Thoughts on the 2015 Schedule


There is an accepted process in the business world of annual evaluations based on the creed of “up or out.” That usually applies to everyone but the job performances of meteorologists and Temple football head coaches over the last 30 or so years.

The 2015 football schedule was released this morning and the first thought those in charge at Temple has to be start running football like the multi-million dollar business it is. Six and six after 2-10 was up and now anything less than seven should be out.

There is no one on that schedule Temple cannot beat, there are a couple of teams on that schedule that Temple probably will not beat and the rest of the schedule largely consists of teams Temple can and should beat. Another positive is the fact that there is only one bye on the schedule. Three byes were way too much last season.

I think the talent is in place to win at least eight games but, given what I’ve seen from my seat in the stands the last two years, seven should be acceptable. Six wins again definitely is not.

There are going to be a couple of times teams Temple should beat win and, hopefully, at least that many times the other way around.

There is a Dec. 5 AAC championship game and the goal should be no less than to make that game in Philadelphia and win it.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on the 2015 Schedule

  1. I think you have to look at UMASS, Charolotte, Tulane, USF, SMU and UCONN as absolutely, positively must wins. That puts you at 6 wins with the focus on picking up at least 1 to 2 wins out of the other 6. If Temple doesn’t beat those 6 teams I listed then the question has to be asked is this program moving forward.

    • UMass has way less talent than Temple but a great coach in Mark Whipple who has that talent playing way over their heads (almost beating Vandy with FCS talent). Except for a monsoon game, I haven’t seen us play way over our heads in the last 2 seasons.

  2. I’m not going to disagree with that, but this year there are no excuses for not beating a team like UMass or Charolotte for that matter since 2015 will be their first season at the FBS level in C-USA

    • Yes, we need not only to beat those teams but also to beat Penn State soon and I cannot think of a better year than this one (or last).

      • would much rather see Temple beat UCF and Cincy than PSU and Notre Dame. Season will come down to our record against those four teams. Guaranteed bowl season if we go .500 or better against those four. Probability of a bowl game is less than 50% if Temple goes 1-3 or worse against those four teams.

        Give credit to both Florida schools and Temple for scheduling potentially two top 25 teams for their non-conference games. the Western Teams have very light non-conference schedules compared to the Eastern Teams.

        The conference is very well balanced…., Look, for Cincy or UCF in the East, and Memphis or Navy in the West to play in the inaugural championship game.

  3. KJ, get what you are saying about beating Cincinnati and USF versus PSU and ND. For me if the team wins the 6 games I listed and eats either Cincinnati, USF or even ECU a ends up 7-5 I’ll take that as a move forward, I understand PSU and how a win against them can start to change the perception of Temple football but I also agree the focus on the conference is more important. This year we must beat the teams that are rated below us,weaker OOC opponents and at least 1 AAC team rated ahead of us for me to consider this season a success, 7-5 minimum. Anything less is a failure and to me is a program that is not progressing

  4. ….Meteorologists and Temple football coaches. Thanks for a big chuckle this morning Mike. Glad to hear you think Temple really can beat many/most of the teams on this schedule. I guess I’m so gun shy at this point, I looked at the schedule and my first reaction was to think we could have a losing season. But that’s just me… And PSU may not be much better than last year, so maybe there is a chance there. But all we can do is wait and see.

    • thanks, but i’m tired of Temple football coaches getting passes after losing seasons IF they have not had at least one winning season. we are the only school in the country seemingly that has the stomach to give guys like Berndt, Dickerson and Wallace five-year contracts without monitoring their progress periodically. Weather people stay in their jobs despite being wrong a lot because ratings dictate more sensational forecasts sell.

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