5 Things We’ve Learned From AAC Spring Games

Jahad Thomas had a great spring but may face much stiffer competition this summer. Click on the image for a quick roundup around the league.

Jahad Thomas had a great spring but may face much stiffer competition this summer. Click on the image for a quick roundup around the league.


14 thoughts on “5 Things We’ve Learned From AAC Spring Games

  1. RB will be a sore spot for Temple this year. The Spring Game showed what is possible when good coaches ‘coach up’ good players and make them better. PJ and the WRs looked light years ahead of last year. can’t say the same about the RBs, perhaps we need a real RB coach

    • While they didn’t show much, that’s a function of Spring ball. Playing against a defense as good as TU’s, which has seen the offense all Spring, the offense is at a great disadvantage because the D quickly learns blocking schemes and can anticipate the play. With an improved passing game, the backs will be fine.

      • If T.J. Simmons and Jager Gardner are as good as I think they are (and I think both are better than anyone we currently have), RB will not be a sore spot.

    • Great news indeed. The “Temple Curse” (Robert Liburd, Marvin Webster Jr., Elmarko Jackson, Junior Galette, Wyatt Benson, Robbie Anderson, etc., etc.) might be over.

  2. What happened to the transfer from Univ. of TN? Haven’t heard him referred to in a while. Jager-Gardner could be our “diamond in the rough.”

    • I’ve seen everything I can get my hands on for all our backs. I have a very strong feeling Jager Gardner could be better than T.J. or Jabo Lee based purely on their high school film. That will be decided on the field. Any kind of knee injury affects 40 speed adversely even after a full rehab.

  3. certainly hope you are right, don’t foresee Jahad breaking tackles or running away from anyone. he doesn’t appear to have any make you miss at a very high level.., and Zaire is not the same kid Temple recruited a couple of years ago although it was good to see him out there. The thing about RBs is that they come in all sizes and in different styles, but you just ‘know it’ when watch a Sunday player carry the football. Temple does not have a Sunday player at the RB position on the roster today

    WR is a different story.., I think two or possible three of the WRs will play on Sunday after their careers at Temple…, and PJ threw three pro passes last Saturday, the two TDs passes plus one of the tightest of all spirals darts on a quick slant.

  4. Watching Jager Gardner’s hi-lite film I saw a kid who was just physically better than everyone else. I hope his success in high school was not the result of weak competition and that it translates to D-1 football. If it does, he will be a top ten college back and if T.J. Simmons turns out to be as good as advertised, the coaches should think about a two back set a la SMU’s Pony Express.

    • totally agree. I know talent when I see it (despite the naysayers, Garrett Barnas would have been a better option at qb for us–he was, after all, signed at that position by ‘cuse–than both charlton and stewart), this kid (Gardner) will be a


      player. I really believe that.

  5. Back when the recruits signings were announced I took a double take when I read Jager-Gardners HS stats even though he was playing in some small-school league down there in NC. Now you’re saying his films look great too – let’s hope it all pans out. (Obviously, I like his name too!)

    • Google him and you’ll be blown away. I saw a 30 for 30 on Marcus Dupree, Bo Jackson or Eric Dickerson, can’t remember which one and was amazed at how dominant the guy was in high school. This kid dominated just like that.

  6. think one year of prep school may be in Gardner’s immediate future

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