Why College Bowl Season is the Best Time of Year

new mexico

Click on photo of New Mexico Bowl, where the Owls played three years ago today, for the reasons.


15 thoughts on “Why College Bowl Season is the Best Time of Year

  1. Mike, you’ll love this: Duke offensive line coach John Latina was a finalist this year for the Broyles Award, given to the nation’s top assistant coach. Latina is one of the more respected offensive line coaches in the country, and turned down an offer from Florida last offseason to take the same position there. Now, Latina has expressed interest in another opening. Per a report in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, he has reached out to officials at Pittsburgh about their recently vacated head coaching position.


  2. two significant moves in the AAC, the Ohio State OC is taking the HC job at Houston, and Tulsa is getting Baylor’s OC to be the HC…wow…, two of the most prolific offenses in college football over the last two years are coming to the AAC…., the folks running the Temple program and who infamously were quoted as saying “we are not getting into an arms race” have their heads in their butts. what game do they think they signed up for? chess club? when the schools in the conference you choose to be in are making major moves like the ones above, and you are the only school in the conference without an on-campus stadium…, this is really hard to understand.., you can’t be in this halfway, and you can’t watch the other schools jump ahead of you without some sort of response! how in the heck can coaches recruit when the school administrators refuse to keep up? why would a kid come to Temple? what are we selling him by saying “we not getting into an arms race”? what does that mean to an 18 year old and his parents?

    • sadly, mr. o’connor (a villanova grad) said that. … o’connor is the chairman of the bot .. which means he is the top dog, bigger than the indiana guy (theobald). wish mr. gittis was still alive.

      • Temple is doomed (both revenue sports) if we let a Wildcat call the shots. Can’t trust those guys.

  3. TU is falling behind again. Those who have forgotten history are doomed to repeat it. Football is all but gone. That may be a little hysterical but I don’t see anything to refute it at this point.

    • we are …. UAB … had we had a competent coach calling a sound game plan we would have beaten PSU this year. that game plan was a train wreck on both sides of the ball. we could have avoided the UAB fate by winning that one game this year, not next one. next year may be too late. i think some decisions have been made (no stadium, no lease extension, the franklin field nuclear option) based on our no. 77 national finish this past season. we will know for sure by march. if march comes and goes and there is no stadium announcement, all of the above will be true.

      • I really am galled by those who say Snow did a great job. That’s true compared to last yearbut anything would have been better than last year. In winnable games, PSU, Memphis, Navy, and Cincy, his schemes stunk. Temple was the only team PSU’s O line looked good against and that was because of the vanilla defense he played. Navy was joke. Even Army played better defense gainst them. And the late drives he permitted Cincy (first half) and Memphis (second half) were inexcusable. At least at Tulane he brought the house at the end of the game. Small consolation though. Just tired of the woulda could shoulda, which is the hallmark of the Owls.

  4. the “we are not getting in an arms race” attitude permeates every major decision in Temple Athletics. how can you compete if you don’t keep up? and we are talking about the AAC, not the big five. Hats off to the AAC schools who made the commitment to have winning programs. No better examples than Houston, Cincy, and even lowly Tulsa…, they spent money on great coaches (as judged by the performance), have their own on campus stadiums, and have significantly increased their fan base.., and don’t forget Memphis…,, and oh btw UCONN just flew by us for 2015 recruits..,

    The Temple program is a head scratcher.., we live it everyday and are blinded.., go talk to other folks from different schools and conferences and hear what they think of Temple…, it’s fu€#<in embarrassing

  5. This is a great site for the temple fans, congrats. I have been following this for a couple of years trying to get a grasp on the new AAC conference. As a Houston Cougar alum and long time season holder, I can relate to many of the issues you are expressing. You have Penn and Franklin, PSU, and one of the largest cities and TV markets in the country. Houston has Rice and Rice Sadium , Texas, Texas a and m, and also one of the largest tv markets. Capturing the media in all of the markets represented by the schools in this conference is vital to its success. Most of the schools in the AAC have the same challenges and opportunities.
    Like your school, Houston was in an off campus lease (Astrodome). It proved great in the early years, but eventually became an albatross. Moving back on campus really helped the school. Tail gates and being back on campus became an important part of the gameday experience. The track stadium was converted back into a football stadium and expanded from 22k to 32k. This stadium was used for almost 20 years before the new one was built. The school got all of the parking, concessions, and did not have to split the gate for rent (this is key). There was also some revenue opportunities with the Dynamo (a professional kickball team).
    My family and I try to attend at least one away game, and plan to be to the next Houston visit there. They have never been to that part of the country ( with my work, I have spent many months in Malvern -King of Prussia area).
    Other than when playing Houston, I want you guys to suceed. I think that any kind of on campus facillity would really help you, even if you have to start out small, and expand later. The pro stadium is always there if you occasionally need it.

  6. Well looking at the AAC bowl results it should be real simple for the BOT to judge Rhule in 2015, replicate a season like Memphis and ok, a program is being built. Anything less and they need to do the same thing Houston did this season with Levine. I don’t want to hear any give him time to get his players, the cupboard was bare, etc. Fuente took over a team that was 1-11, 2-10 and 2-10 in the previous 3 years so I don’t think he got a cupboard that was full either. His first 2 seasons coaching Memphis record of 7-17 that was built into a 10 win bowl winning team, so don’t tell me you need 4 or 5 years like the MRAs harp. Or maybe as you’ve said Mike, we are UAB and the BOT is just going to let things play out until the Linc lease is up

  7. Memphis beat a good (but quarterbackless) BYU team today. From being beaten by TU by 20 to 10 wins. That’s coaching.

    • Have to agree with you there John. Kind of puts the MRAs in an interesting position, if it’s all the players and Temple manages say 6/7 wins that folks on the other boards are starting to make statements that would be a successful season then if Rhule is such a great recruiter how come he wasn’t able to recruit 10 win talent in 3 years like Memphis. If talent has been recruited then it falls on coaching for not getting the most out of it. Either way I think next season tells us a lot about Rhule and the future of this program

  8. agree with John and JD…, Houston is 7-5, going to play in a January Bowl game and fired their head coach for not fulfilling expectations…, hello Temple, is anybody home and paying attention?

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