Ranking the Top 5 Temple Recruits

Click on the photo of TU student section for story.

Click on the photo of TU student section for story.


31 thoughts on “Ranking the Top 5 Temple Recruits

  1. If we get Simmons does he move to top of list?

    • Probably, but we’re running out of time. we used four mid-years so we only have 21 scholarships left and they are all taken. Someone of the 21 would have to be sent to prep school to make room for T.J. Heck, with Jabo Lee and T.J. having injury issues we could have two guys more talented than any guy we have healthy who cannot find the field.

  2. A kid that’s close to the top is the defensive end from Washington. Once he grows into his body, he’ll have pro dimensions and speed.

    • I like his bloodlines. I don’t like his only other offer. Idaho. Idaho blows. Still burns me up we didn’t blow them out of the Kibbie Dome last year with 10x their talent. Coaching clinics all over the U.S are showing that film as a perfect example of a terrible game plan.

  3. AG and Daz had better recruiting classes.,how in the heck did MR get the reputation for being a good recruiter? this class is below average nationally and not the best by far in a weak conference

    • Good question KJ, I have yet to find anyone who goes on about how Rhule was the best choice for the HC job, tremendous recruiter, etc ever go into any objective reasons.

      • yeah, even some MRAs admitted he had shortcomings as a coach on gameday but said they would be overcome by his overwhelming recruiting. Being beaten by Navy in recruiting on one site–where you have to have Stephen Hawking-like intelligence to get in (exaggerating for effect)–is really troublesome. If recruiting rankings mean nothing, then why do the top 25 teams always have the best classes?

    • I’m sure he’ll say everything is Peaches and cream on Feb. 4. Temple is billing it as a “recruiting celebration.” I wonder what the seven AAC schools ranked above us are billing it as?

  4. Another question might be if recruiting rankings mean nothing, yet as you said the top 25 teams always seem to be in the top 25 rankings, then what else could account for a team winning. Perhaps good coaching? I only looked at the Rivals rankings and see there that Temple has dropped from 3 to 6 in the AAC. So if Rhule isn’t recruiting at the top or near the top conference ranking, has coaching shortcomings (that I don’t see improving anytime soon, hope I’m wrong), why again was he the top choice and to some MRAs it seems the only choice worthy of being Temple’s HC????

  5. One 3 star and one 4 star in the top 5 recruits. Does that mean none of the others were ranked or just 1 or 2 stars? If all they have to do is plug some holes on the team MAYBE this is ok. But for the long haul, this won’t give the depth a rising Div 1 team needs, especially with the coaching as it is. So now the game-day coaching isn’t the only problem. Great! Well, I hope these kids have a good experience and get their degrees.

    • Looking at the 17 2015 commitments on Owlscoop, which are the Rivals rankings, you have one 4 star, four 3 stars and the rest 2 star. For 4 stars recruits that’s on par with the rest of the conference, where Temple seems to lag is in the 3 star category, only 3 AAC teams have a lower number than Temple (Memphis, Tulane and Tulsa). Interesting thing is Memphis was in a similar position recruiting wise in 2013 and 2014. Humm, I guess coaching makes a difference there.

      • I thought we’d go from No. 4 last year in recruiting to No. 1 in the league the way they talked about this guy’s magical powers to lure top recruits in …. For a few straight years there, Al Golden and Daz made a big point at the “signing celebrations” to mention we were No. 1 in recruiting in our league. I’m sure they will now try to play down that we are No. 6 and No. 8 in a league not appreciatively superior to the MAC. Let’s face it, this is not the big east. this is a cusa-level league we are in now. Can’t have it both ways. the goal for temple should be to be No. 1 in recruiting, in game-day coaching, in off-season workouts, everything.

  6. proceed with extreme caution should be the label on T.J. Simmons.., coming off a torn ACL and broken fibula which had to be surgically repaired with a pin…, now I ask you, “can you name a current NFL running back who has had a torn ACL and is carrying the football with a surgically repaired fibula?”

    broken running backs are not productive, just ask Jabo Lee.

    Why on earth would you put on a jet-pack for running back who has a pin in his fibula, and a history of ACL injuries? this kid at one time probably had the physical ability to run 4.4 or better, 4.5 is the best he’ll ever be now.., so we have another running back who will get caught from behind in the open field.., really, c’mon man.., OMG

  7. From what I understand the broken leg heed to the point he could have played. Seems like it is certainly worth taking the shot on Simmons. I will agree that I don’t think I would be putting on the jet pack though

  8. good discussion on recruiting fellas but just remember one thing….Tyler Matakevich was a 2 star recruit. so that tells u all u need to know about recruiting ratings. its a crapshoot. just hope for the best.

    • JD – Matakevich is an outlier.., look at PSU’s recruiting class this year compared to Temple’s…., would you trade classes or hold what Temple has?

      we are Three years into this “process” and what are the results?

      • KJ, I don’t disagree with the point “the other JD” and yes the rankings are somewhat subjective but does anyone have confidence that this staff can get the maximum out of 2 star recruits. The problem is you are a lot less likely to get a player or two who can step in right away and file a need. And yes I would trade classes with PSU in a second of course

  9. despite all of his temple talk, i’ve got this queasy feeling t.j. is going to commit to Marshall. He’s going to announce at 3:30 p.m. or 4 p.m. on espnu. Marshall is the last visit, sean cronin (former temple coach who does not get along with rhule) is his marshall recruiter, marshall has some of his ex-high school teammates and is coming off a 13-1 season.

  10. I wonder what Marshal pays their HC. How does a school just over the Ohio River from rural Ohio in WV get such good hires? Temple’s problem is the people who do the hiring. They are paying enough to get true quality but too often get crap. Even Daz is making some noise at BC. Enough.

  11. Temple now ranks in the bottom half of the AAC recruiting in all major ranking sources to include ESPN, 247 Sports, etc. The total number of recruits is misleading, better assessment is the projected value of each recruit.

    Hard to really believe adding a broken RB will change the equation. Don’t think so? well just look at the two celebrated broken RBs (Zaire and Jabo) who are on the roster but couldn’t make it on the field for just one game last year.

    MR brings nothing to the table. He IS NOT a good recruiter, awful game day coach, and has shown zero ability to develop the talent he does have. don’t see six wins on the 2015 schedule..,

    • 20 returning starters (Jahad really was the best running back on the team and he was better than Kenny as a tailback) and any head coach worth his Lee Saltz should be able to squeeze 2 more wins out of that talent alone. this is an incredibly flawed process he keeps asking the kids to believe in .. no running game, no protection for the quarterback, no separation from the wide receivers. some process.

      I wrote this over 2 years ago. Pretty much true today:


    • KJ, at this point I agree with you regarding Rhule’s ability as a HC or lack thereof. As far as recruiting, I’m going to wait until the 2015 season, if at least one of the O-lineman (Ruff, McHale, etc) and one of the WRs (Bryant, Thomas) doesn’t contribute big time then I have to agree with you as far as Rhule at best being an ok recruiter. A “great” recruiter, as the MRAs keep swearing he is, gets a few players that don’t need a red shirt year, a second year in the program “maturing” and then contributing their 3rd year being part of the “process”. So for me next season is it as far as the Rhule “process”, he doesn’t deliver at least a 7 to 8 win team then Bobby Wallace, Ron Dickerson, Jerry Berndt 2 has arrived and at least those guys were competing in a much tougher conference.

    • KJ, by the way don’t know if you ever read the comments there but if you want a laugh go to the Scout.com Temple board and you can read quotes like this:

      “I hope by this point, after we have watched Coach Rhule’s (and staff’s) amazing recruiting skills,”

      • One guy on the scout board says the thing he’s most worried about is that Notre Dame lures Matt away from Temple. Really hilarious, delirious, stuff. Yeah, I could just see Father Jenkins, the president of ND saying, “Hmm. Brian Kelly left but I’m eyeing up this Matt Rhule guy from Temple. He’s 8-16 in a non-power 5 conference but he’s a good recruiter. He had the Owls ranked No. 8 and No. 6 in his conference. I would overlook the loss to Fordham. that’s a good Jesuit football school like us.”

  12. I’ve read those ND posts, there are a couple of posters on Scout that do keep you in stitches laughing, not as many as on the Rhule Love Forum on Owlscoop but as over the top. If you believe some of these folks you would think Rhule has been recruiting top 25 classes and has the team in position for a run at the national championship. This for a team that I think will be lucky to finish 3rd in the AAC east and stay at 6th in the overall conference standings

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