5 Things We’ve Learned From Spring Practice

Click on this great photo of P.J. Walker for details.

Click on this great photo of P.J. Walker for details.


9 thoughts on “5 Things We’ve Learned From Spring Practice

  1. H Back

    That one element could change their entire offense and gice Walker the time he needs to make plays.

    Could Rhule finally turn the corner as a Coach?

    I sure hope so.

    • me too. never said he wasn’t a nice guy. would love to see him become a great coach soon, which he’s not (8-16). turn that around to 16-8 over the next two years and he’s definitely moving in that direction. You are what your record is, not measured by how hard you try. The “how-to” has to match the “want-to.” He’s got no shortage of want-to.

  2. interesting all five things are about the offense and putting points on the scoreboard

  3. I am optimistically cautious only because two years ago we saw an h back at the spring game. By the time the season rolled around it was gone in exchange for the (not so) quick out. I do believe that they are going to stick with it because of Coach Rhule’s expressed interest in making the offense more physical through the running game. An H back along with pulling linemen is essential to such a philosophy. I saw plenty of that last Saturday with an increase of short quick passes inside out of a three receiver set, It’s just amazing that so many people on this web site have been screaming for this for two years. Imagine how many more wins the Owls would have had it been adopted sooner.

    • Fordham, Idaho, Uconn, rutgers, smu come to mind 2 years ago; navy and cincy (who couldn’t stop anyone up the middle but us) this year.

    • Hi John – based on your observations is Ventrell Bryant the real deal or is he just another kid with the potential to be a good college football player? and, how does the O-line look compared to this time last year? thanks

  4. Thought the offensive line was ahead of last year. They’re playing much more aggressively and were holding their own against the first team defense, which is the team’s strong point. The receiver made several nice catches in traffic. With him and Deloach, the team has two big receivers who should dominate smaller corner backs. Bryant seems to be very fast and has great moves. No more just possession type receivers this next season.

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