Cherry and White Week Begins

Great job by Temple on the video. Still irked that the horsecollar against Tyler Matakevich in the Penn State game was never called.

If you cannot get pumped up for C&W by watching the above video, it might be wise to check for a pulse. From a personal standpoint, as a big fan of both the Owls and SEPTA regional rail, it will be great to make the one-mile walk to my regional rail station and get off at 10th and Diamond on Saturday morning.

You can never tell much from these games.

Years ago, a running back named Ventres Stevenson had a career day at C&W day. Years later, another back, Myron Myles, had 187 yards and three touchdowns at C&W day and ended his career at Millersville. Stevenson became a serviceable Owl but there were a lot of guys who had their best days in what is essentially a practice. Wearing the Orange jersey, Vaughn Charlton always looked good. Against a rush, not so much. Adam DiMichele always had a so-so C&W Day; when the lights came on, though, there was no one better in “real games” against a rush. … against a rush, and that includes Maxwell Award-winner quarterback Steve Joachim. Finding those kind of guys is like finding a golden nugget.

Still, the best you can hope for is a glimpse of what the talent can bring to the table when the lights go on. There won’t be 99,000 there, but this is my team (and presumably yours) and that should be all that matters.


4 thoughts on “Cherry and White Week Begins

  1. Let me cure your irks: that’s not a horsecollar. You’re allowed to pull a ball carrier down by the back of his jersey. You’re even allowed to grab the inside of a ball carrier’s collar. You’re just not allowed to grab the inside of a ball carrier’s jersey or pads and immediately pull him down by that means. If you stop the video at 2:05, you can clearly see that the Penn State player has the back of Matakevich’s jersey, but also clearly see that he doesn’t have the inside of it, as Matakevich’s name is visible above the Penn State player’s hand, something that would be impossible if he had the inside of his jersey or pads. It was simply not a horsecollar under the rule.

    Lest you need to actually see the rule to believe me, from the NCAA rules:

    Horse Collar Tackle
    ARTICLE 15. All players are prohibited from grabbing the inside back collar of the shoulder pads or jersey, or the inside collar of the side of the shoulder pads or jersey, and immediately pulling the ball carrier down. This does not apply to a ball carrier, including a potential passer, who is inside the tackle box (Rule 2-34). Note that the tackle box disintegrates when the ball leaves it.

  2. you can only see part of matakevich’s name … the ma and the ch … the other part is covered by the PSU player’s hand.

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