5 Reasons Why TU and Golson Would be Perfect Together

Click on Kelly yelling at Golson for the reasons

Click on Kelly yelling at Golson for the reasons


10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why TU and Golson Would be Perfect Together

  1. Like i said on Facebook.. Why drive yourself crazy with something that has less than a zero chance of occurring. He’s going to FSU without a doubt, a place he can win the national championship, which is all the revenge he needs.

  2. Il take PJ Walker over Golson any day. I don’t care if im the head coach of Delaware St. or Ohio St. If those 2 were on my team Walker would be the starter. I just think Walker is way more talented. Golson will be an undrafted free agent at best and be no more then a practice player. There is a reason he is transferring from Notre Dame. He cant play at that level of football.

  3. our fate is in the hands of PJ who is a great kid and gifted athlete. PJ can compete at a high level

    • It would be nice to give him an offensive line, a blocking fullback for additional pocket protection and a halfback he can dump the ball off to in times of trouble. I did not see our coaches give him that all last year. Might be time to try it.

  4. The point is mute. ND didn’t provide a release to any school on the 2015 schedule.

  5. Does he need a release? Reading the linked story this seems like the same type of situation as Russell Wilson, Montel Harris, etc where Golson is using his 5th year of eligibility as a grad student

  6. This is from http://www.athleticscholarships.net/ncaa-transfer-exceptions.htm:

    Graduate Exception

    The graduate exception is a version of the one-time transfer exception. It is for student-athletes who cannot use the normal one-time transfer exception because they play one of the sports that are not permitted to use the exception.

    The student-athlete must have graduated with at least a bachelor’s degree;
    The student-athlete meets the other requirements of the one-time transfer exception;
    The student-athlete must have at least one season of competition left; and
    The student-athlete’s previous school did not renew his or her athletic scholarship or offer an athletic scholarship for the following academic year.

    The requirement that the scholarship be cancelled or not renewed is generally not an issue. The scholarship does not need to be cancelled before the transfer or be the reason for the transfer. Because the one-time transfer exception requires you to get a release, what will happen with your scholarship is generally just an administrative detail.

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