It’s Now or Never For a Stadium

Plenty of room for a 30,000-seat stadium if Geasey Field (here) is used along with the tennis courts, former track stadium and Student Pavilion is knocked down. Click on turf for details.

Plenty of room for a 30,000-seat stadium if Geasey Field (here) is used along with the tennis courts, former track stadium and Student Pavilion is knocked down. Click on the largest astroturf field in the world for details.



30 thoughts on “It’s Now or Never For a Stadium

  1. why build the smallest stadium in the AAC?

  2. Actually tied with Tulsa and Tulane for size. As long as the stadium is designed so that potential expansion is factored in from the start I don;t think a 30K capacity is that bad to start with.

    • Beaver Stadium was a 25K stadium as late as the 1950s; it expanded to 83K in the 80s and now 106K. Don’t expect Temple to ever expand to 100K but if they keep an open end zone facing the city skyline it can go from 30K to 50K in one year.

  3. Is the student pavilion where the indoor football facility is housed? If so what would be done to replace it? I’m assuming that’s an important feature for recruiting. And would the new LX and field hockey field also have a track around it? Sure sounds like there’s some real planning going on. And until the crowds regularly expand, 30-35K capacity with built-in expansion capabilities, sounds very good. Its better to have full looking stands on TV than all those empty seats at the Linc.

  4. I had a cup of coffee with a member of the athletic department today about the Owl Club. He said that he didn’t know what the administration was thinking about moving forward on the stadium. It sounded to me as if the key players are keeping it very close to the vest.

  5. Nice view! The skyline ain’t bad either.

    • I guess those two gigantic towers are light standards. If there’s an open end of the stadium, I hope it’s facing that way (and yes, I get the gist of the comment). 🙂

  6. No one in authority will be forthcoming until they’re ready to make an announcement. SOP. And Mike, I’m one who thinks it would be fiscally smarter to just pay up to rent the Linc, but it would be pretty exciting if they do decide to build on campus since none of us have any influence on the decision anyway.

    • I’m 50/50, although it doesn’t make sense to me to build something for $300 million that you can rent for $3 million. I’m much more interested in investing in winning. Akron’s $61 mil, Houston’s $128 mil and Tulane’s $82 mil didn’t help them win and there is no tangible evidence that they will win in the future. ULL pays a great coach $1 million and there’s plenty of evidence that they will win for a long time.

      • And yet Central Florida has been to 6 bowls games since opening a new stadium in 2007.

  7. Have to look beyond the AAC. With a stadium, TU is more appealing to other conferences especially the ACC, which would greatly benefit from the fourth largest TV market. Without a stadium, TU has no shot at being asked to join a top five conference. Losing Maryland was great blow to the league in the Mid-Atlantic region. Membership in one of these conferences, I believe, is going to be essential in coming years for the continued existence of a D-1 college program. .

    • I would say that’s true for a 40K-plus stadium, but not a stadium capped at 30K, which is what I’ve been hearing.

      • Wake Forest’s stadium has a capacity of 31,500 and Duke’s football stadium us just under 34,000 so I would say 30K that could go up to 35 – 40K could work with regards to the ACC

  8. but they hired a great HEAD coach (who proved he could win somewhere else first before getting to UCF) and that was the difference. We all have hopes for “Matt” but there is no proof-based evidence.

    • What was O’Leary’s record his first two seasons at UCF? 8-16, including an 0-11 in the MAC! In fact, he was 12-24 at UCF before they moved into their new stadium. So he didn’t start out so great, did he?

      • but he had proven to be a great head coach at Georgia Tech first. UCF fans had a measure of certainty based on that record. All we have is hope. I’d rather have the certainty.

      • But the FACT is Mike, O’Leary really did not begin to win at UCF UNTIL they built their on-campus stadium and moved OUT of the Citrus Bowl.

  9. BTW, Temple Stadium wasn’t knocked down in 1974. My high school, Frankford, played North Catholic there on Thanksgiving my junior and senior years, which were 1974 and 1975. In fact, Frankford and North played there on Thanksgiving well into the 1980s at least.

    • I agree. 74 was the last year TU played there. According to Wikepedia “The stadium was razed in 1996 and 1997 at a cost of $334,000, leaving only the natural bowl where the soccer teams played and football team practiced.”

    • Remember those games well, played in the 1974 game my senior year at NC. Actually was probably one of the best fields we played at.

  10. agree w/John except the conference. think the 5 year plan is to get Temple in the Big 10 not the ACC.., why? because of the natural rivalries already in place with Rutgers, Maryland, PSU, and the Philly TV money. another reason, where did the Univ Pres and AD come from? Could it be they are here to put Temple on the national stage via the Big Ten both academically and athletically?

    it is also possible to have an on-campus stadium and still use the Linc for big games like ND or PSU?

    • I agree with John, especially on the ACC. I just don’t see the Big 10 as a realistic possibility. If I’m PSU, Rutgers and Maryland, I don’t want anymore Big 10 recruiting competition in the PA, NJ, DE and MD area.

  11. it’s not what PSU, UM, and Rutgers needs it more about how can the Big 10 dominate TV market and then everyone prospers. look at how many Florida, Texas and California schools complete in the same conference . it is all about natural instinctive rivalries Andre TV those rivalries generate

  12. reporting that the B of T will not be voting on a stadium Tuesday. So much for that rumor.

  13. As far as size is concerned, Vanderbilt an SEC school seats only about 40K, so 30-40 for Temple in the AAC should be ok. I question the emphasis on the Philly TV market. Yes, its big but if attendance is any indication of actual advertising potential, Temple simply doesn’t draw much viewership. Could be wrong there but logic tells something. Also kj, your references to FL, TX and CA schools is not the same as Temple’s situation. First off, they’re all major conferences and second, the 3 big schools in FL are not in the same conference – only a couple are in the AAC a lower level conference.

    • Mike could probably provide better information than I can but I believe Temple gets good ratings on their televised games. I don’t think there is a strong correlation between in stadium attendance and viewership for whatever reason.

      • I heard that as well. The networks like Philly and TU because they draw viewers. If only TU could get those folks to attend the games.

  14. Well, glad my reasoning is wrong on the TV rating thing!

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