TU’s January Recruiting Surprise Could be An Adonis

Click on the photo for details.

Click on the photo for details.


10 thoughts on “TU’s January Recruiting Surprise Could be An Adonis

  1. If he does transfer to Temple won;t he have to sit out next season? Still need at least one of last year’s recruits to step it up in 2015.

  2. NCAA has granted waivers based on coaching staff changes in the past. This would come under that category. Jennings could also appeal for a hardship waiver to move closer to home. I think he’s got a good case to play right away. NCAA usually takes the side of the player when a new staff comes in …. as far as a current player stepping up, don’t see it at that position. You either have it or you don’t. If none of those five had it last year, they probably don’t this year. All over the FBS true freshman WRs were getting on the field and making a difference. Ours weren’t.

    • Good point about other true freshman WRs. I do feel the skill positions, especially WR and defensive back are where true freshman can compete right away if they have the requisite talent level. Which since none of ours did last year, may be an indication that while not bad, Rhule’s recruiting isn’t as great as his “true believers” would like you to think

  3. Adonis gave a verbal to Rutgers

  4. Why would any offensive player sign with this team? There is no running game and the passing scheme is horrendous. The linemen mostly are raw and so far, lacking in ability. moreover, the PJ factor is not a consideration after the season he had. No receiver or back wants to play in this system.

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