Ted’s Excellent Temple Adventure

Ted's own photos from the more recent past, including these from the New Mexico Bowl. Hopefully, the current coaching staff delivers with several of these bowl experiences starting next year.

Ted’s own photos from the more recent past, including these from the New Mexico Bowl. Hopefully, the current coaching staff delivers with several of these bowl experiences starting next year. Note spelling is not a strongpoint of the New Mexico Bowl scoreboard operator.

There is a great Temple fan named Ted DeLapp out there who went searching for Temple football history like one of those guys with metal detectors you see on beaches.

To say Ted is a great fan really is a misnomer. He’s The Greatest Fan, until I stumble upon another with his credentials of investing in the program by purchasing way more season tickets than he really needs for a 30-plus year period.

He hit on gold with some nuggets this week that we think deserve a wider audience than his own personal facebook page.

The first one involves a challenge game between the New York Giants of the National Football League and the Temple Owls. Turns out both the Owls and the Giants had an open weekend and Giants’ owner John Mara, eager to gain some credibility for his team, challenged the Temple Owls to a game in 1935. That year the Owls were 7-3 with wins over Texas A&M and Vanderbilt. Here’s what Ted found:


Another was Temple luring Pop Warner from Stanford. Love the way sports pages used cartoons back in those days:


Not often you find one coach with two nicknames “Pop” and “Scobey.”

Temple lured him for the princely sum of $18,000 after Stanford refused to match the offer. Temple’s BOT in those days was forward-thinking, learning that the only way to make money is to spend money and go after the top head coaches available. Unfortunately, due to an arm’s race that would make the Cold War look like Kid’s Play, Temple is now out of that high-stakes poker game.


Interesting that a clause in Warner’s Temple contract allowed him to hold a job at a bank on the west coast during the six months between Jan. and June. Bobby Wallace had no such clause, but was away for much of the time of his eight-year contract, maintaining a home in Gulph Shores, Ala.

Temple TUFF about 100 years ago.

Temple TUFF about 100 years ago.


13 thoughts on “Ted’s Excellent Temple Adventure

  1. Good article Mike. Unfortunately, as you know I think TU’s football history will end soon. Apart from the lack of a place to play issue, there also is the issue about future non-conference schedules. Frankly, it’s pretty paltry as this web sited shows: http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa/aac/temple-owls.php
    I find it pretty telling that since the Owls signed the deal with Rutgers, they haven’t forged any new deals with better teams from the Big Five conferences.

    • the tea leaves don’t look good: 1) No stadium in Temple’s long-term plan just released; 2) the crappy late add of del. state to the schedule (really sloppy scheduling by new ad): 3) a lot of “done deal” stadium people now backing off from that statement; 4) No Linc negotiations; 5) no aggressive long-term non-conference scheduling; 6) the president throwing out the name of franklin field, which is really a joke. 7) not approving todd mcnair, even though his lawsuit against the ncaa is not only justified but has nothing to do with temple. …
      …. etc., etc. etc.

    • I really wonder by 2018 with the scheduling changes being discussed within the P5 conferences if Maryland and Rutgers might have to back out of those commitments listed. If Temple is not one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the AAC, they might not be considered “good” to schedule as an OOC opponent if you only have 3 of those games available. I think you are looking an OOC schedule in the future that doesn’t include any P5 teams and will consist of
      teams like Texas State, Troy, Western Kentucky, Idaho, etc.

  2. Well, the good news is that Matt Ruhle is not on any school’s short list for head coach….uh, actually, that may not be such a good thing…

    • I want him to be on a short list because I want us to win above all. Wanting and expecting are two different things, though. I have two eyes and have seen losses to Fordham and Idaho with significantly better talent and 8-16 over 2 years with some very strange timeout calls and offensive formations that were downright offensive and a complete stubborn belief in a “process” that has gotten Temple no higher than No. 77 in a country of 126 teams. Not nearly good enough for this great university.

  3. Is it really over?

    No hope?

    The situation really sucks.

    • It would take a miracle 2015 season that includes 8 wins and one of them over Penn state or Notre Dame. With this offensive coordinator and a CEO who refuses to over, err, Rhule him, doubt it. I don’t know if we will ever see a 1,000-yard runner at Temple again under this Satterfield guy and I don’t think he really cares.

      • Really don’t think you’re going to see that happen, right now I see 7 wins as the max unless some of the higher touted 2014 recruits step up and make big contributions, especially at WR and Oline. Give me one game where Rhule outcoached anyone in 2 years. How many games did this team lose based on the game plan / strategy, maybe 6 or more in 2 seasons.

  4. At least we’ll get six Saturdays in the Fall back and be able to watch teams that take winning seriously.

    • But then I won’t be able to read the “fantasyland” posts on the Owlscoop football board, where people are ripping Addazio with statements that can be applied directly to their idol Rhule, yet they don’t seem to realize it, building this program into something that the ACC or (holding in the laughter here) B12 is going to come after.

  5. Should have said teams with coaches that take winning seriously because I’m sure the players do.

    • the kids are trying hard. It’s not p.j.’s fault he’s got to run for his life on every play. when the kid is under that kind of duress, got to keep one or even two backs in to help with the protection. we run so many empty backfields it’s sickening.

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