Temple Finally Joins the Big Time

It’s never too late for Young Jeezy to put in a good word for Temple.

Usually, the only thing on TV in the middle of the afternoon on a mid-week day is a soap opera.

That and work is why I do not watch television on a week day afternoon. One soap opera on Wednesday, though, is must-see TV and that’s when Temple football finally hits the big-time on ESPNU. Every year, ESPNU reserves about a dozen spots for players who wait until signing day to make their announcements on live television. ESPNU’s only requirement is that the player must not have made his intentions known prior to the live announcement and he must be at least a four-star recruit as named by one of the two major recruiting websites, Rivals or Scout.

Usually, it is involves a guy who is about to pick between, say, a Florida or an Auburn. He looks at one hat, lifts it up, puts it down, and then finally puts the hat on of the school he where he chooses to spend the next four years playing football and getting an education. Since ESPNU started this charade a few years ago, I wanted Temple to be part of the show.

Now I have my wish.  That’s where Temple, Marshall and T.J. Simmons come into play.

Julu Smith’s signing day last year.

This will perhaps be the last time either school will have this opportunity because I believe the Power 5 schools will be paying players by the next show and, unless Temple can  find a route to the Power 5 capital, we won’t see this kind of drama again.

I hope I’m wrong, but I do not see this ending well for Temple because Simmons’ primary Marshall recruiter is Sean Cronin and Cronin is not the biggest Matt Rhule fan. I can see a lot of “negative recruiting” involved with Cronin’s knowledge of Temple and Rhule and, if negativity did  not work in getting someone’s vote, we would never see a negative political campaign ad (and that’s all we see).

Either way, tune in between 3:30 and 4 on ESPNU. For the first–and maybe last–time, it’s must-see afternoon TV.




36 thoughts on “Temple Finally Joins the Big Time

  1. Coach Cronin is the man. He helped recruit our son at Temple. Temple would be better off with the Adazio coaching staff. Rhule is not a motivater. He incorporated the rules, that all injured players must sit in the stands and get their tickets from will call. Talk about deflating the ” Team ” feeling.. No worries. He ll be gone in the next couple years.

    • My worry is if “the process” is given a couple of more years with the same mediocre on the field performance in what is really not a very strong conference where does that leave the program? I know it’s wishful thinking but I would hope the administration tells Rhule it’s up or out for him for the 2015. Don’t think the program can survive 2 or 3 more years of “the process”

      • the process: no qb protection+no running game+no wide receiver separation+no timeouts (because we use them in the first 5 minutes of every half for coaching f-ups)=some process. “Don’t listen to the outside, kids, follow the process.”

  2. major schools are using the “fix it in three years or you are out” rule. no excuse with 20 starters back and three recruiting years on his watch…,

    there is a reason this kid Simmons has gone from top 20 programs to either Marshall or Temple. two major injuries in a three year span for a high school RB is not good. what should we expect to happen when he takes shots from PSU and ND? My vote is let Marshall role the dice on a brittle RB…,

    • Rhule did what he was supposed to- he went 6-6 this year. At any school but Temple (even South dang Alabama) that gets you a bowl game. I’m not head over heels for Rhule myself, but he’s doing good things and he’s growing as a coach. If we manage to get a 6-6 that counts or to improve from there, we’re right where we need to be.
      The steps from here are 1. bowl season 2. conference titles, and I think if he can find his way to bowl season we give him a minute to come up with a title.
      I think if he’d gone 5-7 this season, the conversation would be different, but honestly we weren’t doing much better than this in the MAC and the talent level is higher in the AAC. We all know how heartbreakingly close to more wins the Owls have been- much closer than they’d get over the previous decade or so.
      Just because we’re not lording it over our Penn State friends doesn’t mean we’re not making progress.

      • If you think he’s going to win conference titles after recruiting the 6th and 8th ranked classes in his conference–and recruiting was supposed to be his strength–you are kidding yourself. There is no conference title in this guy’s future by any empirical data over the final 2 years of his contract. If he wins just six again this year, the BOT will have their answer about him and they will not need to go beyond 3 years of the contract.

      • I’m sorry but 6-6 in 2015 in not progress and doesn’t show me a program moving in the right direction. Hey, I’ll Rhule as you said a minute and that minute is 3 years. If he gets the team to at least 7 wins next season ok then. We’ve had 2 years of close losses, a team that a minimum should have won 4 more games over the past 2 season, except for poor coaching, now is the time to start turning those close losses into wins or move on with someone else running the show. Also, this isn’t the Big East of 2 / 3 years ago, the AAC is better than the MAC but not by this huge margin. If you look at each conferences seasonal record I think the MAC had as many wins against P5 opponents as the AAC. At this point I wouldn’t even say the AAC is the strongest of the G5 conferences, second at best

  3. I know most people on here think that Rhule is incompetent, and I can’t say I disagree on his gameday decisions. But how many conference championships did Golden or Addazio win? In fact how many conference games did Golden win against teams with winning records? Golden did a great job reviving the program, but he was a terrible game say coach as well.

    If Temple doesn’t go 8-4 this year, you can run Rhule out of town, but please stop the Golden/Rhule comparisons, and Addazio for that matter. None of them are top notch coaches.

    • I agree with this. Twenty starters returning, plus a couple of guys who will step in and start right away (I see Greg Webb starting on the DL) and Kareem starting along with Young at the CBs SHOULD mean 2 more wins. Still, he’s got to figure out a way to jump-start the running game and throw off play-action. A fullback as protection for P.J. in the pocket and as a lead blocker for a tailback plus a 3-and-1 option might not help but he could not possibly hurt.

  4. In hiring the last three coaches, the Owls, as they always are wont to do, went cheap instead of hiring a known entity with some successful head coaching experience. I cannot see this changing given the dearth of financial support for the school. It has one of the lowest per alumni amount of money in its endowment fund and frankly, too many of its current students could care less about sports. Yesterday, for the BBall game, the student section was not full. if they won’t go to BB on campus what makes anyone think they’ll go to football games even with a stadium on campus. In any event, Rhule simply does not have the imagination or experience needed to succeed at Temple. Wayne Hardin changed his offensive philosophy from week to week. Rhule did it once this season (ECU) and it resulted in a win. He never used it again even though it resulted in his only signature win and it would have succeeded against Memphis and Cincinnati. if he doesn’t win eight this season, the program may be doomed because of the looming expiration of the LINC lease. It cannot be forgotten that Rhule has had the benefit of first-class training facilities, something none of his predecessors have had and yet, he’s been a failure, losing several games a better coach certainly would have won. Given that he’s had two recruiting classes and has 18 redshirts eligible this season, he and the MRA’s are out of excuses if they don’t win 8.

  5. John – you are exactly correct. Rhule is what his record says he is, there are no excuses. He has more losses than wins, and has not been to a bowl.., still can’t get over the jet pack remark

  6. Have to agree with the last 4 posts, I even had lower “expectations” with saying anything less than 7-5 in 2015, I leave it at anything less than a winning record in 2015, then time to make a change. Spot on KJ, his record shows him for what he is a mediocre coach at best. I feel an average coach with some HC experience conservatively would have been 5-7 in 2013 and 7-5 last year with this team. There are no excuses for the 2015 season, but John you know that won’t stop the hard core MRAs who have this irrational, emotional, attachment to the guy form coming up with a whole bunch of new one. You know the ones who can never explain why he is such a great choice for the Temple HC but tear into anyone and everyone who questions his competence. I mean look at some of the posts on the other boards it’s already starting.

  7. Cannot believe the number of “I’m pumped” posts about this recruiting class. Pumped for 8th in the conference? Or sixth? Laughable.

  8. Robbie Anderson 2 star recruit
    Dion Dawkins 2 star recruit
    Praise Martin-Oguike 2 star recruit
    PJ Walker 2 star recruit
    Kyle Friend 2 star recruit
    Hershey Walton 2 star recruit
    Tyler Matakevich 2 star recruit
    Nate Smith (LB) 2 star recruit
    Matt Ioannidis 2 star recruit
    Khalif Herbin 2 star recruit
    Tavon Young 2 star recruit
    Jalen Fitzpatrick 2 star recruit

    my point is recruiting ratings mean nothing. i don’t care if they have Temple rated #1 or last in the conference. its means nothing. rating a recruiting class on signing day is like rating a NFL draft class the day after the draft. its nonsense.

    Temple is not Alabama, FSU, or Ohio St. we don’t get the 5 star recruit. we have to get the 2 and 3 star recruits and hope they develop into something. occasionally we will get a 4 star (Aaron Ruff, Kareem Ali, Anthony Davis) and hope they play like a 4 star.

    i rarely come to this site bcuz its so negative on here. Rhule sends out a tweet and its met with negativity. Rhule takes a dump and its met with negativity. i’m not a Rhule apologist or a Rhule hater. i’m a “want the best for Temple guy”.

    as i stated in previous post, i truly believe that u give a coach 3 years to implement his system and get his players in. next season will be Rhule 3rd season so i reserve my judgement on him until the end of next season.

    That said next season is a very crucial year in the history of Temple Football. I’m looking for no less than a winning record and bowl game next year. we return the entire defense which balled out this year. the key of course will be the offense. its funny that Snow was the boogie man on this site in 2013. last year no mention of Snow. remember in 2013 when folks on this site were calling for Snow head? Satterfield became the boogie man this season. last season Rhule understand he had to improve the defense and he did. i believe he understands this offseason he has to improve the offense.

    Next season is gonna be very interesting.

    • It’s negative because that’s the reality. Had Rhule won the four or five games he should have won, there would only be laudatory comments on this cite. Some of his moves and inability to manage a game, including time outs, are inexcusable, dare I say Pete Carroll like. Also, everyone on this site, I believe, thinks that Rhule’s a great guy. However, when he lost numerous games because of his ineptitude or lack of experience, that’s inexcusable, especially because he, as should be the case with every D-1 coach given that there’s only 125 of those jobs, holds an elite job. Consequently, there is no room for growth something which should have already occurred before he took the job. He’s a guy making 1.6 million per year. Can anyone say he’s earning that money? The answer is obvious and until the dumb mistakes stop people will have the right to criticize him. Finally, recruiting does matter especially when your coach is as inexperienced and raw as Rhule appears to be.

    • I think the negativity that you refer to on this site is more reality, especially if you spend most of your time on the pay board the with over the top Rhule can do no wrong, is the great thing since sliced bread roup. I’ll give you that recruiting ratings are as much subjective as they are objective, plus you have multiple groups who rate and I don’t know how much their criteria differs. I do think the ratings mean something from the stand point of how many top 10 teams or top teams in their respective conferences stay there without having recruiting classes ranked at or near the top. If not nationally at least at or near the top of the conference.
      Now looking at your premise of getting 2 and 3 star recruits and “hope they develop” well has this staff shown you that they can do that. I haven’t really seen any indication of that in 2 seasons.
      I don’t think most people here are Rhule “hater’s” and if you read a lot if the posts people are saying, myself included, that if 2015 is not a winning season then the program needs to make a change. Even though I feel a coach that would have come in here 2 years ago would have had 4 to 5 more wins over that span at least a winning season in 2015 shows me that the program is moving forward, albeit at a slow pace in the day and age, but I guess that’s what you get when you hire a HC that is basically learning on the job his first 2 seasons.
      So I agree with 2015 is critical and will be interesting. Will Snow continue to improve the defense, like cutting out the lapses that occurred at the end of the Memphis game, or does he revert to his most recent college “history” like at EMU where his defense improved during his second year then feel back down in his 3rd. Satterfield, well if you look at the stats, his offense has regressed and last season was really no better than the offense that everyone ripped in Daz’s second year. Down in all major categories. So if that was due to missing Anderson then I say Satterfield really doesn’t bring much to the table and I know the O-line had new players, but If I remember correctly the MRAs were talking about all the great talent that was behind the starters during the 2013 season. As for Rhule, 2015 is time to start turning some of those close losses of the past 2 seasons into wins. For unlike a lot of the Rhule supporters on the pay board, by year 3 of a program wins and losses in the way to judge progress.
      Now, Other JD, from your perspective, this team goes 6-6 next season do we give Rhule a 4th year, blather on about the process and say 2016 is the “break out” year. If you believe that could you give your rationale as to why? As I said, anything less than a winning season in this conference and time to move on.

      • as i said b4 nothing less of a winning record and bowl game is expected from me next season. after next season i will make my conclusion on Rhule as he will have had 3 seasons to implement his system and get his players in.

        and my earlier post i named are 2/3 star recruits who have developed. Tyler Matakevich, Tavon Young, Praise Martin, Kyle Friend, Dion Dawkins, Hershey Walton, Nate Smith, Matt Ionnadis. all 2 star recruits who i think are developing well under this staff.

  9. question for next year is will Rhule keep his job after a 7-5 or 6-6 season? the 2015 schedule has five losses on it, PSU, ND, Cincy, UCF, and Memphis. Plus the AAC sleeper team for 2015 will be UCon.., they are entering the season much like Memphis did last year.

    Can’t think of any other team in recent CFB history entering the season with so many returning starters and so many glaring weaknesses. let’s look at the numbers, 20 returning starters and 18 available red shirts. Weaknesses:
    1. WR position and lack of a WR coach who can develop players,
    2. RB,
    3. O-Line,
    4. Punt returns
    5. reliable FG kicker,
    6. red zone production from the offense,
    7. 3rd down conversion rate one of the worst in all of college football
    8. complete absence of a home field advantage, the 12th man at Temple equals a minus 3 points for the home team. why? because the opposing team looks at all the empty seats and figures nobody cares and the game is there for the taking

    • 6-6 again won’t cut it by any objective analysis. would love to see this guy be the one who gives Temple a breakthrough win like Penn State or Notre Dame but if he can’t figure that a simple add like a fullback would improve his team’s nation-worst third-down percentage, that’s highly doubtful.

    • 6-6 now way he should keep his job. 7-5, while slower progress than I think this program should be at least progress. Just shows, even though as some seem to believe he is NDs “watch” list if Kelly leaves talk about delusional, how unready Rhule was to become a head coach and the progress is going to be slower with him. Looking at your weakness list I would say next season is going to show us or not what “amazing” recruiting skills Rhule and staff have. I would expect at least 1 redshirt WR starting and making a big contribution and at least 1 redshirt O-lineman stepping up big time. If someone like Ruff, McHale and/or Robinson steps up coupled with Friend and Dawkins then you have the makings of a solid O-Line. Should be able to get 2 other starters and depth with McGowan, Amhed, Quinn, Johnson, etc.

      4,6 and 7 above come down to as much coaching as talent. A couple of things here, will we see improvement right from the start of the season, if not does Rhule step in and take the offense out of Satterfield’s hands. Either way I think we get a good indication as to whether he is maturing as a HC or if it’s Dickerson/Berndt/Wallace all over again.

      The one area where I have a small disagreement is that my expectations are that Temple is this year’s Memphis in the AAC. Only took them 3 years to get to that level and if you look at that team was coming from a worse position than Temple prior to joining the AAC.

    • remember they entered last season with the defense as the biggest question mark. they were able to turn that around. Walker is of course the offensive key this upcoming season.

  10. Would love to be a fly on the wall of the Temple board room when football is the item on the agenda. Just what are those guys thinking and planning? Or is “let the football program just slog along” as it always has still the attitude? Seems that 1.5 mil (or whatever it is) should be plenty to attract a solid, experienced, winning coach since most Div.1 coaches barely make half that even when they’re coaching winning programs. If Rhule can make some changes and improve the team, 7-5 and a bowl should be doable, possible. Better than that is dreaming for 2015, but if things improve just that much, the D at least stays where it’s at now and we see true improvement on O, then give the guy some more time. This IS Temple football after all! Most of us old-timers simply want to see some sustained decency before we die.

    • It says a lot that Mario Cristobal would turn down Rutgers one year and then beg for the Temple job the next. Temple is in the middle of a recruiting gold mine and should be able to attract a great gameday coach to lead that talent. I would say anyone who can take FIU to 2 bowls in 3 years is a great gameday coach.

  11. With any luck both Rhule and Satterfield will learn something from Pete Carroll’s all-time coaching blunder and that is sometimes it’s time to throw out the play book, the process, and well designed plays and simplify. Using a fullback or play action works especially on slants and passes to the tight end. Also, trying to establish a running game against a smaller opponent (Navy) also eventually works and that a smart game plan is one that works on the field and not on paper. Sorry MRAs Coach Rhule has shown us nothing in two years that says that he can learn from his mistakes.

  12. 7-5 with a bowl game and showing improvement i can live with next year. 6-6 and no bowl game, Rhule would have to go.

    • Fair enough, basically you are as “negative” as most folks here looking at 2015 that way. I think the difference between you and at least me is that as far as Rhule as a HC based on what he’s done the past 2 years I a “glass half empty” person, where I get the feeling you are the “glass half full”. I agree with what John says in that he hasn’t shown that he learns from his mistakes and I have real doubts as to whether he will get better on game day. I feel 2015 is going to show one way or the other how good of a recruiter he is and if he is maturing as a coach. I’m negative in the sense that if the team doesn’t have a winning season it is at best stagnant and at worse moving backwards in the conference and then changes need to be made sooner rather than later

      • I’m a “results” guy and until I see them, I cannot give Rhule any praise especially since he lost so many winnable games. D-1 coaches don’t get A”s for effort especially when many of TU’s losses were, to a large part, due to coaching errors and not a lack of talent.

  13. John, I agree that Rhule hasn’t shown much with respect to being a HC, his recruiting well I want to see how many of those red shirts make an impact in 2015 and there are no more excuses. But, do you really think that supporters of Rhule who think that Notre Dame has this guy on a watch list are going to let reality get in the way of their excuse machine??

  14. Are you joking? ND? Frankly, hope he gets the job. More power to him.

    • The only thing I’m not joking about is that there is one post on the Scout board who pointed this out, same person who can’t stop posting about this staff’s “amazing recruiting skills”, not making this stuff up. Now if ND could hire him while we still have some games scheduled against them..;-)

  15. Was going to add that if he gets the job, TU is off the hook and can hire someone with D-1 head coaching experience.

    • When Comcast is looking for a CEO, they don’t hire the very nice cable guy who does the installation, no matter how well-liked he is by his fellow employees. They hire the nasty Verizon Fios or Direct TV CEO who has experience making those board-room decisions that generate big profits. Just once, I’d like to see Temple adopt the same mindset in hiring their head football coaches. They haven’t done it since Wayne Hardin.

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