Final Look: Temple 10, Tulane 3

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7 thoughts on “Final Look: Temple 10, Tulane 3

  1. Houston will wind up with the best non power conference head coach, win back to back titles and jump to the power 5.., Cincy is now in discussions with the Big 12, expect the story to break before the end of bowl season, and probably why TT signed on as HC.., lessons for Temple continue…, at this point IMHO Temple should drop all new stadium plans and move to down to the Fordam and Villanove level, or just drop football period…., too many heads in the sand at the AD, Pres, and trustee level for this program to be relevant

  2. Kind of shows how low the expectations of the TU administration is with this coaching staff.

  3. KJ, if you’re right Temple might as well have stayed in the MAC. A weaker conference won’t be very attractive to TV, so Temple won’t be on as much, making less money. But if the Owls don’t stay in Div 1-A, they should drop football and bring back the sports they eliminated plus some (like wrestling). Football can bring attention to the school, but if they wallow with a losing program it will only continue to be negative attention. I’m tired of Temple football being a joke. Other schools have jumped up to Div 1-A or even started football new and get into bowl games in just a couple years. The biggest question is, why can’t Temple succeed? If the administration and BOT can’t make the right decisions (like procuring a solid coaching staff), then forget it.

    • I disagree about staying in the MAC, regardless what happens with the other teams and their HC’s. Simply put, we are being paid to be in the AAC. The MAC gave us nothing.

      The mistake came from the continued push, or as we like to say where I work “we’re in it for the long hual”. Follow through came up short. We hired a MAC level coach for a tougher level of play. Maybe we don’t have an athletic department or board that understands HOW to recruit HC’s at that level. Either way we have what we have.

      The path should have been straightforward: Hire winning coach (Golden), continue to recruit and produce NFL level players (Golden/Daz), reach better division for national attention and bring in fans by winning (FAIL), build new stadium with new found support and growth, advance Temple Football brand and recruitment.

      • Ben, agree with you about the MAC from both the money standpoint and I think it’s better to be in an all sports conference as well. Actually was reading speculation on the MAC board on CSNBBS about MAC team like NIU and Toledo looking towards the AAC if any of these B12 runors turned out to be true.
        Dropping down to the FCS level really offers no benefit, so it’s either make the commitment at this level or drop the program all together and to do that I need to see this administration go all in or not at all. So far they have “talked the talk” but have come up short on “walking the walk”

  4. typical of guys who are used to the mediocrity (or worse) of the Indiana football program.

    • Might have a point there Mike, with IU on being bowl eligible and playing in 1 bowl in the past 19 years Theobald and Clark might be sitting back there after Tulane thinking WOW, only 2 years and bowl eligible, we must be making all the right moves.

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