For the thrilling conclusion ….

... be there 9/5/2015

… be there 9/5/2015


12 thoughts on “For the thrilling conclusion ….

  1. 51 yard field goal. We lose.

    • why can’t we find a FG kicker with distance? the Spring game really exposed a weakness, the PSU kicker on the other hand is money and may well be the difference in the game

  2. that would be a kick in the nuts by par for the history of heartbreak and Temple football fans.

  3. i came to that sad conclusion because the coaches went into a prevent and gave Hackenburg all day to throw as was the case against Memphis and Cincy at half time.

  4. rush three, cover with eight. Never forget the time Nick Rapone tried to do that against Rutgers and Scott Erney and Bruce called a timeout, reamed Nick out in the middle of 30K fans, and Temple went jailhouse (rushed 8, covered with three) and Temple sacked Erney 3 straight times to end the game. Swift Burch ended the game on top of Erney. Temple won, 35-30. (Rutgers beat Penn State that year.) You play to win the game. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Since I’ve run out of cliches, I hope that’s the way we play PSU this year.

  5. Gee wiz, there’s nothing I’d like to see more than Temple finally beating PSU. But do any of us really think that Matt Rhule is the guy who will get it done?

    Isn’t that the million dollar question?

  6. If Jennings is deemed eligible, the Owls will have three four star receivers, a four star running back, and a defense intact from last year. If they can’t do it this year, it will never happen.

    • the O-Line, the inability to make drive saving and game winning FGs will hamstring this team from reaching its potential.

  7. Amen John and PSU lost a lot of guys to the NFL. The Owls SHOULD have a chance. Hang onto the ball to eat up clock and harass Hackenburg all day long.

  8. I don’t know what to think about the owl’s prospects this season. The quality of the players the team is recruiting is encouraging. The talk about developing the running game is encouraging. The development of the defense and the return of so many seasoned players are encouraging. I just don’t know if Coach Rhule and his assistants have the game planning and game day coaching skills to bring off a successful season.

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