Matakevich’s Omission Another Blow to G5 Schools

Click on the photo of Tyler Matakevich sacking Shane Carden.

Click on the photo of Tyler Matakevich sacking Gunner Kiel.


7 thoughts on “Matakevich’s Omission Another Blow to G5 Schools

  1. Great news today about Greg Webb changing his commit from Rutgers to TU. He’s a four star recruit who originally went to UNC and then a JC. This kid’s the real deal as an online video shows. Good players can make bad coaches look good.

  2. you look over his resume, he’s had one good year since 1996. I’m going to lean heavily in giving the players the credit this year given that kind of past history.

  3. One thing to take into account JD, aside from Mike’s point that Snow’s resume didn’t warrant feeling good about his hire based on his defenses performances since 2001, look at the performance of the offense and defense from 2012 to 2014. Looking at the stats both units were basically stagnant between the 2012 and 2013 seasons, just some small differences in yardages. Between the 2013 to 2014 season, substantial improvement in defense along with a drop in offensive production. So you have a DC who appears to have turned things around but an OC who has basically been on a downward trend since becoming part of the staff. To me that is enough of a trend to make a change or does the team waste another good defensive performance next season, with a senior laden unit with another go round of Satterfield’s “Spread Lite”

  4. JD and I agree that Snow has been (at least had something to do with) turning things around on D from year 1, while Satterfield did not and the O is getting, in fact, worse. Those are pretty obvious conclusions. What worries me is the thought that Rhule concurs with the O schemes and if so, is the reason no changes in play calling or schemes occurred or that replacing Satterfield is not even in consideration. And I hate to admit this, but there was improvement from last season in the record with bowl eligibility, BUT I agree both years really should have been somewhat better. Next year will show where things stand, for better or for worse.

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