Anderson’s Return Creates a Buzz

Click on image of Kyle Friend breaking the news to P.J. Walker that Robbie Anderson is back in school for story.

Click on image of Kyle Friend breaking the news to P.J. Walker that Robbie Anderson is back in school for story.


20 thoughts on “Anderson’s Return Creates a Buzz

  1. This is about the most exciting pre-season event that I can remember in Owl history. It only has made me more excited for the season to begin especially given that the staff has a pro coach familiar with complex passing schemes on it along with a bevy of big fast receivers.

  2. 3:30 kick-off for TU-PSU.

  3. Never heard of Daiqwon Buckley.., RBs should be much improved, much like the WRs showed in the Spring game.., the O-Line must raise its level of play, hopefully our left tackle will find a way to get and stay on the field. Defense will play well enough to win most games.., the O-line and FG kickers MUST show improvement.., the PSU game will be close if we can keep the turnovers down to 2 or less, and the penalties under 45 total yards.., penalties and turnovers are a direct reflection of coaching.., Temple must stop giving games away.., getting beat is one thing, but NO excuse for giving games away by penalties, turnovers, and poor clock management…, Temple has the talent and depth to compete at a high level this year.., small things do matter:
    1. keep turnovers down to 2 or less
    2. penalty yardage less than 45 total yards
    3. make FGs inside the 40
    4. don’t waste timeouts, and use them wisely
    5. out-coach the opposing sideline just one game this year
    6. make second half adjustments to win the game

  4. More good news today in the RA story in the Inky. Matt Rhule seems intent on making this work.

  5. kj, agree the players are in place, its coaching in a variety of ways that will be the key to a very good season. Your comment on reducing turnovers: its is always good but the number is less important than when and where they take place. Letting the other team score just before halftime because of a turnover and turning it over inside your own 15-10 yard line often leads to a score. Turnovers midfield or in the other teams territory more often can be handled without them scoring – so again, numbers of turnovers isn’t the problem as much as when and where. And John I’m so glad to see you’re so excited because following your informed comments that seem negative but with good reason and now, for a variety of reasons (including coaching changes), has YOU charged up. I think now I can get really excited. But it battles against those old feelings of wait-and-see skepticism. I do think we can take PSU! Wouldn’t that be a kicker?!

  6. Jon – can’t help but to note the irony of your last sentence…, PSU has one of the best FG kickers in the nation, and we may have the worst in the AAC…, so much for kickers

  7. In The administration must believe that the team is going to have a successful year because they gave Rhule a 4 year extension. reports:
    Temple football coach Matt Rhule is ready to sign a four-year contract extension. According to a source, Rhule, whose contract expires after the 2017 season, will sign an extension through January, 2022.

    Why do this now? Guess they think if he’s successful this season, he’ll leave. Wonder if TU is protected by a large buy out clause if other schools come calling. In addition, couldn’t this have waited until after the season? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  8. like you i don’t get it.., why not wait until the end of the year? announcement may help in the recruiting wars.., the only upside that is readily apparent

    what if Temple has another ‘no bowl’ year, then what? Temple can get a much better coach for the money it is paying Rhule

  9. John and kj, I commented on the Philly .com article about Rhule’s extension (I was the only commenter at the time) and it shows I fully agree with both of you wondering what is the BOT doing now? They couldn’t wait one more year to see if he would be successful first? He’s only completed 2 years of his 5 year contract, with very questionable results and they offer him a 4 year extension? I mean with his track record, even with the very good recruiting, this season shows no certainty for success. Boy, the real job market should be that kind to us. No wonder Temple wallows in football purgatory. I don’t hold any animosity toward Rhule, but I do think he had some proving to do before getting upgraded. I wonder if it came with a raise too! Geez!

    • Rhule is a nice guy and the university loves him, no ill will here, just wondering what he brings to the table? not an offensive genius or guru, same said for the defense.., he doesn’t coach the special teams, and he gets out-coached on most Saturdays.., clock management is not a strength…, a great motivator and leader? has he ever coached a team with a winning record?

      Temple is paying this guy more money than most coaches in the AAC, and just committed to paying him even more…, where is the return on investment?

      Temple is betting on hope, they hope he gets it done. Hope is not a method at this level and for this amount of money.

  10. Have to agree with the sentiment about why this extension couldn’t have waited until after this season. It’s not like Rhule would have been a lame duck. With a successful season in 2015, the admin could have gotten into the extension right after the season. With Rhule still having 2 years left on his original contract and an extension in the works say in December, he would still have been in a good position from a recruiting perspective, being able to present to recruits and there parents a stable, long term situation. I still think this team wins 7 games at a minimum but what if we are no better than last year or finish with a worse record, say 5 wins. Didn’t I see this show before??

    • Temple is trying to do two things, and they’re half-assing both.
      They’re making it more expensive to poach Rhule, not that anyone poaching him would sweat that kind of cash.
      They’re also trying to avoid giving him the more expensive extension he would earn with a breakout season.
      They’re displaying naivete about the landscape of college football and they’re disrespecting Rhule.
      I need to hurry up and get rich so these prideless clowns stop making scared decisions for the school.

      • If a Power 5 school wants “Matt” (as Owlscoop refers to him), Temple’s contract through 2021 will not be a stumbling block. I’m all for giving Matt an extension, but not until he gives Temple something first–a winning season. Temple jumping the gun here does nothing for Temple.

  11. Now watching Canadian Football. Henry Burris is still playing at forty years old. Unbelievable.

  12. BTW, whatever happened to the running back transfer from U of TN?

    • looks like he’s out with the same acl tear … definitely sat out spring. going to set him back. any acl tear robs about 1/10th of a second off 40 speed. see gardner and simmons as faster.

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