Patrick Anderson Could Be Second Coming

The book closed on the first chapter of The Anderson Story at Temple two weeks ago when Robbie accepted a scholarship to Florida Tech, hopefully not to major in nuclear physics. That’s when all Temple fans finally gave in to any ill-advised hope that Robbie, an academic casualty, would return.

Patrick Anderson scores on a halfback touchdown pass (remember those?) against Beaver Falls.

Patrick Anderson scores on a halfback touchdown pass (remember those?) against Beaver Falls.

A new chapter started this week when Patrick Anderson (no relation) signed at Temple. Let’s hope this book is a lot thicker than the first one.

Robbie was like a Halley’s Comet, giving Owls’ fans a brief glimpse of what a big-time receiver can be. In five games, Anderson caught nine touchdown passes from P.J. Walker, who obviously formed a cosmic connection with Robbie. Against Memphis, Anderson caught three touchdown passes from Walker—three more touchdown passes than Owl receivers were able to get the next season against the same team in a 16-13 loss.

That was the most disappointing thing with the departure of the first Anderson. The Owls knew he was leaving and recruited five receivers in last year’s class and none of them were good enough to make it onto the field for any length of time.

The reviews are yet to be written for Patrick Anderson, but the first draft of his work looks good. Consider the production for the final high school years of each player. My only concern is does Patrick have the 40-speed of Robbie? At 225 pounds, that would be tough to match but, if he does, watch out:

The Two Anderson’s in Their Best High School Years:

Name Wt/Ht Receptions Yards TDs
Patrick 6-4, 225 21 481 9
Robbie 6-3, 180 39 497 6

20 thoughts on “Patrick Anderson Could Be Second Coming

  1. Wonder how much improvement we can expect in the receiving corps with the new WR coach that was hired. Not to take anything away from DiMichele, who hopefully will be working with the QBs full time, but I have to think that it can only help having a coach whose has experience working with receivers.

  2. Calvin Johnson. Big, fast, sticky hands.

  3. Spoke with one of the coaches today and he said the Pitt kid is coming to TU. That would be wonderful.

    • Funny i didnt read your comment til after i posted. Jennings or adonis jenkings forget his name but that would be monumental does he have to sit out tho via a transfer year or is he eligible for a ncaa waiver??? If we land him plus the 5 redshirts n patrick anderson. The kid from florida at TE and the kid who transfered from Hawaii both with a year in the system and an offseason to learn. Plus 20 returning starters on a .500 team their should easily be 8 wins exspected on talent alone!!! Maybe even a special 10 win type of season!!!!

  4. Another Huge 3 star recruit this class gets better n better…..i thought we were out of scholarships to offer….this has to bump our class ranking up at least a spot. 2 four star recruits is unheard of for a non pfc. And what about 7 3 stars…..patrick anderson is he 48th best recruit in. Pa per and had 6 other offers from a few pfc teams. Love his size….please rhule dont redshirt him he needs to be eligible by mid season if he can learn the system. Talented enough may even be our number 1 reciever unless we get that pitt transfer

  5. plenty of coaching changes on the offense…, sorry to see Tyree Foreman go, glad to see the new WR coach and not sure of who will be calling the plays.., current offensive line coach did a poor job last season, hope he improves!

  6. says that TU hired a receivers coach from NC State and is saying that that the fromer Atlanta Falcons” QB coach is going to be hired to replace Satterfield who they say will take over coaching the running backs. Good to see Coach Rhule hiring coaches with D-1 and pro experience.

    • Interesting., which is the Matt Rhule House Organ, says that Satterfield will remain OC. If so, terrible news. You’ve got a competent NFL guy coming in who will be subservient to a Tennessee-Chattanooga-level OC whose major contribution to Temple was getting the Owls ranked NO. 125 in third down efficiency. Wish Satterfield would have gone out with Foreman, who I thought did an OK job with guys like Bernard, Matty and Montel, not to mention Kenny, Wyatt and Marc Tyson. Sat brought nothing the table.

      • Maybe Satterfield is going to end up OC in name only, and by this time next year is out of the picture. You know the Owlscoop guy never asks any tough questions and I’m sure Rhule knows that and is just leaving that out there as a smoke screen. I do like how he went out and got new coaches in areas of the offense that clearly had problems.

  7. first step to recovery is admission of the problem.., give Rhule credit for the first step with the coaching staff for the offense.., new QB coach should help PJ, and the new WR coach should help that position. big question mark is who will be calling the plays, and the offensive line coach? Additionally, Satterfield coaching the RBs is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Temple needs a full-time special teams coach! the special teams were terrible last year

      • nice link, thanks for passing.., hard to argue with the stats.., do you think our punt return and field goal special teams were better than, or worse than average? this is another example of stats not being the best reflection of total performance reality. our punt return team was in the bottom half of a weak conference, and our FG team was marginal at best.

        the path to a bowl season depends on improvement in three areas:

        1. improved play on the offensive line with the ability to control the line of scrimmage (this will give PJ more time to throw and open holes for the running game).
        2. Punt return team getting above the CFB average and zero fumbles.
        3. Improve the FGA/FGM % to one of the top three in our conference.

        it is extremely difficult for a team to fix more than three areas from one season to the next. historically teams with more than three major weaknesses going into the season do not finish above .500

        Not a huge fan of Snow but he did his job last year and difficult to imagine the defense playing worse this year. so the focus is on scoring points in 2015. the road to points begins with kick-off and punt returns, offensive line, and improved play at the QB position. improved play on the offensive line is a prerequisite for improved play at the QB position – Temple must control and dominate the line of scrimmage for a seven win season and a bowl game.

  8. This may sound extremely optimistic, but if Rhule can put together a really nice season (at least 8 wins and a bowl) in his 3rd year, I for one will stop whining. The recruiting and transfer roster looks pretty darn good to me. Go owls.

    • I’ll second those thoughts regarding this upcoming season as well

      • I third those thoughts. To me, wins are the only thing that matters. 6-6 is the definition of being mediocre. for too long, Temple has been mediocre or worse. To paraphrase Kareem Ali Jr., I’m tired of Temple losing. Or the lady waiting for the bus this morning: “I ain’t got time for that S*IT.” Did I see enough good gameday coaching the last 2 years to be optimistic? Frankly, no. The talent is here. Now let’s win.

  9. The key thing u said Mike was, the talent is here. i truly believe the talent is here now and its mature (meaning juniors/seniors). i know folks like to kill Rhule for the 2-10 season and yes losing to Idaho/Fordham was crazy but sometimes u r your record. that 2-10 team talent matched its record. the team was also young. last year 6-6 showed that the talent was maturing but still we all hope a year away.
    thats why i say this upcoming season is probably one of the most important in Temple history. the talent is there and mature. now its time 2 freakin win. u return a top rated defense with all the starters and add Webb/Ali. the special teams and offense are the key.
    this 2015 Temple has a chance to be special.

    • Agree 110% with that entire previous comment. If PSU (which is actually quite winable talent wise and add in the fact that its at home albeit a glorified road game bc 50k fans wont be in cherry and white) and Notre Dame werent both on our schedule. ( both will finish top 25. Id say it should be a 10 win season. And i think depending on the bowl game it could very well be. I see a 9 win regular season next year.

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