This Should Be Temple

Central Michigan gets to do this over Temple? Thanks, Aresco. 

There is a photo of AAC commissioner Mike Aresco flipping a coin while the toss is called at a Temple football game. There could be no more perfect vision of what happened to Temple’s slim bowl hopes than that image.

Aresco essentially tossed away Temple’s only hope at a bowl for a little coin when he sold the AAC ‘s sixth and final bowl tie-in to CUSA back in April. The sale dropped the AAC’s bowl tie-in number from six to five and almost assured that a bowl qualifier from outside the conference’s top five would stay at home. Because of that, Temple head coach Matt Rhule had to know there was not a bowl game on the line before his team hit the field in what turned out to be a 10-3 win at Tulane on Saturday night. From the way Rhule talked on Sunday night, though, he sounded like he was shocked the 6-6 Owls were not picked.

He should not have been.

Mike Aresco, AAC commissioner, selling away Temple's bid for no more than a couple of coins.

Mike Aresco, AAC commissioner, selling away Temple’s bid for no more than a couple of coins.

Temple’s bowl chances were dashed the day Aresco sold the rights to the conference’s sixth bowl tie-in, the Bahamas Bowl, to CUSA. It was a monumental blunder.

Temple’s major reason for leaving the MAC was getting more opportunities for a bowl, and now the conference they land in sells a bowl where Temple would have appeared and one of those teams, Central Michigan, is a MAC school.

Any Temple fans up for a couple of winter days in the Bahamas? Sorry, we sold that bowl. The AAC should have known it was better to have too many bowl tie-ins than too few. It was a hard lesson for the young AAC to learn, and the biggest victims of that decision were the Temple players who will be lifting weights when they should be lifting playbooks.


23 thoughts on “This Should Be Temple

  1. A bowl game would have been nice for the extra practices only. This team did not deserve a bowl as is the case with most of the 6-6 teams.

  2. put your fate in the hands of others, never a good thing to do…, this team had plenty of opportunities to control its own destiny. yes, Aresco is a fool but Temple is stupid

    • The Temple administration could have been in a bowl two seasons in a row by getting a competent head coach in here who knows how to attack the weaknesses of his opponents and scheme a running attack away from the weak side of his offensive line. the run should have been up the middle behind friend and to dawkins’ side with a lead blocking fullback. that would have opened up the play-action passing game for walker. the fact that this group cannot see basic football like that has me very concerned for the future of football at Temple. as it is, any momentum of winning a bowl in 2011 has been thwarted. we did no more than tread water this season and that’s just not good enough. we’re no. 77. woo-freaking-hoo.

      • Mike, which is why you see the ardent, “blind trust” Rhule supporters so excited with their posts on the other board about the staff getting on the road recruiting as soon as they returned from New Orleans. I agree with what KJ posted about what the keys are for a winning team. After all if we had won either the Memphis or Cincinnati game we would have been tied in the conference with ECU and been able to make a better case for a bowl bid.
        Unfortunately, with this staff who we play is as or more important. I just don’t see this team consistently beating better teams in the conference or having the coaching staff pull a couple of games into the win column. This team is going to win solely in cases where they have better talent against weaker opponents. Trouble is only 2 teams fit that bill in our division. Sure you are going to get the occasional upset like ECU and that win was great but it can’t continue to be the exception if this team is truly progressing. After all even Bobby Wallace managed to beat a ranked team once.

  3. I have to agree with both of you. That is one of the reasons, among many others, that perennial bowl teams are perennial bowls teams. My one question is how much do you think the extra practices would have really helped, after all this team had 3 bye weeks and that extra practice time didn’t seem to help this staff too much.
    As for putting you fate in the hands of others, well that is generally the lament of teams not good enough. KJ, this team certainly had more than enough opportunities to take care of business themselves. It will be interesting to see who we draw as cross divisional games next season as I think they will be the key as to weather the 2015 edition makes a bowl or not.

    • even if we brought al golden back (and he was a better recruiter than MR, don’t care what the MRAs think), Temple will never have the top recruiting class in this conference. that’s precisely why we have to bring in someone with a (significantly) better football IQ. Unfortunately, that part of the equation will have to wait until this contract is up. I hope they just don’t do something stupidly rash and offer an extension now. 8-16 doesn’t float my boat. It shouldn’t float Temple’s.

    • Extra practices help because kids get reps that can’t be duplicated in winter workouts. A lot of success in football stems from recognizing formations and anticipating plays. The ability to do that is enhanced the more you see something and have an opportunity to physically react to it. Rhule also could have put the redshirts through extensive and comprehensive drills, something he said he did during the last bye week. Now that opportunity is lost and must wait until the spring.

      • That’s why I could care less what actual bowl Temple would have made it to, with a number of red shirts being counted on at the offensive line and wide receiver positions next season that extra practice would have been huge.

  4. the key to the 2015 season is not the schedule.., the key to the next season is who and what is going to be on the Temple sideline. Perennial bowl teams care more about themselves than their opponents…,

    can we find an offensive line coach to teach the fundamentals of blocking? can we find a few Sunday players at the skill positions on offense? can we find a reliable FG kicker? can Rhule figure out how to manage timeouts? can PJ find himself? will fans show up? can we develop and scheme the talent we have? can our coaches “out coach” the opposing sideline for just one or two games? can we play two halves of football within the rules of the game and not beat ourselves with stupid fuc#%n penalties?

    next season is all about us

    • “can we develop and scheme the talent we have? can our coaches “out coach” the opposing sideline for just one or two games?”… I think that is the critical part of what you are saying. Since I haven’t seen the ability for this staff to do this yet, develop an offensive scheme that fits our talent and outcoaching one or two with better talent is why said the schedule will come into play.

    • Next season Temple will set an all-time program attendance record because of the schedule. Next season is about beating Penn State or Notre Dame, or both. Taking advantage of those opportunities will forgive all past failures. Losing big in both will doom Rhule.

  5. The only bowl that Temple fans would’ve shown up for this year was Annapolis.

  6. Why in the world did Aresco do that? Was he betting on Temple not winning their last game just to get some extra money this year for the conference? Supposedly the AAC will get 6 bowls next year? Looks like Aresco and Temple are on a par with each other – making stupid decisions. In reality though, Temple didn’t deserve a bowl except in the sense that with so, so many bowls, I guess any team that meets the wins requirements “deserves” to go bowling. It’s pretty meaningless but the schools still want it, huh? Whatever…….

    • I get the “we don’t deserve a bowl” comments but when you sign up for a conference when you assumed a 6-6 any year would get you into any bowl the day you signed (and I certainly did based on the BE affiliation) and then the new conference GIVES AWAY a 6th bid needlessly, Temple certainly deserves to be miffed. The kids deserve to go to a bowl. I’m not sure the coaches do.

  7. Yea, when you consider the experience for the kids of going somewhere for a few days and doing things there and just knowing you made it into a bowl game and playing in one makes it worth it (even if the school losses money). It pissed me off reading about the great time the PSU kids will have doing all these things with their 6-6 record and Temple gets screwed – AGAIN! If the AAC does get 6 bowls next year wouldn’t it just be Temple’s luck not to get to 6-6 or get left out because another AAC 6-6 team gets chosen over them for the 6th spot.

    • yes, i think the Temple kids would have had a better time in the Bahamas than the PSU kids will have at Yankee Stadium. Still kills me that we let our best chance to beat PSU slip away and that could have been us against Daz, not them.

    • Hurts worse that PSU got that win from us.
      And that they should’ve been banned from bowls for the worst scandal in the history of college and sports combined, but got let off the hook.
      We had our chance to enforce justice, and we couldn’t stop them.

      • a very poor day by Temple’s coaches in allowing P.J. Walker to endure an unrelenting rush without some sort of max protect scheme to give him SOME time to throw the ball and then doing the opposite on the other side of the ball, allowing Hackenberg time back there without blitzing the crap out of him. when you have a second-year head coach and a Tenn-Chat OC and an Eastern Michigan DC, that’s what you get.

  8. file:///C:/Users/john/Desktop/download.png

    Anyone have tickets? LOL

  9. We’re collectively moaning and groaning that WMU gets a bowl bid over Temple (I know it’s partly a comparative thing betwen the MAC and the AAC and Aresco “selling” Temples bid away from under them). But really, how well do you think Temple would have done in the MAC this year with the our coaching as it is? Would we have beaten WMU? Maybe they deserve to be there in a bowl over the Owls. Just wondering….

    • there’s a lot of teams out there we could/would have beaten (I’m looking at teams like Bowling Green and Central MIchigan) but there’s a lot of teams I have no doubt we would lose to, like Louisiana-Lafayette due to the fact that Mark Hudspeth would coach rings around our staff. That would be embarrassing for a school “like” Temple to lose to a school “like” ULL but that’s what happens when administrations make smarter hires than we do. In the real college football world, we are No. 77 (out of 126) and that should be totally unacceptable to the BOT at Temple.

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