Now that the Basketball Season is Over …

Now that the basketball season is over–sorry, we don’t count women’s basketball–the attention of the Temple University sports community rests with the improvement of the football team.

The team is in full pads now and plenty of positions are up for grabs.

We don’t usually talk about basketball here, but congratulations are in order for head coach Fran Dunphy and the men’s basketball team. Fran did a fantastic job and the team was robbed of an NCAA bid by the corrupt Selection Committee. They turned that into winning three more games after Selection Sunday and it could not have been easy to get up for those games when lesser NCAA achievers were included in the field.

Start with UCLA, a 20-13 team from the Pac-12 that did not have a quality road win the entire season. Continue with Indiana, a 20-13 team from the Big Ten that went 9-9 in its own conference, which was not as good as it has been in the recent past. Oklahoma State and Texas, among others with far lesser resumes than Temple, were included in the field.

This post by editor Shawn Pastor was uncanningly prophetic and it came at 10:03 a.m. on Selection Sunday, approximately eight hours before the Owls were not included:

“Speaking of the committee, my biggest paranoid worry right now is about its current membership.  For whatever reason, the committee is heavily populated by individuals from the West, Midwest, and South.  The only East Coast guy on the committee is Northeastern AD Peter Roby (DOB’s successor, incidentally).  The next best thing is the AD from UNC-Asheville.  But the committee chairman Scott Barnes is from Utah State (Mountain West), and the rest of the committee is from BYU, Stanford, LSU, Michigan State, Creighton, and Conference USA.  I guess Creighton is “sort of” an East Coast representative.  But the bottom line is that BYU and LSU definitely have an advantage over the other bubble teams.”

All of this points to the fact that Temple must get into a Power 5 conference or the AAC must become one.

That happening probably is closer to being an April Fool’s story than it is a reality.

Speaking of April Fool’s, we considered some ideas for our annual April Fool’s Day feature but rejected them as unbelievable:

  • Team’s second-best offensive lineman gets arrested and will miss the season due to getting into a fight:
  • Heavily recruited linebacker “retires” at 19;
  • Team that desperately needs slot receiver allows SR candidate to transfer because he doesn’t want to play DB;
  • Starting guard in final game at Tulane transfers so he can play FCS football;
  • NCAA gets rid of the hardship waiver rule just to deny Temple the ability to start a four-star WR.

Nobody would believe any of that, so we’re posting a best-of here:


20 thoughts on “Now that the Basketball Season is Over …

  1. I think its hilarious you think fran was robbed by the selection committee, but think Rhule was not. They both are basically quoted after being snubbed as saying” if only we won one more game”

  2. How many football teams picked over us had less wins than us? Answer: Zero. How many basketball teams had less wins than us? Answer 17. Not hilarious at all. Basketball had a far greater gripe than football. The win over Memphis should have made Dunphy a lock. I wrote before the win over Tulane that Temple had no shot for a bowl bid even if it beat Tulane.

  3. hey John Madden, of course no one had less wins than us. They wouldn’t qualify for a bowl game. The fact that you give Dunphy a pass after is complete turnaround of a season, and while Rhule basically does the same, you ask for his head.

    Hypocrite. imo.

    • I’ve never asked for his head. I know Temple too well. They never fire anyone. Anyone who gets us into six-straight postseasons (that’s like Rhule getting us into six-straight bowls) deserves a pass. Anyone who loses to Fordham and Idaho forfeited his weekend pass privileges.

  4. we went 6-6. How many teams had a worse winning % than us? SOS aside 7

  5. Tu will always be pooped on because of fan apathy. Why should other committee members care about TU when Philadelphians and most students don’t. TU doesn’t travel well even to South Philly so in order to be noticed, it can’t be just good it has to be better than good so that it can’t be ignored. Finally, there is a big difference in the snubs between basketball and football. Football’s was understandable, BB’s wasn’t because the basketball team was clearly better than half the NCAA field generally and the teams that the the NCAA jumped over TU specifically, whereas the football team wasn’t.

  6. One more thing. I have never heard of or even know of one case where starters have transferred. Is it this generation or something else? Have they been so coddled they turn and run the first time something goes against them or do they lack the ability to engage in self-sacrifice for the good of the group? In either instance it doesn’t bode well for the future if these attributes are common in this age group.

  7. Hmm. starting OL guy on a team that desperately needs to keep its eligible OL guys leaves for another school. There’s got to be a Jacob Quinn side to this story I’m missing. I’m sure John DiCarlo will get right on that expose for Not.

  8. John DiCarlo should be writing for a mail order catalog.

    That guy’s stealing money with the effort he puts in.

  9. For the record, Matt, I NEVER wrote I wanted Matt Rhule to be fired. I never wanted him to be hired. Huge difference. Thought a school as prestigious as Temple should have gotten a proven head coach who had already done it at the FBS level, not an unproven assistant. Now that he’s here, I know he’s going to stay until the completion of his contract. That’s the Temple Way. Calling for him to be fired would be a waste of bandwidth. Temple did the right thing when it went out and got an accomplished head coach in Dunphy. He delivered three-straight league titles and a regular season one. That’s the kind of hiring template Temple should have used for football, too.

  10. Since all any of us can do is wait and see how the 2015 season unfolds there’s no point in speculating. However, based on past observation if Rhule doesn’t change his game strategies it’ll be more of the same. But hopefully there’s a chance he will adjust and give the kids a better chance to win. Let’s hope so.

  11. did anyone receive Kevin Clark’s invite to the Spring game reception?

  12. Nice article today in Inquirer re Zaire Williams. Given that TU currently has some very good running backs, let’s see if any of the highly touted backs in next year’s freshman class get a temporary look at other positions.

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