Temple Football Could Learn a lot from Paul Johnson

Click on the photo for more. Temple football's whole offensive outlook could improve in 2015 by just looking at the way Paul Johnson uses the fullback to open up the entire offense. P.J. can have the same kin d of season this Thomas kid did for GT under this scheme.

Click on the photo for more. Temple football’s whole offensive outlook could improve in 2015 by just looking at the way Paul Johnson uses the fullback to open up the entire offense. P.J. can have the same kin d of season this Thomas kid did for GT under this scheme.


13 thoughts on “Temple Football Could Learn a lot from Paul Johnson

  1. So much to say about this, as GT is my #2 college team after our beloved birds (family ties to the university and almost went there myself).

    I’ve been following CPJ for awhile. 2 of my sisters went to (former) FCS powerhouse Georgia Southern, where CPJ led them to two championships as head coach. I followed him at Navy since I come from a military family, and witnessed the unreal bowl-qualifying success and annual butt-kicking they gave (continue to give?) the Black Knights every year. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard Chan Gailey was being replaced by this guy.

    Can you believe people in Atlanta still want to replace this guy? He isn’t perfect, but the main reasons are that he has only won twice against rival UGA, people think the offense is a gimmick, and he’s paid a lot of money. I love watching GT because they have a reputation and identity when they get on the field. You think you know what you’re going to get, but the guy is constantly re-tooling his offense based on his recruits, which are mostly Temple-caliber talent. I believe Temple has even ended with a higher recruiting ranks in the past few years.

    Dude is a coach. We had issues with one WR who flunked out? GT is constantly ranked in the top 10 US engineering colleges in all areas, and doesn’t really offer many other courses. Calvin Johnson got a degree in construction management. He’s would have had a career even if the football thing didn’t work out.

    It helps CPJ that their local footprint is also one of the most talent-dense recruiting beds in the country, but when you are in the middle of SEC country, it can be very hard to convince kids to play football for a very specific system and risk failing out compared to the myriad of other options available. This is why I personally believe UGA has become so incredibly successful in comparison; when I was in high school, the smart kids went to GT and listed UGA as the backup if they didn’t get in. UGA not only has a more diverse list of courses, their football team is in a better conference and isn’t so systematically rigid. The flexibility and lower academic pressure can look very appealing for young athletes (as can the higher percentage of girls attending UGA). Despite all this, you can regularly put GT in the discussion for the ACC championship game.

    Sorry for the long-winded-ness of the post, but it basically proves a point MIke has said all along: choose a coach with a proven record and pay him if you want a successful program. GT has been in 18 consecutive bowl games, and never has an issue with their off-the-field issues because they take football seriously, despite all of the drawbacks they face. If we had chosen Todd Bowles or Bruce Arians for HC or even Nick Rolovich for OC years ago instead of Matt Rhule, I’m confident we would still see growing pains, but much more success than we have been getting…and have an identity.

    We still have Rhule, so we have to make the best of what we have. It’s not like we’ll be getting a replacement anyway. I just hope that Rhule discovers his team’s identity and sticks with it, growing into a great head coach who makes decisions based on his vision for the team, not compromising it for pals who got him his HC gig.

    • He discovered the identity (running the damn ball) in the ECU game and then was talked out of the discovery by someone in games after that. I suspect that someone was Satterfield. That’s a little like the lookout on the Santa Maria telling Columbus “land ho” and then saying “never mind, it was a mirage” and Columbus deciding to turn back. By the way, Marcus, that was an OUTSTANDING post … thoughtful and well-written and you nailed the impact Johnson has had on Georgia Tech. It’s a lot harder to get great athletes into GT than it is to Temple yet Johnson has proven that coaching and scheme mean a lot at the college football level. No doubt in my mind Johnson can take Temple’s current talent and beat Georgia Tech’s current talent and, obviously, vise-versa. As Bum Phillips once said about a great NFL coach, “he can his his-um and whip your-um and take your-um and whip his-um.” We can’t even whip Fordham and Idaho’s um.

      • Thanks for the compliment about the post Mike; coming from you that means a lot. Hope to hear news about some sort of stadium plan soon to secure the future of the program. As much as I like GT football, I like my alma mater having a football program more so I can cheer for it regardless of its current standing in the BCS system.

  2. Houston just got one hell of a coach in Narduzzi, There’s another team TU just fell further behind. I just hope that Rhule realizes that his offensive philosophy and the skills of his players have to mesh for there to be any success. That means making sure that PJ has protection on pass plays and that there is an effort to establish a running game next season. It also means dumping the quick out pass until he has a receiver that can make the first defender miss. It also means using a full back to keep the defense honest and incorporate the tight end more, be it quick passes over the middle or tight end screens. Hopefully, the redshirts and the recruits will make a difference next season and Rhule will better manage the game.

    • Pitt got Narduzzi. All of the AAC schools are hiring hotshot assistants. Prefer Temple go the Cincy route in getting someone with a FBS record of success as its head coach next time. If Rhule doesn’t get it done next season (and by it I mean eight wins), there will be no next time. Heck, it might be too late now if there’s no spring announcement of a Linc extension or new stadium–one or the other. Silence would mean no next time.

      • Thanks for straightening that out about Narduzzi. Got bad info from a friend. Love the inquirer.Those bastards had to have an article pointing out all of the bad things building a stadium could bring. Comparing us to Akron is a joke. That paper has always hated the Owls and always will. If TU ever made the top ten they’d run a story criticizing the cost of getting there. and their coverage is the worst. Mitchell mailed in most of his stories.

  3. The phone rang for Golden. The phone rang for Daz. Heck, Todd Bowles’ phone is ringing now, Rhule’s? Silent. We need to recruit to win. We need to scheme well to win. I hope Rhule’s phone rings next season.

  4. Mitchell’s done. said he was no longer covering temple. He mailed in the sixers’ beat as well. that’s why he got replaced. wish they would give him back the sixers and give us keith pompey back. notice the photo the inky chose of temple football. they could have picked 2011 vs. Penn state when there was more cherry in the stands of 57K than blue and white.

  5. I would be happy if the Temple offense went to the Pistol Offense as their base offense. Can still spread the receivers but with Walker only 3 yards deep instead of 7 he would get the ball quicker, not be sitting in the backfield like a target, plus with the running back lining up behind him they would be getting the hand off heading towards the line at full speed and not sideways. Plus you could add a second running back at times along with the TE set up in the backfield to get that flexbone look GT ran. Unfortunately, I see 2015 another year of endless bubble screens, RBs going east and west rather than north and south and a lot of 4 WR sets with Walker getting pounded 7 to 8 yards deep in the backfield.

    • Walker went from a confident guy to like one of those shell-shocked World War II veterans who would jump when someone would make a whistling sound like a bomb was coming. all because rhule and satterfield refused to max protect for him. he expected to be hit and it just messed up his game. most coaches would have adjusted. we didn’t.

  6. Mike Ive been an avid follower of your site for quite some time and have never really been into commenting. But after this past season I can’t resist myself from adding my two cents. Snow couldn’t of coached pop warner last year according to you and now its Satterfield…not sure if you’ve every been around big time college football but winning a single game alone is a difficult task. The owls went from a 2-10 season to becoming bowl eligible and all you do is sit on here and talk about using a fullback, and how there was no protection all season. Look at the numbers, don’t get me wrong the O line was dreadful in the run gm but there was less sacks then last season?? Give them another season before your ready to fire the whole staff again and lets see what happens.

    • one year of good defensive coaching since 1996 does not automatically make phil snow a great coach.I never advocated the staff be fired. I just didn’t want them hired. Big difference. Knowing Temple as I do, they will be around for at least 5 years. I hope they get their act together. Too much inexperience in all areas and they seem way overmatched on game days. Temple doesn’t have the money to fire coaches like Power 5 schools but it is really running out of time to win in football.

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