Jennings Should Sue If Not Granted Hardship

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There are plenty of double-standards that make college football less appealing to the average fan, but none more unfair than the double-standard involving players and coaches and that is why the case of Temple’s Adonis Jennings is particularly interesting.

Jennings officially committed to Temple on Monday with this tweet:

A coach can sign a contract with one FBS school and then “transfer” by taking a job at another without sitting out a year, while in most cases, a player trying to transfer and, in effect, take a job playing football at another FBS school has to sit out a year.

Jennings should be able to do the same thing head coach Paul Chryst did when he jumped from Pittsburgh to Wisconsin for the same job. Jennings was recruited to Pitt by Chryst in good faith and was one of the main reasons why he accepted a scholarship offer there. Chryst, in turn, burned Jennings’ red-shirt in a few late November games. Now that Chryst had a change of heart with Pitt, the NCAA should give player Jennings the same opportunity it did with coach Chryst. Jennings signed to play both at Pitt and for Jennings; now that those circumstances have changed, Jennings should be allowed to move just as freely.

A player like Jennings, a four-star wide receiver recruit who initially committed to Rutgers and then changed his commitment to Pittsburgh, should not have to go through the red tape he is now by reversing field and coming home to Temple. Philadelphia is just 15 minutes across the river from Jennings’ home in Timber Creek, NJ, and that will be the crux of his hardship waiver appeal, saying he wanted to be closer to his family. Temple is the closest FBS program to Timber Creek and that could be enough for his waiver appeal to be approved.

Still, if Chryst doesn’t have to sit out a year before taking over at Wisconsin neither should Jennings nor any other player caught up in those kind of coaching staff changes. If the NCAA balks, Jennings has what appears to be a great case for a class-action suit.


23 thoughts on “Jennings Should Sue If Not Granted Hardship

  1. I volunteer to take the case pro bono.

    • I think you would win. Imagine the national publicity: Tim Brando: “We’re on the phone right now with Adonis’ attorney in a case that could shake up the college football world.”

  2. Was he the jet pack !

    • that is one of the all-time great questions. since the timeline ruled out t.j. and subsequent circumstances ruled out the stadium, he could very well be. but it was supposedly about a visit (post t.j.) visit. if that visit was adonis, the pieces of the puzzle fall into I think you may be right. still scratching my head over why the multitude of mras who cover this team never asked him about it.

  3. amazing how Rhule can recruit. now he has to get wins on the field. the talent is there now!

    • yes, and if he delivers another 6-6 clunker in a very mediocre league, he will have no excuses. this league is cusa and mac on steroids and weak steroids at that.

      • Agree with that, if you go back and look at conference ratings in 2012 (UCF, Tulsa, ECU, Memphis, SMU, Houston and Tulane in CUSA) and 2013 (ECU, Tulane and Tulsa in CUS) there isn’t really much difference between the MAC and CUSA as far as where they are rated. I think there are still too many people who think this is the Big East, which was certainly better than the AAC of today. In that same time frame the AAC rating dropped from where it was as the BE. So you are right no more excuses.

  4. No excuses this year. If this kid is deemed eligible, the offense will have three four star receivers and a stable of running backs. In addition,it has a pretty good defense that comes back intact from last year with a new four star corner back. Poor use of timeouts and a moribund offense just won’t cut it this year. If they don’t win eight, it’s time to go another way.

  5. don’t see Temple beating PSU, Cincy, Notre Dame, UCF, or Memphis.., seven wins and a bowl bid for 2015

    • should be able to beat Memphis; cincy lost a lot but they have a much better coach at game-day strategy than we do and for that reason I don’t see us beating them. Our best chance for beating Penn State was last year, not this year. For the life of me, I don’t understand why we allowed P.J. to drop back in so many empty backfields against them and get that poor kid killed while at the same time allowing Christian Hackenberg time to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before picking out a receiver.

  6. and both had great blocking fullbacks leading the way for great tailbacks setting up a functional play-action passing game. It ain’t rocket science but there have been a lot of failed launches from our pad the last 2 seasons.

  7. I know it’s just the way it is, but it’s a shame that kids playing sports in college have to be viewed as “taking a job playing football” (or any sport for that matter). Yeah, it’s a lot of extra work for the kids but most love it and just want to play. And if they can get their college payed for in the process that’s great (to me walk-ons are the ultimate “student athletes”).
    I’m also still miffed and annoyed about how Temple got screwed out of going to a bowl last year. I know they squeaked into a lousy even record, but the conference essentially selling that bowl away to another conference? How is it Temple gets hit with all these weird raw deals that are unprecedented types of things? Like the Big East fiasco, twice! It sure gets tiresome.

    • I had that same exact attitude before the bowl season. After watching all of the bowls, though, I’m glad Temple did not get in because all of the coaches, including places like Central Michigan, Bowling Green, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech and Western Kentucky, had a clue on how to move the football. Ours didn’t. Do I think that will change? Geez, I hope so but if you are going to be putting P.J. in an empty backfield again as much as we do you reap what you sow.

    • In the scheme of things, the sport gives the kids a structure that a regular student doesn’t have. I know many kids did better academically during the season than out of it. Moreover, the athletes today practice a lot less than they did years ago because of NCAA regs. The things that negatively affects kids is the longer seasons and the additional travel time because the conferences aren’t geographically aligned.

  8. I agree with you Mike that Temple probably was better off not being in a bowl game. But to me it’s because they probably would have lost, and an even record looks a lot better than a losing record. Although they may have played a close game and not been totally embarrassed (most of their losses last season were pretty close despite the lousy schemes). But my point really was that Temple got screwed in a weird circumstantial situation as has happened to them at other times, like the Big East fiascoes, 2 times. I mean why did the AAC sell that bowl away. Would they have done that if it had been another school fighting for a bid? Just seems like Temple always gets dumped on – if anybody is gonna get screwed, it’ll be Temple. And I know there were 6 bowl-eligible teams that got left out nationwide, but one of them was Temple – they just get no respect at all, no matter what. I thought being in this new conference was supposed to provide spots even if you just squeak by, but no, Temple is the odd man out. Well, I’m repeating myself, but you know what I mean?

  9. the NCAA just left our 23 win basketball team out of the tournament…, says much about how the other coaches and officials think about Temple athletics.., 2015 is a pivotal year for Temple athletics

    • Agree with you regarding the 2015 season and I really think that the pressure is on the football program given how football drives things for the P5. Winning seasons from 2015 onwards are critical and becoming one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the conference football wise. Contrary to what some people say, I don’t think this football program has 4 years to build a consistent winner and 6-6 or worse seasons are just not going to cut it if this situation is expected to change.

  10. Commissioner of AAC is a joke. How does a 6-6 football team get left out of a bowl? How does a 23-10 basketball team with a 20 point win over Kansas get left out of the tourney? And yet I have not heard any comments from Mr. Arresco. While it says a lot about what people think about Temple, I think it says more about the conference and its pathetic leadership.

    • agree 100%…., painfully obvious Arresco and Kevin Clark don’t have any creds or friends with the NCAA decision makers and influencers

  11. The AAC is being treated like an ugly step child and, quite frankly, the conference better start playing better in all sports if it wants respect. IN BB the conference as a whole was poorly ranked in comparison to other conferences. Nevertheless, the disrespect shown the conference last year and this is inexcusable.

    TU, I believe would have made the NCAA had it still been in the A-10 and did not solely because of its affiliation with the AAC. They made the tourney in past years with teams not as good as this one.

    The powers that be screwed SMU last year and were really perturbed when UConn won. This year they screwed TU and Tulsa to make sure that something like UConn’s run doesn’t happen again. I hope SMU, which has a very good team and a great coach, gets to the final four to stick it to them and again prove what a travesty the selection process was. The teams in the AAC better get the message that they better win the conference tournament or risk being shut out despite having a team worthy of the tournament.

    Finally, this year’s selection committee, which was universally criticized for its poor selections, showed that the top five football conferences rule the roost. TU and the teams in the Big East and other non-top five football conferences better heed that message in future years.

  12. Well, in basketball the Big East apparently is still respected – they had the 2nd most teams selected. Temple’s record had some short-comings but compared to a few teams that got in, Temple should have been selected. And why Cincy and not Temple? But the conference should have had at least 3 teams in. Little by little the powers to be are building toward having 5 super conferences and excluding everyone else because they think they are the only schools everyone cares to see on TV to draw more advertising dollars – fairness be damned.

  13. Unfortunately, Jennings has approx zero chance of getting a waiver. “I miss my family” doesn’t exactly qualify as a hardship. Something he probably should have considered more seriously before signing at Pitt. I’m very pleased he’s an Owl, but I think we’ll need to wait a season to enjoy his talents.

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