has done nothing about an abysmal punt return game is symptomatic of a larger overall leadership problem.

The fact that Temple has done nothing about an abysmal punt return game is symptomatic of a larger overall leadership problem.

There is just not a bowl game on the line.

Temple is not going to a bowl game with a win on Saturday, even if it is a 63-point effort like the one it had three years ago in West Point. Temple’s elimination game was two weeks ago, not today, and the Owls rolled out an uninspired offensive game plan against Cincinnati that belied that sense of urgency. Forget the calls for a play-action passing game and some semblance of a running game. Why didn’t Temple even TRY to use a slippery punt returner like Nate L. Smith instead of John Christopher to at least artificially pump some juice into the team?

Temple got zero yards from its punt return game … again.  It got nothing from its run game … again.

Those are two things fans should hope at least are addressed tonight.

Temple’s bowl chances might have been dashed before the season even started when American Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco “sold” the rights to the conference’s sixth bowl tie-in to none other than CUSA. It was a monumental blunder.

The irony of this is dripping.  Temple’s 8-4 team did not get into a bowl because the MAC had too few tie-ins and its 6-6 team will not get into a bowl because conferences like the MAC and CUSA have too many. This kind of stuff happens only to Temple. You cannot make this stuff up. Temple’s major reason for leaving the MAC was getting more opportunities for a bowl and now the conference they go to sell a bowl where Temple would have appeared.

Any Temple fans up for a couple of winter days in the Bahamas? Sorry, we sold that bowl.

In the same category was UCF’s miracle win over ECU on Thursday night. Temple had a slight chance of backing into the fifth tie-in if Memphis moved up to a BCS game but, for that to happen, Memphis would have had to win the league outright and Fresno State would have had to knock Boise State out in the Mountain West title game. A head-scratching UCF Hail Mary allowed UCF to share the title with Memphis and eliminated even that sliver of Temple hope.

So, in a sense, Temple was beaten again by a Hail Mary pass, leaving winning tonight and at least some momentum into next season as the best the Owls can reasonably hope to accomplish.

Even given that, only a backroom Hail Mary in a smoke-filled room on Bowl Selection Sunday can extend this season beyond today and those kind of plays never go Temple’s way.


93 thoughts on “Plenty to Play For, Just Not a Bowl

  1. somehow i believe losing this game may not be bad after all. Why? bc if Temple wins and becomes bowl eligible they will have the terrible distinction of being the only FBS team in history not go to a bowl the last two times they were bowl eligible

  2. The MAC bowl tie-in connection is too much to bear.
    Temple lives in a college football Twilight Zone.

    • It really is amazing the bad set of circumstances/Hail Mary passes/luck etc. this program has had against it and continues to have. Twilight Zone is a really good analogy.

  3. KJ, I take the opposite view point, hope the team does win but learns that you have to take care of business yourself when the opportunity presents itself. Can’t keep squandering games that you could have won, been going into this game playing for a better bowl rather than all this well if this team losses in the Big 13, etc
    Mike do you really think the possibility is still there for an on campus stadium, I just don’t see it happening for a variety of reasons

    • I don’t think there is going to be an on campus stadium built but I think there needs to be. It seems that Eagles’ management is going to raise the rent on the Owls so they won’t be playing at the Linc much longer. That means they will be playing home games at Franklin Field. If that happens I pretty much think that is going to be the end of the program. UAB just folded and I think it is entirely possible the same may be coming to Philly.

  4. Nobody outside of the Temple fanbase will be watching this game tonight with the ACC and BIG 10 championship game along with Baylor vs Kansas St. all on at the same time!

  5. The Alabama game is now in rout mode meaning even more people will tune in for the kickoff on the “deuce.” Who can pass up this traditional rivalry? Marinatto and Bradshaw were geniuses! What was TCU thinking passing up a spot in this league?!!!

  6. IM DONE…pj has got to go. He is soooo in accurate. That great play action pass to gilmore on the second drive just wow. How can a div.1 qb miss that throw. And it seems like that happens every week!! Wide open TD passes thrown 5 yds over thrown. With the lack of talent and seperation you cant not hit those throws. Killing me PJ!!! Weres that young man from last season??? The college football world tool notice. And as fast as he arrived he disappeared. Smdh

  7. 3rd and goal from the 20 and Walker throws a short 2 yard pass to Harper. I agree, time for a change at QB next year!

  8. Will the coaches ever help out the kicker by putting the ball in the middle of the field. The kid has missed 4 0f the last 5 from the right hash. And the MRA’s say the coaching is just fine.

    • by contrast, daz–who was killed by both the mras and the mrs (matt rhule skeptics like myself, I still maintain there are no Matt Rhule Haters)–ran the ball twice to Montel to set it up in the middle of the field for brandon to win the game at uconn. the fact that matt rhule is not familiar or chooses to ignore that basic tenant of football should be mind-boggling, but it’s not.

  9. Looking at the standings if we lose this game finish 7th in the conference. Wow from 9th to 7th someone please go into detail how the Rhule “process” is building this program. First half was painful, aside from the defense the rest of team doesn’t looked prepared, play calling seems clueless, 12th game of the season and too many undisciplined penalties. If we end up losing the game about the only thing the MRAs will be good for is laughs with their defense of Rhule.

  10. Thank goodness this mess of a season is over after tonight. Right now the way this offense is playing, especially if nothing changes in the second, I don’t think this team could be anyone in the AAC. Even SMU managed to score 27 points today with an offense that has actually been worse than Temple’s. This is a bad team moving backwards. But hey to the MRAs 2015 is the break out year……now to them 6-6 probably qualifies for that. Wonder, will BC being going to a bowl for the second year in a row?

  11. Now the D looks like crap.

  12. ESPN as to be sorry that they didn’t put this game on ESPNnews.

  13. This game is watching two comparable teams fight each other to the bottom. Isn’t this about the time in tenure when Goldin and Daz were receiving phone calls? Is there any word yet as to who is calling Rhule? Bloomsburg maybe?

  14. It’s like we’re getting worse quarter to quarter. Again, another winnable game.

    • But Ben, the team has won 3 more games than last year so far, all this staff needs is another 3 years for the “process” to take hold…hahaha. Unfortunately I think tonight’s game is showcasing 2 of the worst teams in the AAC.

  15. Temple’s defense is looking even better than last year. That’s particularly impressive given the problems on offense.

  16. At least Joe Montana has a good reason to watch this game.

  17. I’ve never seen a team that has gotten progressively worse as the season has progressed as this one. And that’s with three byes.

  18. Irony is defined by watching Christopher finally returning a punt, but getting tackled by a turf monster in the process. He had nothing but daylight in front of him, and I can’t help but to laugh at watching him fall over his own feet.

  19. And if these announcers say ‘bowl eligible” one more time I’m going to throw something through the TV.

  20. Let’s see if Snow can devise something to stop a long drive. Last two games he couldn’t.

  21. It only took Snow several losses to call the blitzes. At least he learned from his mistakes and didn’t play prevent. This team needs a bowl for the extra practices more than they need the game itself.

    • Agree on all points, especially regarding the extra practice which actually is the only real advantage for getting invited to most of these lower tier bowls. At least Snow did seem to learn from past losses unlike the play calling from Satterfield.

  22. Lofton on the OLine need to sit on the bench…., outside of PJ the O does not have a play maker on the OL is average at best…, doesn’t help that PJ is very inaccurate

  23. Someone just looking at TU’s record this season compared to last year’s would say it’s a good year. I think most people on this blog know otherwise. 6-6, as opposed to 5-7 does though help the Owls with recruits and if they don’t get selected for a bowl they can act as if they’ve been wronged like they did when they were 8-4 and weren’t selected. In the end I’m glad we’re not UConn. How could they lose at home to SMU. Talk about problems.

  24. As unwatchably bad as the owls looked tonight (mostly on offense) they are still an improvement over last year. They didn’t find unique and interesting ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but rather simply lost in conventional ways and stole a win over a top 25 team.

    The defense was appreciably better as were special teams for the most part. The offense managed to regress and our receiving core is brutally bad (where have you gone Robbie Anderson) as evidenced by the fact Fitz is our best receiver.

    I’d like to feel better about our programs prospects but don’t think there’s too much waiting for us next year that will make it much different than this year.

  25. good guys won. what does it get them? absolutely nothing. if anybody really thinks satterfield should come back, they really have not been paying attention. but he will because he’s matt’s friend and that is why this program will never get anywhere. guy values his friendships over the program he has been given the keys to drive.

  26. This team could not overcome the horrific, abysmal down right terrible play of the offensive line. Unless improvement is made upfront expect the same next year. Rhule needs to find some big tough guys upfront to replace this group. These guys were soft and got pushed around all year.

    • Hopefully we’ll get some more indication of how good of a recruiter Rhule is on that front with at least one of the red shirt O-lineman moving into the starting lineup. Replacing Lofton at a minimum.

    • and whose responsibility is it to recruit an offensive line?

      • I think you can see where I stand on that question with my post from earlier tonight. If we are still hearing about a bad offensive line this time next year with what looks like `3 solid junior starters (Friend, Dawkins and McGowan) and at least 6 Rhule offensive line recruits vying for playing time then I think we’ll have our answer.

  27. Two losses that really, really, really should have been wins (Memphis and Cincy) would have been the 8 wins needed to put Temple in a bowl for sure. Last night? Another nail-biter that shouldn’t have been. But like that 8-win team that didn’t get invited, this team would probably be put against an obviously better team and get embarrassed anyway. Exposure is good except if you get embarrassed. But I wonder if the ECU win might help them get in anyway? The 2-times-in-a-row being eligible and not being invited isn’t correct. Temple went bowling under Addazio after the 8-win no invite year under Golden. Temple has a chance to get better next year but ONLY if something drastic is done on offense – and we all know what that means! Where the hell is the university president and BOT if the people in the athletic dept. isn’t going to do what needs to be done? Geeesh……

  28. Ps: Of course if they get in and lose by 2-3 TDs I guess that’s not a total embarrassment. It would be what everyone would expect. Wisconsins loss to OSU is a total embarrassment by comparison. (should have written “aren’t” not “isn’t” in my previous comment about BOT).

    • To be honest the outcome of any bowl game Temple would get in iis somewhat irrelevant the big benefit is the extra 15 days practice

    • Since it’s Christmas season I’ll also ask for a receiver that can catch a football. That corps did PJW no favors this season. It’s no wonder the poor guy regressed, even when he was able to get a pass away it was always iffy as to whether the receiver would catch it let alone RAC.

      • The dropped passes have to be mentally draining. When getting the ball to the receiver’s hand isn’t good enough- what is?

  29. 1. the OLine is terrible, Lofton is awful, and the OLine coach is poor at teaching techniques
    2. Huge strides on defense and hats off to the job Snow did all season
    3. offense needs at least one Sunday player at the skill positions next year
    4. PJ’s footwork is a mess, how about we find a new OC and/or QB coach to “develop” the QB position ?
    5. The output on special teams is horrific. Punt and kick-off returns, and the FG teams are not of the quality expected of a winning team.

    6. Formula – get a winning OC/QB coach to develop the talent we have and scheme to score points with the players on the roster; get a new OL coach to teach the fundamentals and techniques required at this level, the OL regressed throughout the season; find a consistent FG kicker and explosive kick returners

  30. this just in…., still lost in the college football twilight zone. Temple is one of six teams who were eligible but did not receive a bowl invite. Temple is now the only team in the modern college football era not to receive a bowl invite in the last two seasons there were bowl eligible…,

    • KJ, get what you are saying but I don’t think this situation even as bizarre as the Twilight Zone. This team needs to learn how to take care of business themselves and get out of these, well if team A loses and conference X doesn’t have enough eligible teams. I don’t care what the “experts” predicted for Temple this year, the opportunities were there this year to be a 7 / 8 win team and get one of the AAC primary bowl tie-ins. I mean this year could have possibly been the 4th time Temple was bowl eligible and didn’t get in invite if the conferences who had the primary tie-ins with the Eagle Bank and New Mexico Bowls had enough qualifying teams. Plus this year much like the MAC the AAC didn’t help matters by selling a primary bowl, if this were 2015 we’d be in as next year I believe the AAC had 7 tie-ins

  31. I went to three spring scrimmages and in each one, catchable passes were dropped multiple times. Cannot believe that it carried over to the season. Had four passes not been dropped during the Memphis game TU likely would have run. The best investment the team could make for next season is a case of those Odell Beckham Nike gloves,

    • Well John as the MRAs would say, and some of the more off the walls ones are in full “Satterfield defense” mode on the Rivals board, the players are going to have to learn to catch better, same as PJ is going to have to improve his footwork on his own as you can’t expect the coaches to do anything about this. At 2 practices I attended PJ didn’t look sharp yet there seemed to be no back plan considered if he ended up having a season like he did

  32. the AAC really screwed Temple…., no respect.., but as the saying goes, “respect is earned”,

    through lack of fan support, losing games we should have won, and never being a relevant football program Temple has not done anything to earn respect in college football

  33. Our Bowl games are next fall — the home games versus Notre Dame and Penn State. Winning either or both far more important to long-term health of program. I saw enough this year from the players to realize it is possible.

  34. Puts the board in a tough spot deciding our stadium (and jointly our program’s) fate. Again, not selected for a bowl. It’s the right call to make and I’m not surprised by it. Just wonder how this will be viewed by the university.

  35. Looking at the final season stats, I can’t buy that the terrible offensive performance is just due to poor offensive line play and the loss of Robbie Andersen. The 2014 offense is not just worse in almost all major offensive categories over the 2013 offense, it is worse than the “awful” Addazio 2012 offense in all but passing yards per game. In rushing offense, total offense, passing efficiency offense and 3rd down conversion percentage this years offense is at or near the bottom of all FBS teams. That is more than the players.

    1. So with an offense that was marginally better in 2013 from 2012 and that had major drop offs in 2014, I certainly think looking at the bringing on a new OC should be on the table for Rhule. Perhaps someone who puts in offensive schemes that are geared to the offensive players strengths.

    2. O-line didn;t play well, but wasn’t one of the things brought up last year how many younger players were getting playing time. The biggest senior losses were probably Booth and Whittingham, White not so much as he really didn’t seem to pan out. That still left you in the off season looking at 4 SO. (Friend, Hooks, Quinn and Lofton) and 2 FR. (Dawkins and McGowan) who played and started games in 2013. Have no idea what the story with Hooks was started 10 games and then was off the roster this year. Mike do you have information about what happened to Hooks?
    Don’t know about the coaching at this position Weisenhan seems to have a good resume, maybe he just doesn’t have enough experience trying to convert defensive ends into undersized starting guards. Even with that with a core of starters in Friend, Dawkins and McGowan returning I find it hard to believe that 2 other solid starters couldn’t be developed from the freshman who got playing time this year (Johnson, Reed and Sullivan) and the red shirts (Ruff, McHale and Jaelin Robinson).

    3. With all of the young receivers and the problems Walker had this season maybe looking to hire a true receivers coach and move DiMichele to QB coach.

    I just think the 2015 season is critical for the progress of this program and that maintaining the status quo could leave it no better or worse than this season.

    • Hooks had a year of eligibility left and decided not to use it. Marcus Satterfield must have told him what type of offense he planned to run. If I was the Temple coaches, I’d go to Hooks (who I believe is either still in school or grad school) and then hop on the phone to Robbie and arrange a reunion. This “my way or the highway” is sending a lot of good players to the highway and leaving a lot of bad coaches in the building.

  36. Interesting being reported that USF fired their offensive coordinator Even though they doubled their win totals from last season and while still near the bottom in offensive categories (much like Temple’s offense) they actually improved slightly on offense from last year.

  37. USF fired their OC BC they have a future pro at QB position and needed a coach to develop him, and develop an offense featuring his cannon arm. looking for USF to put up points next year

    • difference between willie taggart and matt is that matt will hold onto friendships over the betterment of the entire organization. Willie will say, “nice knowing you, friend, but I want to win.”

      • Mike, I’m guessing that Taggart doesn’t have the same problems with ALL of USF’s problems being caused by bad players as Owlscoop and the Rhule mouthpiece who runs the site keep harping is the case here. With quotes like “Coach Sat is a good coach actually I think we have a great young staff from top to bottom” and “look at the defense same coach different players”. Ok let’s look at Satterfield being a good coach, I don’t see it. Of course I can only base that by performance on the field and stats. For all the talk of how much better this offense became after Addazio, numbers really don’t back that up. For all of the “excitement” of the 2013 version of the SattSpred, it was really no more effective than the 2012 offense and this year it is a good bit worse. So I see a coach who in 2 years has brought no improvement to the offense.
        Here are some numbers from the NCAA football stat pages, year and average per game

        Total Offense 2012(322), 2013(399), 2014(308)
        Rushing Offense 2012(201) , 2013(149), 2014(108)
        Passing Offense 2012(121), 2013(250), 2014(201)
        Scoring 2012(25 ppg), 2013(25 ppg), 2014(23 ppg)

        So basically all we’ve gotten so far from this “exciting”, passing offense is 77 more yards per game in 2013, which is probably all Robbie Andersen.

  38. The line wasn’t as bad as people think. There were many plays where there were more rushers than blockers. I blame the coaches for not running a scheme that put the kids in positions to succeed and win. Why wasn’t DeLoatch or Thompson used more on the goal line all season? Why weren’t tight end screens thrown to Thompson, who wasn’t used at all Saturday? Why weren’t screens called in the second half? Why wasn’t Gilmore used in the second half and why twice inside the six, didn’t TU use a lead back? I could go on but it’s pointless because just like last year when Snow wasn’t fired for incompetence, neither will Satterfield be fired.

    • The Tulane game was a good example of that, you’re playing a team putting 9 men in the box and at times blitzing 2 and yet the TU offense still went with 4 receivers split wide, no extra protection in the backfield, etc. I do think that the Ahmed experiment of converting a DE into an undersized guard should end along with replacing Lofton but I do think there is a good core with Friend, Dawkins and McGowan. If this staff can’t get 2 solid starters to go with that group from the 3 freshman who played this year along with the reshirts then please don’t tell me about their recruiting prowess. I have to say it’s comments like yours that make this site a good read. At this point I can’t take Owlscoop with the Satterfield love fest, great young coach, fabulous play calling. There is a real group of clueless folks over there.

  39. Very disappointing season, one that woulda, coulda, shoulda been better – just like last season. I’m not against a learning curve but there needs to be improvement to be successful. Snow certainly improved. Satterfield not only didn’t improve but the O got worse -not just from last season but within this season. That’s 2 sub-par to lousy seasons in a row. And yet he’s still on board. Mind boggling. And that’s why Temple gets overlooked for bowl games – a long history of wallowing in crap results instead of moving to improve to get the results that position themselves for respectability. Temple is in a conference that’s just right for them to allow for success but they have to get serious or forget about it.

    • I agree about the administration. Either it goes all in on football or it should drop it. Going all in means putting pressure on Rhule to hire a co-head coach that has actual experience at a mid-major or major university and who had success. When I saw that North Carolina, which gave up seventy to ECU (but somehow beat Georgia Tech) received a bowl invite, It made me sick because had TU been better coached on O, there would have been three more wins. Navy was a winnable game as were Memphis and Cincy. Still blame the coaches for running a hurry up offense, which mostly went three and out, against Navy even though it had to be a hundred on the field and Navy wins through ball control. In any event, the administration has to provide more money so Rhule can hire a competent offensive coordinator. One thing to remember. Theobald came from Indiana, which has an apparent history of ambivalence regarding football. It doesn’t matter there because they get Big Ten money regardless. Until he does or says something positive about football, I am going to worry about the future of the program. By the way I heard that some announcement about a stadium is going to be made in March.

      • and it will now probably (likely) be no stadium. cannot make an announcement without getting “The Community” on board and I doubt that The Community will ever be on board without supplying them with the kind of ransom Temple was held up to build the LC for …doubt very seriously that the carpetbaggers from Indiana understand how deep Philadelphia political corruption is.

      • John, why would the administration waste money like that to replace Marcus “Mister Spread” Satterfield who is already a part of the best staff in all FBS football. All kidding or in the case of some delusion aside, I’ve been concerned about that aspect of the program since we were outbid for hiring Rolovich by the University of Nevada. It seems that the program is left to hire on the cheap, with Satterfield moving up from FCS and Snow probably ready to take any job to get out of EMU, I can’t imagine either one cost that much.Plus does this staff seem to have a good portion of the positions taken up by just above graduate assistant level people. Not saying they are bad coaches just a big lack of a successful track record across the board.
        As for the stadium, I will be very surprised if the announcement is for an on campus facility, just hope it is at least an announcement of a reasonable deal negotiated for staying at the Linc and not a move to south 33rd street.

  40. That’s where the administration has to become proactive. if they are leaning on building a stadium the first calls I’d make are to the trade unions, which really control Philly politics and get them on board. Once they’re on board the rest will be easy because when money talks the dissenters disappear as can be seen with all of the building being done on TU’s campus. The sad part is that ten years ago no one would have cared that a stadium was being built on the vacant land south and east of the campus. Now that that land is being developed another great opportunity has been lost. Frankly, the administration should have built a Syracuse type facility when Liacouris was built. Short-sightedness perhaps.

  41. John, in a way what do expect from the administration all they really need to do is look at the fan support or lack thereof, low donations and lack of more than cursory local media coverage and if they read the other boards why take action. I mean you have people over on the pay site breathing a sigh of relief and singing hallelujahs when the moderator of that site gives an emphatic NO when asked if Satterfield’s job might be in danger. That along with those lemmings and the coaching staff harping that it’s all the players, what’s the impetus to do anything. I agree with you, I don’t like to see people get axed but when a program where a team goes 7-5 and the administration has set the bar higher, well can we expect anything more than mediocrity at Temple

  42. The Houston coach was fired, in large part, because of the volatility of his staff. He had four different offensive coordinators in three years. No hidden commentary in there, just fact.

    Another fact. Tulane and Houston are both wildly disappointed at the attendance at their new stadiums. Tulane looked like a MAC school on Saturday night with less than 100 students.

    Personally, I see only 3 strong programs in the American — Cincy, UCF and East Carolina. All the others are wannabes with the same struggles as Temple.

  43. Which is probably something that isn’t lost on the Temple BOT regarding talk of an on campus stadium here.

  44. And yet, Temple can’t win more in a conference of “wannabes?” And is it really more money that’s needed to get a better OC or just better decision making on who you go after to join the staff? There must be better guys out there for the same salary. Another dreadful thought came to mind. Is it really all Satterfields fault? I mean, The coaches are in constant contact with each other and discuss plans (one would think) on a daily basis. If a lot of the offensive problems are already Rhules decisions, we’re really in trouble! Then it wouldn’t matter who they get for OC.

    • in the end, he is the CEO and he is ultimately responsible. the fact that he was shocked Temple wasn’t picked for a bowl really underscores how out of touch with the college football world he is ….were you shocked that he was shocked? I wrote a 1,000-word piece on Saturday (before the game) detailing why Temple had NO SHOT for a bowl, yet he’s shocked. stunning.

      • Where did Rhule ever say he was shocked that Temple wasn’t picked for a bowl?

      • NEOwl, watching his post decision reaction kind of demonstrated it for me. By rattling off the accomplishments (beat a top team etc) and then saying how others who did less were selected for a bowl plus his facial expressions demonstrated surprise to me at least. However unfounded his expections were of us going to a bowl, he did appear geniunely expecting to go so long as we qualified.

      • He didn’t use the word shocked but his comments about deserving to go really reflected a lack of understanding of the bowl landscape as it exists today. He needed to win 7 games, maybe more. Maybe he should have come up with a better game plan against Navy and Cincy and not laid the Houston egg.

      • So, let me ask you Ben and Mike, what is he supposed to say? “We won six games to become bowl eligible, beat an SEC by 30 on the road, beat a top-25 team, and finished 4-4 in our conference, but I’m glad no bowls selected us so I wouldn’t be forced have to turn them down because their is no way we ever would have deserved deserve it!” Come on, he was just defending his team and what they did. When he doesn’t do that, you all criticize him for throwing the players under the bus.

      • He’s supposed to say I sucked as a coach and that’s the reason why we’re not going. that way, he gets to both tell the truth and not throw his kids under the bus in the same comment.

  45. I love Temple and always hope for the best in all of our sports. However, I think it’s time to drop the football program and focus more resources on the basketball program. We have never had much luck in football. I would rather see us be great again in basketball rather than terrible to mediocre in both sports. It’s time to cut our losses and look to the future.

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