Best QB Prospect in Pa.? He’s Going to Play in Philly

A great quarterback prospect is like the famous Potter Stewart quote about pornography: “It’s hard to define, but I know it when I see it” he said in the case of Jacobellis v. Ohio, 1964.

The Supreme Court Justice went to Yale, so he was around when Brian Dowling was throwing around the pigskin for the Bulldogs. Being a smart man, he probably also know great quarterbacking when he sees it. So do most of us. I knew Adam DiMichele had “it” the first game I saw him in a Temple uniform. I also knew whatever Chester Stewart had wasn’t it in his first game, a 7-3 loss to Western Michigan on a dreadful day at Lincoln Financial Field.

Ben DiNucci after winning WPIAL Class AAAA championship for Pine-Richland.

Ben DiNucci after winning WPIAL Class AAAA championship for Pine-Richland.

Trust me on this one: Pine-Richland’s Ben DiNucci has “it.” He will go down as the most productive quarterback of the next four years on the college level Pennsylvania, too, including whomever Temple, Pitt or Penn State recruit. The 6-3, 190-pound Gatorade Pennsylvania Player of the Year became the first Pennsylvania player to throw for more than 4,000 yards, setting a PIAA record for single-season passing with 4,269. DiNucci was 32 of 46 for 383 yards and four touchdowns in a 49-41 loss to St. Joseph’s Prep in the Class AAAA title game Saturday night. DiNucci also set a PIAA playoff record with his 32 completions and a championship game record with 383 yards passing. His four touchdown passes tied Berwick’s Ron Powlus (1992) for the most in a championship game.

More than all of those records, though, he possesses the elusive “it” factor in quarterbacks that make or break coaches. Forget that he wasn’t offered by the big schools. Big schools often miss big players. Ask Marty Ginestra. Or Henry Burris. Or Brian Broomell. Or Matty Baker. Or Tim Riordan. DiNucci falls into the category of a very good quarterback who can be very productive for Temple.

Some people have a better “it” radar than others. Al Golden’s Achilles’ heel was not having a good quarterback GPS installed (he inherited ADM from Bobby Wallace). To borrow a Potter (not Chester)  Stewart term, the jury is still out on Matt Rhule’s quarterback radar.

Trust me with this one, though: Ben DiNucci will be a great college quarterback at any level and the good news that he has chosen to play his college football in Philadelphia. The bad news is that it will be at Penn.

DiMichele currently is spending the weekend recruiting in the Pittsburgh area. If he’s smart, he would swing by Pine-Richland to investigate the level of interest DiNucci has playing the game at its highest level in the same city for Temple. If Temple is smart, it would offer him a scholarship now.


13 thoughts on “Best QB Prospect in Pa.? He’s Going to Play in Philly

  1. The show that kid put on was truly amazing. Against a team that was far more talented, this kid almost single handedly won the game for his team. Of course it helped that his coaches called plays and formations that allowed him to succeed. I can’t understand why a kid like this has been by-passed by the major schools.

    • after seeing guys like Matty Baker and Tim Riordan succeed here, I’ve never understood the mantra “he wasn’t offered by anybody so he can’t be any good” … big programs miss big players all the time. Temple’s got to get its share of players bcs schools want (like 5 a year) but the other 20 have to be the result of trusting the tape. golden’s failure with qbs rested in his being too influenced by 7 on 7 passing drills at al golden camps. I want to see what a qb does under the bright lights and the strong pass rushes. DiNucci passed that test.

  2. Mike watching film on this kid. Even his highlight reel. Which is the worst possible way to judge a players talent. And I quote from my brother whos an assistant football coach fro the BEST high school football program in the city (well right outside) LaSalle college high school. “He looks like he throws in slow motion. Mechanics are terrible, with an emphasis on thats an insult to all Qbs with terrible mechanics. He will not play a down at any fcs or fbs feild at the Qb position” I can not claim hes good or bad from any film as I am not qualified to judge highlights from film on any level and my input would be nothing more then a guess. But if your curious as to why I gave(got) you an answer. Now im not saying an assistant high school football coach or former D 3 player is an expert. But I will say I value his oppion and he knows what hes talking about and has player along side a former walter payton award winner from Villanova (Brett Gordon Qb LaSalle high alumni and current assistant coach) but all that being said id still take a shot on the kid just like we took a shot on tyler crazy 8 who was shunned by uconn his home state and his only offer was from TU also thecsame for the rb formerly known as BP from glen mills. With our Current qb situation tho I doubt we will. Having PJ who had an amaxing freshman season and a very forgetable season still hes a threat to rebound. And I doubt any one on the staff is ready to cut him lose. Plus I think if im not mistaken we have a redshirt qb who was pretty highly rated from Don brosco prep…forget his name but I think he was a 3 star and rated as high as 76 by one scouting report. So im sure the recruitment is focused on WR our biggest need by far and then followed by oline and our secondary. Any rumors on recruiting that our team is focused on would be much appreciated. And im dieing to see if rhule will get a great or good class as last years (ranking wise at least since very few freshman made any impact) but there is plenty of potential coming via redshirts. Should be alot of depth next year with all of what 19 starters back plus the freshman and redshirts. I expect a shock the fan type class and shock the college football world (or at least temple forever commenters type of 9-10 win season next year. #templetuff #ILOVETU #MRA4LIFE #sarcasm

  3. “He looks like he throws in slow motion. Mechanics are terrible, with an emphasis on thats an insult to all Qbs with terrible mechanics. He will not play a down at any fcs or fbs feild at the Qb position”

    care to bet on that? since Penn is a fcs school I will guarantee you he will play a down at an fcs school. you name the amount (up to $20) ….

  4. He sacrifices himself for the play in almost every clip. Compelling sportsmanship and athleticism aside, taking that many hits from D1 defenders will end his career prematurely.
    He plays kamikaze football, and I love it, but PSU loves to knock a Temple gamebreaker out with injury (DiMichele, BP), and they’ll kill this kid when he exposes himself for the opening TD.

  5. All I have to say is Doug Flutie who only won despite having every negative in the world when compared to a “prototypical” QB.

  6. DeNucci’s throwing motion is similar to Phillip Rivers.., looks awful and certainly not the way we would teach…, what Temple needs is an outstanding QB coach to develop the players we have by teaching the position, and calling plays commensurate with the players physical abilities to execute…, sadly right now we have zero of the above

  7. A source close to the situation said that both DiMichele and Evan Cooper have contacted Ben about playing for the owls, but that he has no interest at this time and remains solid on playing at Penn.

  8. I believe Chester’s first game was at Penn State when AD got hurt on the first or second set if downs . Talent aside he may have more wins than any QB at TU for the last 30 years.

  9. Could be the kid wants an Ivy League degree? Heaven forbid the student comes first in “student athlete.”

    • good point but i hear he’s interested in business and the wharton school, which is great but the fox school of business is good and it would be for free. I think Penn is $77,000 a year, which breaks down to almost $40K a semester.

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