Not April Fools: Robbie Anderson Returns

Robbie Anderson really returns today. In honor of that, here was our April Fool's Story of a year ago. Click on Robbie making complete fools  of UCF to read.

Robbie Anderson really returns today. In honor of that, here was our April Fool’s Story of a year ago. Click on Robbie making complete fools of UCF to read.


14 thoughts on “Not April Fools: Robbie Anderson Returns

  1. I she really coming back? Thought he was going somewhere else. If he is maybe they should go back to the spread with the wealth of talent at wide receiver. Only kidding.

    • Really coming back. I’ve read a lot of talk about him being rusty, but you’ve got to remember that he was even more rusty the first time because he went home to Florida and missed late summer camp. This kid catching balls and scoring touchdowns will come as easy as riding a bike. Some people have it; some don’t and Robbie has it.

  2. Should be interesting to see what his return adds to the competition at wide receiver. At a minimum, hoping his return can help PJ get back to his freshman form. Have to give the coaching staff some props for working with Andersen on this. Any idea on his remaining eligibility?

  3. According to the article, he’ll have 1 or 2 years remaining. Still under review. Nevertheless, this WR core is tall, athletic, and fast. Should open the running game!

    • The Florida Tech coach was quoted as saying Robbie would have 2 (two) years remaining and I believe that is true at Temple. Doesn’t matter. He was No. 2 in the nation in YPG (18.7) in 2013. Multiply his stats (all in five games) by just 2 and those stats are 18 touchdown catches and 1,400-plus yards. You can forget about him staying at Temple if he does that. Those are first-round numbers. I’ve seen this kid and I’ve seen Perryman from UCF. I would take this kid in a heartbeat and I’m not saying that because he played at Temple. I would say that if Anderson played at UCF.

  4. Is he the jetpack , thanks in advance. Mike can we meet up at one of the games . Big fan . Thanks no

    • Yes, he’s bigger than a jetpack; more like a Saturn rocket and, yes, we can meet up before any home game. I get there 3 hours early. Haven’t missed one in 30 years. Now I have a feeling we are going to be a team to be reckoned with. ….

  5. really great news if true, imho Anderson was good and has potential, but Rod Streater was better.., if Anderson does comeback then it is squarely up to the O-Line this year if Temple will be relevant

  6. Hmm. Closely watching TU football for 30 plus years and Rob had more of an impact for TU in the receiving game than Leslie Shepard, Bruce Francis, Van Johnson, Steve Watson, Rich Drayton and all of those guys were better than Streater. He’s a generational talent. Faster than Streater with better moves. Rod had a better vertical but it might have been by about a half inch.

  7. Anderson had two years of eligibility left at FIT because it is a D2 school. They run on a semester clock verse D1 running on a year clock for eligibility.

    • Thanks, Kim, you are 100 percent right. Robbie’s clock started at TU in 2011. He will be done after this year. If he puts 10 games like he did 5 games in 2013, he will be no lower than a second-round NFL draft choice.

  8. the WRs played very well during the Spring game, and showed to be a much improved unit over last year. Hopefully Anderson will find a way to meet the academic requirements and play. All is not lost if he doesn’t.., it is the O-line and the RBs who must step and match the level of playof the WRs with or without Anderson. The new QB and WR coaches have made an immediate positive impact.

    this season depends on our kickers being able to make a FG during close games, an O-Line being able to win at the point of attack, and someone to emerge with BP skills and excitement at the RB position. the QB and WRs will be much improved with or without Anderson, we have talent, speed and depth. besides being hurt I think PJ struggled with his new man sized body. he has been in this new skin for awhile now

    and could see his confidence during the Spring game. hope the PSU ugame is an early kick

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