Temple Stadium Photos

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15 thoughts on “Temple Stadium Photos

  1. Remember people wheeling kegs onto the grassy end of the field. Best filed I ever played on.

    • Philadelphia magazine called the hot dogs in the press box at Temple Stadium the best in the city (I can attest; they were good and wrapped in cellophane). Restrooms were much better than the ones at Franklin Field and the Palestra, even to this day. I was 10 years old when we beat No. 20 West Virginia there, 39-36, on 2 Paul Loughran punt returns (RIP, Paul, from Roxborough High) and we had two white cornerbacks that night, Joe Cioffi and Joe Injaychock. The next night Temple opened with 2 white cornerback starters was in 2009 with Anthony Ferla and Kevin Krobath vs. Nova. Thank God it hasn’t happened since.

      • after bc beat us 45-0 in our 9-1 season, we beat them at Temple Stadium, 34-7, the next season. that was sweet too. 14K at Temple stadium looked a lot better than 22K does at the Linc now.

  2. So Mike, what does missing the March 1 stadium announcement deadline mean? Is it just another Temple bungle or do you think they’re scrambling to raise the initial funds?

    • I heard (and do not know if it was true) that the people in charge of raising the funds promised a few guys there would be an announcement by March 1. I know one of those guys told them if no announcement was made by then, he would not donate. So evidently they are making promises they cannot keep in a mad scramble for cash. To me, that’s a Temple bungle. Don’t say you are going to make an announcement by X date if that date is a floating one.

  3. Well I suppose paying out 3 million a year to rent the Linc for awhile would give them more time to “plan.” It doesn’t take a phd mathematician, as I mentioned before, to see that it would take 100 years to match the amount a new stadium would cost. The more I think about 300 million vs. the possibilities of Temple raising that much, it just seems like a pipe dream. I would be shocked if they can pull it off.

  4. Apples and oranges.., raising the amount it would take to finance a new stadium makes perfect sense. the $200M – $300M would be a one time major capital expense, with the majority coming from donations…, the $3M per year to rent out the Linc comes out of the annual operating budget along with the associated lost opportunity cost. Theobald was in DC last Thursday for an alumni/new stadium fund raiser.., unfortunately i was out of town on business travel and missed the opportunity. what i heard from those who attended was not good.

    • KJ, at liberty to go into any of the details of what you heard?

      • I heard about NT being in D.C. .. it was advertised by the alumni association … but nobody mentioned stadium talk was part of the agenda. amazing there could be that many people there and no other leaks to that effect.

  5. Just read that Obama is looking to remove tax exempt status for municipal bonds issued to build stadiums and arenas. Don’t know if such rules would affect TU. Nevertheless, the window to build a stadium is almost closed.

  6. kj, the bottom line is whether Temple, for a variety of reasons, is really capable of raising that much – is it actually possible? Given Temple’s past record I doubt it. A few million for smaller projects they’ve managed, but 2-3HUNDRED million? They just don’t have that level of donor giving.

  7. I really feel if we don’t get an announcement in the next month or so an on campus stadium is dead. My reasoning is, and don’t take this as any kind of “inside” information, when I had asked President Theobald how long would it take for the university to make a decision on the whole stadium question (on campus versus the Linc) before the 2013 Houston game, his answer was about 18 months and there was a group in place.

    • not much info, inside or outside, coming on the stadium. I will say this: I think the first part of the plan, moving all minor outdoor sports to the main campus, will come to fruition. I doubt very seriously they will be able to move football there.

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