Solving the Jet Pack Mystery

"Yeah, but what about the Jet Pack quote?"

“Yeah, but what about the Jet Pack quote?”

Groundhog Day was on Monday, but it has been the last four days for me.

Wednesday wake up, turn on Comcast Sports Net, watch Neil Hartman report live from the Penn State signing day. Thursday, wake up, turn on CSN Philly and watch Neil Hartman report a recap of Penn State signing day. Friday, wake up and watch Neil Hartman interview the Penn State fax guy from Penn State signing day. Saturday, wake up and watch Neil Hartman report about James Franklin recruiting 2016 guys.


Tomorrow, I fully expect another Neil Hartman report on how Penn State fans reacted to the recruiting day. Overkill, thy name is covering Penn State football  in a town 250 miles away that already has a FBS college football team. Temple really needs to take them down.

Meanwhile, there is no coverage at all of the burning mystery of the day: What the heck was Matt Rhule referring to in his “jet pack” tweet? If it was about a recruit—as was widely rumored—it could not have been about T.J. Simmons because the time lines do not match up. Here was the original tweet, followed by Adam DiMichele’s “game-changer” tweet:

It could not have been about Simmons because three days later he was still committed to UCLA:

Also in the same day:

Simmons did not change his mind until the NEXT day:

Unless Speedy told Rhule something on Jan. 18 he didn’t tell UCLA fans until four days later, the Jetpack tweet makes no sense. If it was supposed to be about a recruit, other than Speedy, no jetpack-worthy recruits were signed between Jan. 18 and now.

So, until Neil Hartman has a four-day story on the anatomy of Matt Rhule’s jetpack tweet, we can only assume Rhule knows something about a stadium none of us do.


14 thoughts on “Solving the Jet Pack Mystery

  1. It was probably about Jager Gardner who committed during his visit that weekend.

  2. Good thought NEPhiilyOwl – I posted a couple days ago about how he looks like a real stud when no one else had even mentioned him. He has great stats, size, speed and was recruited by a bunch of ACC schools. He could be the catch of the year. But no one has mentioned how many stars he has though. Please?….

  3. #on campus stadium plans announcement coming before 1 March

  4. As aggravating as it is that PSU gets all the attention from local media and, worse yet, Temple gets NONE, the fact is that PSU has a fantastic fan and alumni base – no question. I watched the Big 10 channel yesterday with a PSU/Iowa wrestling match at PSUs new wrestling arena. They had 16,000 people there! That’s twice what Temple gets for their basketball games for crying out loud. Want to know why Temple has so much trouble raising money? That’s why – NO support. And that’s why Temple will probably never beat PSU in football because no matter what, Temple doesn’t have the money to compete, no where near enough. It’s just the facts folks.

  5. Braxton Miller to the owls?

  6. Solid late signing. Three star 6’4″ receiver-Patrick Anderson, a senior wide receiver for perennial Pennsylvania power Aliquippa High, has signed a letter of intent with Temple. Anderson is the 21st and final recruit of this year’s class. Now if we can get the transfer from Pitt, wide receiver will not be a problem..

  7. So where is Temple rated now for recruits after getting another 3 star? Hard to believe they aren’t within the 60 or so “big-5” conferences’ teams for recruiting. Even with all our collective bitching and moaning, this seems like a very good class, no?

    • not as good as daz’s 2012 class (No. 55), everything is subjective though. I’m satisfied the talent but Penn State seems to be widening the talent gap. I want Temple to beat Penn State and, for that, you need players. Even Arians and Hardin had players to give them better games than we gave them this year.

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