TU Football Could Benefit From New Hoop Rule

Click on the depressed fans to see why.

Click on the depressed fans to see why. In the Houston game, the horrendous play–going 5 wides after getting a first-and-goal at the 1–was addressed by coach Rhule in the offseason (he said that play made his “heart ache”), who said his inclination now is to go back to Temple Tuff football there–tailback following fullback to the hole. We can only pray he follows through with that promise.


10 thoughts on “TU Football Could Benefit From New Hoop Rule

  1. But the MRAs say the criticism here about the coaching is much ado about nothing. What a hoot.

    • When you come out of timeouts with those kind of calls, questions have to be asked. It’s not personal, it’s business. Love the guy. Hate the calls. So many of our timeouts are to take care of procedural issues that should have been taken care of during the week. Look at any St. Joe Prep game. They never waste timeouts to fix a problem along the offensive line. Their line runs (not walks) up to the line, executes the play flawlessly, goes back to the huddle and does it all over again. We walk up there, stand up too many times before the ball is snapped and then the coaches call time and come out on the field to yell at the kids.

  2. That’s right John, we have to wait and see and hope for the best. While Rhule’s 1st season should have been much better and the second season could have been better, at least there was improvement, unlike the Bobby Wallace years where things spiraled down at increasing rates. Wallace and keeping him on board for far too long hurt this program a lot IMO. Of course after Golden there’s no excuse for reversing the success is there? So now it’s like starting over again and at a painful rate of improvement.
    And BTW Mike, your survey is forcing a biased result – there should be a third choice of a combination of fans/alumni and tax dollars for funding a new stadium, which is probably the reality of the situation if it ever happens.

    • the question is at the core of the key issue: Temple fan contributions to this project. They are asking for “only” $25 million to be raised by Temple fans (of what could be a $250 million project) and the fact they they have only gotten a small fraction (really small) of that 1/10th payment indicates to me that this will never get off the ground.

  3. Well after Rhule horrible first season he promised to fix the defense/secondary. last off season he made that a priority. And last season the defense showed great improvement. this off season he seems to be making getting the offense improved a top priority. so if we are going off of precedence than I believe he can pull it off.

  4. $25 million? At other schools one donor would step forward in a NY minute for that amount. And other JD, my point is that improvement should have happened faster or in converse, he made mistakes of a level that never should have happened. And assuming O improvement, game day coaching also needs to improve, like the time out fiascoes. Of course I hope things will provide a really nice season this year – they could and they should, but I’m a long time Temple fan and with Rhule’s example the last 2 seasons we can’t expect anything on the positive side. It’s wait and see time, again.

    • unfortunately, we have only 2 donors who can do that and one died young and the other is pre-occupied with a scandal(s) that will probably keep him that way the rest of his life and, yes, the last two years of coaching moves and counter moves on game day leaves at least a kernel of doubt about the upcoming season.

    • Temple alums are too busy donating to Penn, Nova, PSU, Pitt, etc.
      All our top contributors are also someone else’s mid-range contributors.
      That’s why you go to Temple, to send your kids to a more expensive school and then wear that school’s hoodie.

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