5 Reasons Why bOWLes Will Do a Great Job

Click on the photo of Todd making a tackle for Temple for more.

Click on the photo of Todd making a tackle for Temple for more.


30 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why bOWLes Will Do a Great Job

  1. Was hoping he would have gotten the Temple HC position when it was between him and Rhule. I don’t know if he would have been a better HC or not but first it would have been nice to hire a Temple guy for once, plus at least Bowles had some kind of track record to review other than “he wants to be here”

  2. Todd wanted to be here, too, and would have built a staff of more qualified Temple guys, not guys from eastern michigan and tenn-chatt. seriously doubt he would have done nothing short of beating the living crap out of fordham and idaho. all kinds of bells and whistles about this staff went off with those two disgraces.

    Todd wearing Temple sweat

  3. Very happy for Bowles. Sad that he didn’t come back to Temple. Guess that wasn’t in the Rhule book. Either way glad he’s bringing some recognition to our school.

    • Yes. Got to wonder how the interview process with Todd went down.
      Temple: Todd, what are your qualifications?
      Todd: Well, I got a chance to be head coach in the NFL for 3 games and won 2 of them. I was an all-pro and defensive coordinator for the Eagles. I love this uni so much that I wear Temple sweatshirts to Eagles’ practices. I will put together an all-star staff of the best Temple-made coaches across the country. We will all have a vested interest in turning this thing around at the school we love.
      Temple: That’s nice. We’re going in another direction.
      Temple: Matt, what are your qualifications?
      Matt: I was the assistant to the assistant offensive line coach in the NFL. I’m only going to hire my friends. I hope that you don’t mind they are from Eastern Michigan and Tennessee-Chattanooga.
      Temple: Just what we’re looking for. You’re hired.

  4. Does Todd have a college degree? If he doesn’t he was not hireable, a rule which is ridiculous because he has a PHD in football. Besides, he could have agreed to take courses and work toward his degree, His mistake was not getting the players to recommend him.

  5. there is an article on Robby Abnderson coming back. it is on VIP access and I am not in the habit of paying for public information. has anyone heard anything?

    • If the story on Anderson was from 247.com, that’s an April story about Anderson himself saying he was coming back to Temple to talk to Temple coaches. One of Matt Rhule’s Pravda told me Temple coaches told him there was no meeting and that Anderson burned his last bridge to Temple. Of course, this Pravda guy never asked the questions like why doesn’t Temple use the fullback to protect P.J. in the pocket and as an additional blocker in the run game or why Nate L. Smith doesn’t return punts. I would have built him a pontoon one and allowed him to cross. The my-way-or-the-highway approach is great for third-string right offensive guards, not guys like Robbie Anderson, Jameis Winston, Cardale Jones or DeSean Jackson. Build the bridge.

      Robbie’s bridge:

      robbie's bridge

  6. Bowles absolutely would have been a better hire than Rhule, however I think we’re disregarding one idea: maybe he was offered the job and turned it down. Coaches turn down jobs all the time, we just don’t hear about ALL of them. Quite frankly, Bowles made the right decision- if you told him in two years he would be a head coach at Temple or a head coach in the NFL, which one do you think he would choose? He had to know that he was on the NFL HC path and that taking the Temple job wouldn’t help him with that. Also, I doubt that Temple valued Rhule over him. Loyalty would be the only factor but if Bowles would have said yes they would have forgotten about that immediately.

    • I have it on very good authority that Bowles was interested, wanted the job very much (he had no job and it was off his Eagles’ experience, which wasn’t a career highlight) but was never offered because the Temple athletics administration was concerned about his recruiting inexperience. Big mistake. At the time, I wrote my preferences were to hire one of these big-time HC guys (Cristobal, Clawson, Lembo) who wanted the job first, then failing that, Bowles, then failing that, Rhule. In my mind, we got the 5th-best candidate, but far better then the No. 6 guy, Mark D’Onofrio. When Cristobal called from the airport asking for directions to Temple, that put him off on the wrong foot. The uni would not wait for Lembo, who made the mistake of wanting to be with his team in a bowl game, and Clawson withdrew when the uni told him they were going to pick Rhule.

      • And when are we going to start seeing this “out of this world” recruiting from Rhule. I mean so far it seems to be good but right now, and take them for what they are worth, Rivals has the average rating of the of the current 2015 commits of 2.4 stars and 77# overall. Not that there aren’t a lot of good players that may get ranked like that but it takes “ding, ding, ding” coaching to maximize the talent. I get the feeling this staff would be fine if it got mainly 4 star recruits, but don’t see that happening

  7. I think the recruiting is good, but not on the level of ron dickerson recruiting, which was outstanding. unfortunately, the gameday coaching is about the same. we’re treading water. don’t see 6-6 as significant improvement when the team should have been 6-6 last year. Eight wins minimum or the BOT is going to have to start asking serious questions.

    • Agree completely. I guess we just don’t see things the way the MRAs do on the other boards with quotes like this:

      “This guy and his staff are spectacular recruiters for Temple Football”,

      ok how long before we see some real results. At a minimum 5 wins last season and 7 this year would have shown me that Rhule has the program on an upward trajectory. Mike maybe you can explain it to me, where does this over the top enthusiasm come from for this coach. I don;t hate the guy or anything like that, it just seemed to me that he was a coach who had a relatively “quiet” career to date with a limited track record, was definitely a work in process and was a coin flip as to whether he would be a success or failure.

  8. Wyatt Benson is an outstanding young man as well as the greatest blocking fullback in Temple history. I had the pleasure of talking to Wyatt many times during his career after games. He got kicked out of school for getting in a fight. If every male who went to Temple was kicked out for getting into a fight once in his four years, Temple would be 90 percent female instead of the 52 percent female it currently is. I guess if Chip Kelly was the Temple coach, he’d be saying, “We’re from Philadelphia and we walk away from a fight.”

  9. nice. rather have better wins and worse videos.

    • Can’t have everything. Any way, was talking to a friend tonight about the entire sports program. It’s clear that every sport needs to improve. The level of competition in this league is head and shoulders above the MAC and A-10. TU , their sports fans, and alumni have to step up and support the programs. 1200 people belong to the Owl club. That’s ridiculous for a school of this size. Kentucky basketball got dozens of people to put up 6 grand for an exhibition series. TU can’t even get people to buy season tickets in significant numbers. If something doesn’t change they should shut it all down because but for a relatively small number of fans not enough people care to justify the cost.

      • that is the No. 1 reason why Temple is dragging its collective feet on re-upping the Linc deal or making a stadium announcement. this “they are just waiting to get their ducks in row” wish by stadium supporters is foolish. there are no ducks. if you think radnor township fights villanova to build stuff, it’s 1/10th the fight “the community” will put up for this stadium. Plus, stir in the lack of fan support, the non-competitiveness of the football team in games against houston and ucf–not exactly ohio state and oregon– and it’s a pretty bleak overall picture.

      • I have to say John, I didn’t think the level of competition this year going forward in the AAC would be that far above the MAC/A-10 but I have to say the performance both on the field and the court do seem to bear out your assessment. The other thing that seems to becoming evident is that TU sports may not be ready to compete successfully even at this level.
        I can’t believe that there are only 1200 members of the Owl Club, but now that I think about it I guess I didn’t realize that my priority points ranking is out of all of the members which checking today says 1339. That is bad, what’s worse is that I don’t give a huge donation, several hundred dollars a year and that still puts me in the 40th percentile of donors.

  10. watch out if Jager Gardner can become academically eligible and can play next year. more of an impact player than BP. bigger, stronger, faster, quicker, and more make you miss than any Temple running back since Paul Palmer…, not sure why this kid is not a four star athlete.., mus be something more to this emerging story? does anyone have the inside story on this kid?

    • Rivals has him as a two star. That has to be a mistake given that FSU wanted him as a preferred walk-on and Virginia offered and Indiana was planning to. He’s 6’3″ 210 and runs a sub 4.5. Even if slightly wrong he’s a stud and his hi-lite films confirm that.

    • This is a story from one of his games. This kid is tough:

      It could also have been talking about the Warhorses’ star running back, Jager Gardner, or Owen’s opponent — Hendersonville.

      Gardner’s broken left hand was heavily wrapped, but it didn’t seem to affect his play in a wild football game that included crazy offensive numbers on both sides, two recovered onside kicks and three delays due to stadium light outages.

      Gardner finished with 272 rushing yards, including two touchdowns, and a 93-yard kickoff return for a score as Owen held off pesky Hendersonville, 57-54, to remain unbeaten (9-0, 5-0 Western Highlands Conference).

      “My hand’s broken, but it feels all right; the ball ain’t heavy,” said Gardner, who injured his hand in the first quarter of the previous week’s game at Madison. “I feel fine as long as we win. … That was one of the wildest games, at least for me.”

  11. Any guesses as to what this tweet that Matt Rhule put out this morning about getting some great news. Just read about this on the other boards.

    • Robbie Anderson is coming back … just kidding … to me, that would be the only “game-changer.” Supposedly, it’s about a recruit “visiting” but to me that tweet is a little over the top over just a visit. Commitment, yes. Stadium, yes. Robbie, yes. Moving Rob Dvoracek to fullback, yes. Giving Nate L. Smith a shot at punt returns, yes. A mere visit with no commitment? No.

      • I hope it’s a least a visit for a 2015 recruit who will be committing in what 2 weeks. I mean if this is for a potential 2016 recruit give me a break, “game changer”, etc. a while lot can happen between now and then. It’s almost like this staff knows the only good perception they have right now is from the recruiting perspective and they are playing that up to the hilt. At first when Rhule said something about putting on a jet pack I was really excited,thought Bowles offered him the assistant offensive line coach position with the Jets and he accepted.

  12. I hope they don’t make him in charge of timeouts for my Jets’ friends sake.

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