The March 1 Temple Stadium Rumor

Click on photo of the former Temple Stadium for story.

Click on photo of the former Temple Stadium for story.


21 thoughts on “The March 1 Temple Stadium Rumor

  1. I hope the rumors come true. Far too many times, despite talking as if they want to be a sports power house TU did not put its money where its mouth is. Also, the Owls blew so many opportunities in the past to become big time. From not accepting the Big East’s offer (I know that TU wanted an all-sports conference but it should have had the foresight to see that if it succeeded, Pitt and Penn State would have almost been forced to join) to firing Arians, hiring Jerry Bernt and Dickerson, and not firing Bobby Wallace the school has made some boneheaded moves. it would be great to see a positive move for a change.

  2. I have really good friends on both sides of this argument and I see both points of view. On one hand, if the ONLY way Temple can get a Power 5 invite is to win at LFF, then I want that. If, on the other hand, the only way TU will continue with a program is to build a stadium, then I’m for that. Problem is I don’t know the answer to either question. I do know that if Al remained here we’d probably be on Road No. 1. Al was a much better CEO, recruiter and game coach than we have now so that’s pushing me toward wanting a stadium to preserve something I love. I don’t want Franklin Field and I don’t want FCS football.

    • Mike 100% agree with you and it’s what I’ve been saying for a while now. I support whichever option (Linc or our own stadium) gives us the best chance to grow and be successful. Time will tell.

      • thanks, ben. I wish the Indiana people running Temple now were better-versed in the Philadelphia political landscape. Maybe John Street has filled them in … we can only hope. Worst-case scenario is that the uni commits to this stadium and city council holds it up for years if not squashes it entirely, jeff lurie says “see ya” and we have to play a couple of years at FF or, worse, Chester.

  3. despite what others may think, I really, really like Matt Rhule. He is the nicest guy of any Temple football coach I have ever met and that’s saying something because Bruce and Ron Dickerson were extremely nice guys. I WANT to see him succeed. I can bite the bullet and take the criticism if he does because I have a thick skin. Right now, though, he’s Barney Fife to Al Golden’s Andy Taylor. Prove me wrong, Matt, and put a fullback in front of our new fabulously talented tailbacks and you’ll see how many games Temple can win.

  4. Temple is asking Alumni for $10k minimum in annual installments for the new stadium. I opted for achievement contributions.., i.e., $10k per each year, four year total period, if the team goes to a bowl game 2015 – 2018.

    catch is they must raise over $100M in donations in order to make the announcement before March 1st. big hold up is getting the City buy- in to permanently close 18th street. personally I think City politics will destroy the deal, as the Eagles have too many city council members in their pockets

  5. also I’ve seen the new design, the far end is open, it has bleacher seats which I hate but but money made up on the club boxes, and stadium will be sub- terrain so the stadium lights will have minimal impact on the North Philly community and environment. think the design firm is out of a southern state if I recall correctly

    • Naming rights and sale of the Ambler campus should also pay for a chunk of it. Heck, any lights should have a positive effect on the North Philadelphia community. I was on campus for the Cincy hoops game and walking to Masters the place was so lit up I thought it was daytime.

  6. Can’t vouch for the reliability of the information, but someone told me that the deed for Ambler requires it to be used for educational purposes only. Don’t know how sellable it is.

    • yes, but trusts have been broken before (Girard College is an extreme case but I’m sure there have been lesser cases). Maybe they can sell it to the Upper Dublin School District or put up a charter school on part of it to meet the educational stipulation.

  7. This comment has far less impact than the others here, but I love the diamond shapes in the end zones and on the 10 yard markers up and down the field in the old picture of Temple Stadium. Do it on the new field if the stadium becomes a reality. And change those bars on the uniform pants to diamond shapes.

    • agree totally, diamonds mean more to us than forever

      • agree. the acres’ concept should be included, either in the end zones or in the middle of the field. also, thought the track surrounding the old Temple Stadium, while functional, hurt the fan experience. In the new stadium, if there is one (call me skeptical), fans will be on top of the field where the track once was. Another reason never to go back to Franklin Field again.

  8. Can’t really see it in the picture but there were large, stone owls over the main entrance that would be cool if they had be saved when the stadium was demolished. It would be great if there were some architectural items from the old Temple Stadium that were stored somewhere and could be incorporated in a new stadium.

    • As a student in the mid-70s I asked about the Owl pillars and was told by a Facilities manager they were being stored in the Facilities building. He also said some of the Owl heads from the top of the stadium were saved. At the time the old Stadium was closed, the administration told us the New Temple Stadium would be on campus. The location was the foundation of an old cigar company to the east of the campus. I suppose the Owls at the Facilities Building could have gone the same way as the plans for the stadium east of the campus.

  9. JD, I mentioned the same thing about using some items from the old Temple Stadium in the new one some time ago with a past stadium article – it would be a really nice thing to do. I went to Tyler in Elkins Park and after they moved downtown I, similarly, saw some things on the old campus that should have been incorporated on the new Tyler campus (but they said it would have cost too much). Oh well. But Mike don’t be too hard on the track around the football field – I was on the track team back in the day and Temple Stadium was where we held all our home spring meets (lots of nostalgia for me and it was conveniently close to Tyler, both just off Cheltenham Ave.!) – but I agree, to create game-watching intimacy there should be no track if a new stadium materializes (unless they go for this multi-use concept?). And I hope it seats 30-35K minimum with structural accommodation to add seats, even an upper deck in the future. Well, there’s my 2 cents.

    • Not meant to degrade track at all but the best football stadiums are the ones where the track is replaced by fans right on top of the field yelling in support of the good guys.

  10. Not to get repetitious, (I’ve mentioned this many times before) but the MAC stadiums, especially the newer ones, seat 25-35K and are very nice designs. Again Mike, closeness to the field is a great thought. However, some of those stadiums with open ends feel high-schoolish. The old Temple Stadium, which seated only 25K, sure had the feel of a big-time stadium I think because of the brick exterior and being totally enclosed – yes, big time, y’know? Too bad the old stadium couldn’t be reconstructed downtown (without the track! Geasy Field takes care of that anyway). I’m really not in favor of spending all that money, but without any other viable options and trying to consolidate everything on-campus makes it worth the try I guess. Hope it works out considering, as Belli said, how Temple’s athletics decision making has been suspect for a long time.

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