It Takes a Big Man to Admit He Was Wrong

Click over photo to see why Matt Rhule deserves some praise.

Click over photo to see why Matt Rhule deserves some praise.


T.J. Simmons or Jager Gardner, you are next.

T.J. Simmons or Jager Gardner, you are next.


30 thoughts on “It Takes a Big Man to Admit He Was Wrong

  1. This is very encouraging. Lets hope he follows through.

    • I can’t help but thinking had he been a head coach elsewhere first that deep handoff on 4th and 3 inches at rutgers would never had happened nor the five wides on first and goal at the 1 never happened. Temple fans were the Guinea Pigs of him having to learn these hard lessons (among others) on the job.

  2. Better late than never. Had he only followed this blog a year and a half ago maybe there would have been six or seven more wins. Why did so many people here see the profound weakness of his offensive scheme and the coaching staff couldn’t? Can’t wait for next season. Unlike last year, I believe the Owls will show great improvement.

    • I do, too. For two years, we’ve been trying to set up the run by passing. Now that there are signs we will get the running game going first and throwing off that, I think the results will be significantly better.

    • Yeah that’s what a coach should do follow a blog for coaching tips. what’s the old saying, when u start listening to the fans, soon u will be sitting in the stands next to the fans.

      • Not when the fans are smart enough to have been educated by watching geniuses like Wayne Hardin and Bruce Arians. He is doing exactly what he should do and not because we say it is what he should do. Even Stevie Wonder knows that a passing game is totally ineffective without the threat of a running game.

      • Rhule admitted that he was wrong. MRAs will never admit that the offense sucked for two years and that those calling for a more balanced offense were right. 6-6 record is a mirage because other than ECU there were no wins against a good team. And the ECU win was in a large part caused by the weather.

      • I think you are missing the point. The coach didn’t have to follow this blog, he should have looked at the players he had and realized that his offensive scheme was not working with his players. Yes, the writers here saw it was not working. He didn’t have to follow their prescriptions but he should have seen that he had to make changes. Last year he stubbornly stuck to what was not working. Now he seems to recognize that changes are needed. If true, that shows growth as a coach, the point Mike is making.

    • “Unlike last year”? they went 2-10 in 2013. last year they went 6-6 and were bowl eligible. seems to me that shows improvement.

      • that’s the narrative of the MRAs. With 16 starters from a 4-7 team (playing a tougher schedule than the 2-10 team), it is ridiculous that team went 2-10. Many first-year coaching mistakes led to the 2-10, it wasn’t the kids’ fault.

      • It is amazing to me that a Matt Rhule fan would want him to keep doing the things that failed for two years so that he could prove to his detractors they were wrong and he was right. I would think a Matt Rhule fan would want his coach to evolve and admit he was wrong if the greater good (success for Temple) was realized. I applaud Matt Rhule for the comments he made and I will be a big fan of his if these changes come to fruition and he is successful. I’m 100 percent sure a passing game will have a lot more explosive plays downfield if P.J. can fake the ball into the belly of T.J. Simmons or Jager Gardner and freeze the lbs and safeties. Those kind of fakes have not been successful in 2 years because no one respects our running game. We’ve got to make them respect us and impose our will. Temple TUFF.

  3. you guys are crazy…, Temple needs to run a balanced offense, not the pass happy attack from the last two years, and not the stubborn run predominant offense under Daz.., why? the offensive line is not big, strong or powerful and we do not have an RB who will play on Sundays. Our RBs don’t make you miss and get caught from behind.

    Our WRs are above average and the new QB coach will make PJ better.

    Do you guys really think this group of O-Linemen and RBs can just line up and run the ball all day against PSU, ND, UCF, Cincy, etc?

    c’mon man

    • with the running game tweaked (a four-star RB coming in who was even more highly thought of than Pierce was out of Glen Mills) and the OL bulked up by heavily recruited redshirt freshmen like Aaron Ruff, there is reason to believe that the running game can be jump-started. Dawkins will be an NFL player, as will Kyle Friend.

  4. I get the feeling that Thomas was brought in to ultimately be the offensive coordinator with Satterfield either becoming just a position coach or phased out all together by the time the 2016 season rolls around

  5. The BOT refusing to even discuss a stadium at the May 11 meeting and kicking the can down the road to the July 14 meeting indicates to me there is no sense of urgency to follow through on the stadium idea. I think THEY think this is something we can do in 10 years. We don’t have the luxury of time. It should have been at least discussed May 11.

  6. Well Mike, its the luxury the BOT decides it will be. If they decide not to build for another “10 years” it doesn’t mean they’re going to drop football all together. Hell, Temple’s been wallowing along for decades now and the BOT hasn’t seemed to care very much. Let’s just hope Rhule really does make these changes and with the talent at hand maybe we’ll see some real progress and another bowl game. The Owls are penciled in for a bowl game.

    • I think if the Owls flounder all this delaying of a stadium announcement is going to turn into a UAB deal. It looks to me like the BOT is hedging their bets on football and waiting to see how the season plays out before they move forward.

  7. The narrative of the MRH (which according to the haters, they don’t actually exist) is if Temple loses it all Rhule fault and if Temple wins….they did despite Rhule coaching. Just look at the ECU win. the gentleman said that Temple won only bcuz of the weather. The MRH hate him so much that any Temple win comes with an explanation. so sad fellas.

    and as i stated many times before i am neither a Matt Rhule fan or hater. i a “give a coach 3 years before i make a decision on him guy”. i have stated many times that I believe a coach should get 3 years to implement his system and recruit his players. so after next season I will make my own personal decision on Rhule. and i also applaud him for being human and reflecting on his “trails” as a coach.

    he took a team that looked awful in 2013 and showed me improvement last year. now I expect continued improvement this season with a team of Juniors & seniors.

    No coach worth his whistle should listen to a blog. a coach hires a staff and trusts that staff and his coaching instincts to implement/run his system.

    sometimes I wonder are u guys “true” Temple fans. what so called fan says that his team “didn’t beat any good team” and makes an excuse for the team biggest win? who does that? i tell ya who does that. a person who hates the coach so much that it blinds them to their own “team” success.

    • whether he’s listening to a blog or not is immaterial. he’s adopting the “process” we have backed for two years–strong running game, defense, pass off play-action–and for that he deserves to be applauded. I would not be surprised if Wayne Hardin was counseling him because that’s exactly why Wayne was the winningest coach in Temple history. And to say that the weather did not benefit Temple more than East Carolina is to really be wearing cherry-colored glasses. Dry field, no wind, 60 degrees, ECU wins that game, 24-7.

      • Exactly right Mike. It has been very clear that the offense has been a disaster and the weather the day of the ECU game had a huge effect on that game (five-six ECU fumbles)and others including the UConn-Central Fla game, which was won by a truly putrid UConn team. The critiques here aren’t based on hate but rather objective analysis stemming from what happens on the field. Take the Navy game for example. On the hottest day of the entire summer, the Owls come out in black helmets and then run a hurry up offense that put the defense back on the field in several consecutive series in less than two minutes against a very good offense. If you add in the misuse of time outs in several games, the overuse of quick-outs to receivers who couldn’t make anyone miss, the failure to have a true punt and kick-off returner, the under-use of the tight end, and the abandonment of the two-back set after the ECU game it’s clear that the coach deserved all of the criticism dished here and anyone who disagrees is being willfully blind. Most of the comments here have nothing to do with hate because on a personal level Matt Rhule is probably the nicest and most accessible coach this place has had. Finally, on a personal level, I resent having my loyalty to the Owls questioned having played for the Owls and attended all but maybe ten games over the last forty years. There would be nothing better than having a great team. Blinding oneself to the problems with the coaching does not make someone a true or better fan. If Rhule has recognized there was problem how can’t the MRAs.

  8. and our defense would have done a spectacular job (just like I expect them to do) holding ECU to 24. ECU rung up 70 on UNC.

  9. Here we go with the ECU game again….I still contend that both teams played in the same conditions and ECU simply played horribly because it was just a bad game for them. Every team has them no matter the weather conditions. Maybe you guys are right that on a nice day ECU would have creamed Temple (we’ll never know), but Temple didn’t commit as many fumbles and lousy passes. They did take advantage of ECU’s miscues with heads up D. Also the changes in the schemes and plays (maybe based on the weather?) and good use of the clock and time outs really worked. And the fact that they abandoned all that for the rest of the season after experiencing success against a ranked team proves the coaching decision making was very faulty. Call it hard headedness, too much loyalty to the OC or just flat out inexperience, changes should have occurred as the season progressed and they didn’t. So, we can only hope that proper adjustments will finally occur and we’ll see some smart play and coaching in 2015, win or lose. With the players they have and IF these changes come to fruition, the Owls should win the games they’re suppose to and just maybe knock off a couple good teams for at least 7-8 wins. But it all still remains to be seen. Keep those fingers crossed.

  10. if crappy weather is the only way to get quality wins then let’s hope the weather is crap why we play PSU and ND

  11. Well, PSU and ND won’t be effected by lousy weather anyway – t5hey’re used to it.

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