5 Questions Owls Must Address in Spring

Click on Colin Thompson almost scoring a touchdown for the answers.

Click on Colin Thompson almost scoring a touchdown for the answers.


11 thoughts on “5 Questions Owls Must Address in Spring

  1. Mike, interesting set of questions. I am really hoping that a full off season of workouts and spring practice will really give both Thompson and Kirkwood the chance to set it up for 2015. I think both showed flashed last season but I do think that both were hampered by somewhat unexpected playing time in Kirkwood’s case and not have a full off season in Thompson’s. While I understand what you are saying about a full back, just don;t see it happening so as I’ve posted before I would be happy with the team going to more of a Pistol formation as it’s primary set. Do think that by the 2016 season Thomas, new QB coach, will be the OC ans Satterfield will be gone. I just get the feeling that Rhule knows Satterfield is a problem and he has taken steps to deal with this.

    • Agree 100% as much as Mike loves and mentions temples ughh fullback problem. FB’s as essentially non exsistant in the spread system. Its just not going to happen. Its like worrying about your 4th and 5th WR in the I formation. I totally get it in theory. More blocking more protection. But to me the issue is the O-line. And its not just temple who doesnt use a FB regularly. Its 75% of college and pro football. Spreads are the new movement. This is the season that if a spread at temple and high octane offense will ever work it has to be now. The recruits are in the transfers have the off season. If the line holds up P.J needs to make the throws and the WRs need to get open. I was all for and tremendously excited when i heard Rhule was installing the spread O at TU. But so far its been an embarrassment aside from the end of rhules first season when P.J looked the part and robbie anderson was hitting HRs. Esp. After Golden and Addazios 3 yards and a cloud of dust sleeper style play. I imagined oregon, and baylor style offensive numbers. Or at least houston and cincy were maybe there not scoring 50 a game but at least they put up huge passing yardage. But it has been brutally apparent last year. that with our renewed ferocious ball hawking Defense. Were more then likely were better suited personal wise to go back to the ground and pound running offense. Esp. With 3 highly touted RB recruits in. But i still have hope and this is the year were if it will ever work. The time is now. Imagine this Defense a year older, smarter, experienced and another summer in the weight room bulking up with the addition of a juco All american in greg webb and a P5 conf. Freshman caliber starter in Ali. The depth at LB is insane. Buddy brown isnt even able to get on the field and hes going to be a Stud. If this spread can work out even on a C+ level. Maybe avg. 28 pts a game and just stretching the field even a little. This team could be special. This Defense is a top 40 Defense in the nation. Thats not being a homer. Its has power 5 conference talent and depth now. It will hold its own with PSU and ND. It should dominate the AAC games even more so then last season. So the season will fall squarely on the offenses shoulders. I dont see the special teams making any dramatic improvement. Im hoping/praying last season was a sophomore Slump for Walker. The O-line should be improved slightly. Thiers a few WRs coming off red shirts. I truly believe this team can win 9 games and possibly 10 with the conf. championship game and bowl game. The only team on this schedule that we wont or shouldn’t be more then a 7pt under dog against is a ND team that will start the season in the top 15. The time is now. Matt Rhule and this revamped/improved more experienced coaching staff has plenty of talent to work with, and time to get it done!!! I will see this season as a failure with anything less then 8 wins. Im also truly interesting in seeing who wins the starting RB job. I see simmons or jager (my sleeper pick to continue in the palmer, Sharps, BP, mold) last years backs all grossly under preformed but i still like Gilmore as a Big Time talent. I just see so much depth on this roster finnally and thats what we have always been missing even when we had the wilkersons and Jarrets on campus. The Main issue will be what its always been at TU aside from when Adam D was under Center and thats QUATERBACK PLAY/TALENT. P.J walker has done it his Freshman season. And now more then ever at TU with a spread O we need a viable experienced and confident QB back there for this to work. But only time will tell. The cherry and white game should tell/show us alot of what to expect! And if walkers quarter seaaon in 2013 was a fluke who wins the back up job. Is anybody competing with P.J for the job??? These are the questions i NEED answered!!!! Go owls!!!!! Cant wait for the season to start!!! The season will either be make or break. Will we continue to build a program that AL Golden and Rhule himself to a lesser but some extent started from basicly the ground up and Daz continued it. Or are we doomed to be the joke of the city and the college FB world like 90% of the programs history including Rhules 1st season. 6-6 satisfied me last season if its improved upon like I imagine. If we stall out or fall short of that in 2015. We need to change the course before its to late. The talent is there, the excuses are not!!!! Even 7-5 unless we beat either PSU or ND will be a disappointment. A top 25 team has been done. Taking down a historic ironic program like either of those institutions reguardless of AP ranking will be huge for the Owls. Ecu was a big win. I loved it. But the pirates of East Carolina do not get the same respect or national headlines as the Fighting Irish or nittny lions. Either of those wins to me personally would be much more satisfying then a mid major bowl win.

      • not sure this team will win more than 6 games without a Sunday player at the one of the skill positions..,,the O-Line “should” be improved and PJ can’t play any worse than he did last year.., but not having a threat at one of the skill positions and the lack of a consistent FG kicker will preclude the 2015 team from making any noise in the AAC..,

      • what good is having 4 wr’s when none (zero) of them have demonstrated they can get separation on anywhere near a consistent basis? what good is hoping the same offensive line which couldn’t block last year to be able to block this season? how much could an additional blocker like a fullback hurt? Not much. Not any.

  2. ok Mike, we all agree.., having a blocker in the backfield will make the team better, but not necessarily good. Hard to put up points consistently without Sunday skills play-makers in key positions. the offense NEEDS big time players who can make big time plays in the big games like ND, PSU, Cincy, UCF, etc…, Anderson would have been a pro if he had a brain.., you can ‘build’ an entire offensive scheme around just one pro.

  3. The spread is a good offense if you have a home run hitter or someone who can make the first defender miss. It cannot work when all you have are possession type receivers like TU had last season. It also requires extensive use of a tight end in the middle of the field to keep the D honest, something which was missing most of last season. Finally, the D with the addition of the four star corner should be excellent.

    • on a positive note, moving tavon young to the center of the field is a no-brainer. guy has got willie mays-like instincts to cover a lot of ground and go after the ball. we’ll see if the coaching staff does it, though.

  4. Let’s hope Rhule is making some necessary changes with these new coaches and shifts in the coaching staff, especially on O. But all we can do is wait and see. Just want to see some sustained and improved success.

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