#WTF is Matt Rhule Talking About?

If this is merely just about  a "visit" and not a commitment or a new stadium, it's a disappointment. Click over image for story.

If this is merely just about a “visit” and not a commitment or a new stadium, it’s a disappointment. Click over image for story.


47 thoughts on “#WTF is Matt Rhule Talking About?

  1. Mike, I agree with you, if this isn’t about positive stadium news, a big time transfer or a definite say 4 star commit then this is totally lame and just reinforces for me anyway how bad this staff is.

  2. hopefully he will put on a jet pack and fly the f#*k away from Temple…, please accept my apology for being so rude😕

  3. What’s even more ridiculous is the Rhule lemmings on the pay board who have no idea of what this tweets refers to, other than what the moderator posted which as you point out Mike doesn’t sound like much, and they are totally “gaga” about how awesome MR is !!!!!!!!

  4. If it’s not a big announcement–and I don’t think a visit is–it is totally lame but, unfortunately, par for the course.

  5. Adam DiMichele also tweeted “this could be a GAMECHANGER folks”. Can these guys really be dumb enough to tweet this stuff about a visit? Not an MRA and not a Rhule hater, but this better be real big news. At the minimum it better be a high 4 star recruit committing.

  6. same coaching staff with better athletes does not translate into more wins…, that being said congrats are in order if Rhule lands a top recruit

    • yeah, mixed feelings about this as as well. we did have a running back go for 157 against Tulsa and he was totally, inexplicably, ignored the rest of the year. Game film on Hackenberg dictated he’d crumble under unrelenting pressure and we backed off of him all day. On the other end, when PSU was rushing 8 against P.J., we never went Max Protect. Instead, we said, “Good luck, P.J” and gave him an empty backfield all day. Then we (the coaching staff) throw him under the bus for ducking five guys and throwing 3 interceptions. This coaching staff is really going to have to step up its game. We have players who should win a lot of games. The process is flawed.

  7. Likely out of left field, but I too saw this on twitter and pondered the significance of capitalizing “Jet Pack”. For a brief comment I had hoped he and Bowles decided to trade places. (humor)

    • I do get the love for the guy because he’s very personable but there was plenty of talent at Temple in both the 2013 and 2014 seasons to get wins we did not get. When Rhule took over, it was nowhere near not even close not even in the same universe as when Golden took over but we have the MRAs saying if AG can go 1-11 his first year then MR should have been allowed to go 2-10. MR should have been able do at Temple what Mark Hudspeth did at Louisiana-Lafayette: Jump right in and go 9-4, 9-4 with bowl wins. If Hudspeth could do it, MR should have been able to do it. Hudspeth inherited a 3-9 Sun Belt team. Difference is that his team is extremely well-coached on game day.

      • At a minimum Rhule should be able to do next season what Fuente did with Memphis this season. He inherited a team that I think was probably not as good as the team Rhule inherited, 5 wins in the previous 3 seasons prior to Fuente, took 2 years to build it up (4-8 and 3-9) then produced a 10 win team. Sorry, 6-6 again next season just confirms that Temple made a mistake and has the wrong guy at the helm

    • Might be that a 4* running back UCLA de-commit is visiting this weekend. Definitely Jetpack worthy IF he commits.

  8. 6-6 with this talent would be like going 2-10 again with 2013 talent.

    • Come on Mike, talent on this team let me (of course tongue in cheek) put on my MRA hat
      1. Daz left the cupboard bare
      2. We’ve been recruiting MAC level talent
      3. This team has no speed
      4. This team has no size
      5. We’re competing at such a higher level of competition!!!!

      Ok I’ll stop there because I’m laughing so hard while trying to type.

      So, and this is how I feel, the talent that should have won 5 to 6 games in 2013, the talent that SHOULD have won 7 to maybe 9 games this year.OK, so using the AG yardstick Rhule should win no less than 7 games next season to be considered any kind of success. After all AG went from 1 win to 4 then 5 in his first 3 years. Unfortunately with this staff I really feel this team will be hard pressed to match this seasons record.

  9. what is amazing is how the other schools in the AAC have made major and significant moves to improve their programs. their is a wealth of head coaching talent coming to the AAC next year.., who is the only school in the conference without an on campus stadium? where did Temple rank in AAC home attendence last year? four key ingredients for on the field success:
    1. Inspired and effective coaching staff
    2. Great facilities
    3. Athletic talent
    4. Support fan and alumni base

    how does Temple compare to UCF, ECU, Memphis, Cincy, Navy, Penn State, and Rutgers against the criteria listed above…, this is not rocket from the booster science! item number one is the responsibility of the President of the University; item two, we should hire a marketing professional company to solicit alumni contributions and to increase the quality of our athletic facilities, and build an on-campus stadium; item three is the responsibility of the coaching staff; item four, hire a marketing firm

  10. daz leaving the cupboard bare is a complete fallacy. Question: Who had the highest-ranked recruiting class in Temple history: a) Wayne Hardin; b) Bruce Arians; c) Pop Warner; d) Al Golden ; e) Steve Addazio; f) Matt Rhule;

    answer below:

    e .. (including all 3 rhule classes and those kids are still here). .. Do they suddenly suck or does the coaching staff suck?

    • how would those six coaches rank, one through six? Pop Warner and Wayne Hardin are easy 1 and 2, Arians and Golden are horse races at 3 and 4, and Daz is head and shoulders over Rhule.., anybody disagree?

      • Arians was way better on gameday than Al and Al was way better on gameday than Rhule. Great point and inspiration for a new poll question I just put up. Thanks, KJ. I was looking for a good one.

    • Not only that one but I think most of the Rhule “excuses” either fall into the category of a complete fallacy or are at least greatly exaggerated. Team speed, of course there are going to be teams with more and some with less but players like Herbin, Nate L Smith, Chandler, Tavon Young, etc. see, to have plenty of speed. Also, Rhule was here for most of the players that Daz recruited.

    • A very correct and underappreciated point Mike.

  11. When Golden took over it could be said the program was at an all-time low (Wallace was allowed to run the program into the ground at every level imaginable). Rhule had a much better start. Saying it will take 5 years shows a lack of self-confidence and is an excuse for failure. Seven wins in 2015 and a bowl should be considered the minimum expectations – otherwise changes will be in order. But let’s all wait and see what actually happens. We could be surprised…….hope so anyway.

  12. My previous comment disappeared. In any event Rhule’s apparent incompetence would not be a problem if the Owls had a guaranteed place to play after 2017. In the next year or two the BOT has a multimillion dollar decision to make. Absent more wins and more fans I can see it cutting football instead of spending the money. 6-6 or even 7-5 just won’t cut it anymore especially given the amount of money now spent on football. Given that Rhule has not hired any new coaches it appears that we’re stuck with an offensive scheme that fails to match itself to the talent and a defensive coach who, when its crunch time goes vanilla on us. To Snow’s credit, he didn’t sit back against Tulane. That though doesn’t excuse him for Memphis, Cincy, and to a degree PSU. Unless this team, with three years of Rhule’s recruits, goes 8-4 the season’s a loss. And as I said in a previous post that’s unlikely because the Owls would have to go 6-2 in conference.

  13. The other JD, a peep from a dyed in the wool MRA, thought they were all glowing about 2018 offers….perhaps you should look up the meaning of “clueless” in the dictionary.

    • They’ll come up with another one, you can book it. All I want is breakthrough seasons like the ones Golden and Daz had of 9, 8, and 9 wins. Six wins and No. 77 in the country is an Epic Fail with this talent.

      • Mike, amazing how right you are, the “commissar” of the pay board had a detailed post already saying how misleading those numbers are. Pointing out starter that are “MAC” recruits (that excuse is getting real old since we are getting beaten by a lot of CUSA recruits) and how there are really on 3 starters returning on offense.It seems that guys sole purpose it to “protect” Rhule

  14. yes, they are already preparing the excuses for next year. I saw five Louisiana-Lafayette games on TV. LL was meticulously prepared on game day, managed time outs well, had a running game that had two backs, not one, go over 100 yards in one game and squeezed every last ounce out of the talent they had. Us? We looked like a Chinese Fire Drill being chased by Keystone Cops. I’m hoping this improves. I have serious doubts.

  15. Again a comment of mine disappeared. What’s going on? Any way I pointed out the following an stated that this coaching staff will not improve upon it if they stick to the “process.” 67 Years, 287-387-26, .429 W-L% (Major School)
    *W-L-T adjusted to 282-392-26 by NCAA. With all of the returnees and the red shirts we can hope on these dark and cold January days that the coaches will get it. I’ll know if my hope is misplaced the first quarter of the first game.
    Just wanted to point this out: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/ucf-stadium-expansion-includes-new-10-000-square-foot-beach-bar–photos-182238023.html

    The Owls soon won’t have a place to play and CFU is adding amenities. Guess where I would go as a recruit.

    • Especially if you are visiting Temple today…:-)

    • trying to trace where the comment disappearing thing goes. can’t find any earlier or pending comments. must be a wordpress glitch of some kind. I do my commends on microsoft word and then copy and paste (not because I’m afraid of losing them but because it’s just faster to type that way).

      • The reply doesn’t have much flexibility and I’ve had cases where a comment either went off to who knows where, doubled posted, etc. especially if you are trying to do some formatting, which it doesn’t seem to like

  16. yes … thanks for posting anyway. the “commissar” is Rhule’s chief cook, bottle-washer and spokesman on the internet. Listened to every rhule press conference and it was amusing to hear this guy’s high-arcing softball questions, then never challenge rhule when he would say something ridiculous like “I don’t have anybody else” when asked if John Christopher would return punts. That was the presser after Nate L. Smith returned the final punt of the Memphis game 21 yards and set the owls up nicely at midfield. Smith is the leading punt returner, career yardage, in Pa. history.

    • Plus with his cabal of sycophants, that’s why I never post there. Anything even remotely questioning of Rhule or the staff, no matter how well you put you present your position is met with non stop derision.

      • They employ the tactics used by most groups today. When they don’t have a cogent response, their recourse is to personally attack the messenger.

  17. absolutely, john. you would not believe the attacks on me, I believe from inside the uni, that I have had to delete. also had to ban a long-time poster for personal attacks on me and inciting others to do so. (don’t miss you, either, you know who you are) … the only way this staff can shut me the f*ck up is to win 9 games. this is way above their heads, though, like the proper use of a fullback. I had the same attacks from bobby wallace fans. I was here before wallace and rhule and i will be here long after both are gone. unfortunately, if we fail now, they can padlock the E-O forever and this will be a nostalgic site talking about the past.

  18. Money talks, I know, but do you really think Temple would drop football? They’ve had far worse seasons and kept going. I realize the costs are really going up however. It depends on how the overall university’s finances are and/or whether some big donors step forward. More games are on TV now so I suppose they’re getting money from that too. I’ll bet if Rhule can squeak out 7 wins and go bowling, football will keep on keeping on. I’ve said this before, that some of us are just extremely frustrated after years and years of the program not gaining any traction and I think we are getting somewhat alarmist about the whole situation (unless you guys have other inside info). The higher ups have resisted the pressure to drop football in the past and I hope they continue to do so.

    • I don;t know if Temple would drop football as I suspect that would require moving basketball and all other sports to a different conference again. My concern is with where this team is going to play come 2017 or 2018 and onwards and what the AACs opinion will be if our “home” field ends up as Franklin Field rather than an on-campus stadium or the Linc. That situation could really limit the number of games on TV given that Temple would be back in a situation of not having total control of scheduling. For instance suppose ESPN wanted to move a Temple AAC game to a day and time that Penn had something also scheduled at FF, would Penn make accommodations for that and how much would it potentially cost the conference and/or Temple.

    • they purchased william penn to move minor sports there from geasey, freeing up geasey for a stadium. problem is that they don’t have enough donors for $300 million (and they won’t use state funds for it) and donors aren’t moved by 7-win seasons. they are moved by 9-10-win seasons. I could see them moving to franklin field and that would be a program-killer. the crowds of 20K at Linc would go down to 8-10K at FF and then they might consider the e-o as the minor sports headquarters. that’s what i’m worried about. Temple fans won’t go to FF and AAC won’t accept the TV limitations there (it’s Penn’s field, after all).

      • Agree with you about not going to FF. The Linc is much easy to get in and out of and if I’m going to travel into the city “proper” I would much rather go to a Main Campus stadium.

      • You mean the “done deal” folks on all of the boards aren’t ready to start writing the big checks!!!

  19. the done dealers will be the first to squeal when their season tickets go from $200 to $1,000 a year. at this point, i’m 50/50 on the on-campus stadium but i’m 100 percent against Franklin Field or Chester as alternative. There is no alternative. It’s Linc or campus, end of story.

  20. All I have too say is that John Belli, I have come to the conclusion you live on another planet. Your expectations along with mikes are out of this world.

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