5 Biggest NC Games of AAC’s Season

Click on the best helmet combination in the FBS for the story.

Click on the best helmet combination in the FBS for the story.


16 thoughts on “5 Biggest NC Games of AAC’s Season

  1. Are there no other games in the entire AAC against big teams? And Temple has 2 of 5 of them. Wow! Do you think Temple has a chance?

    • The scheduling Gods (Bill Bradshaw) have given Temple 2 of the 5 most high-profile games in the AAC. I love watching the other AAC games, too, and will pay particular attention to the other three (Ole Miss at Memphis, Cincy at both the real Miami and the fake Miami, UCF at Stanford).

  2. PS. The PSU game will tell a lot about whether real changes in coaching have taken place and how well prepared the team is. If those things are positive, I really think they have a chance in that game.

    • I’m optimistic as long as Robbie Anderson is on the field. He’s the one game-changer I know. The others, T.J. Simmons, Jager Gardner, Jahad Thomas, can be game-changers if they are given a lead-blocking fullback to follow. That one extra block can spring you for big gains. Ask Paul Palmer about Shelley Poole. Ask Bernard Pierce about Wyatt Benson. Ask Montel Harris about Kenny Harper. I wish our coaching staff would pick up the phone and make those three calls.

      • If the offense we saw in the Spring game is what is going to be run in the Fall, it bodes well for the Owls because teams will have to respect the run game and it’s use of an h-back. Once that happens receivers will be that much more open because the linebackers and safeties have to stay home to make sure the play isn’t a run.

      • I think we’ve seen the H-back in past spring games (Chris Coyer). They used him well in C&W, but when the bright lights came on in real games (except for the last one of his career), they choked and forgot about him. This year is the time to follow through. Fullback, leading talented tailbacks through the hole, then pass off play-action.

  3. i believe (and hope) that Rhule realizes that he erred by going to the spread and that football isn’t about anything other than power. I do not think that he’s going to retreat from more of a power game.

    • Me, too, all I can think of, though, is the ECU game when they used the fullback to score two touchdowns and then Rhule said afterward he had an Epiphany and they were going to go back to what made Temple football great, defense and running the ball. Then, the next game, they went back to the same Satterfield Tennessee-Chattanooga crap that got them into trouble in the first place.

  4. Mike, living here in Ohio I just had to comment on your “real” Miami and “fake” Miami comment. In terms of high level success I know what you’re getting at. But a little history on other matters: first off, Miami (of Ohio) is named after the Miami river system (Little and Big) that runs not far from Oxford where the school is located (and by the way I went and saw Temple play them when the Owls were in the MAC) on down into the Ohio River in Cincy and it is a Native American name from this area, as far as “real” is concerned. Why or how the city and uni in Florida got that name I’m not sure. It is also, as I’m sure you know, called “the cradle of coaches” for all the high level football coaches who once coached there, such as Woody Hayes of Ohio State. Just a bit of insight.
    And holding our collective breath, to see if Rhule will actually make the changes you have stated as necessary, is justified. Why didn’t he make changes that were obviously needed as an entire season wore on and after ECU, why in the hell DID he go back to what had obviously not been working. I have my fingers crossed for changes to actually happen and for a nice season.

    • Jon, like your point about the coaches who started at Miami (Ohio) I remember a feature that was done I think during a halftime on one of those Wednesday night games and I was amazed at the number of big time coaches that were mentioned

    • Just meant big-time football and small-time football for the fake and real comparisons. No intent to disparage our former MAC friends. One of the great plays in Temple history came in that game in Oxford. The jump pass from Chester to the tight end (I believe Manieri) for a touchdown. Love that play.

  5. can anyone possibly imagine the effect of a win against PSU would have on Temple football? right now we are about 7 to 10 years behind Louisville, and 3-5 years behind Cincinnati. a win against PSU would jumpstart this program and guarantee a 2015 average attendance over 35k per game….,,

    bet the house and double down on the first game..it is ‘that’ important to Temple Football…, we have the talent to beat PSU

    • Call me crazy, but I see it happening. I had a dream we were leading, 21-6, at the half and I saw Al Golden in the concourse at halftime and he was smiling, wearing a cherry tie and a white dress shirt. I don’t even know if Miami is playing that day. Then I woke up. Geez, I bet there’s a chance he might be rooting for us (even though he went to PSU). 50/50 call. Don’t know why he was there. Just a very strange and a real dream (Robbie Anderson had all three touchdowns).

  6. if Temple gets outplayed, ok fine, let’s move on.., but if Franklin out-coaches Rhule then fu€*it all and fire Rhule immediately!

    • We should find that out by Temple”s first offensive play. If a fullback lines up in front of Jahad Thomas (or one of the freshmen), Rhule will win the coaching battle. If not, we will all know that he still doesn’t get it.

  7. we might all be crazy, Mike, but I just have a feeling too about beating the Lions. If not we’ll all be really deflated, but we’re used to that with Temple football? We’ll only have to wait a week for the next game anyway.

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