5-Part Game Plan Guaranteed to beat PSU

This post probably comes under the saying

This post probably comes under the saying “you-can-lead-a-horse-to-water-but-you-can’t-make-him-drink” but click on the eye to see the water anyway.


10 thoughts on “5-Part Game Plan Guaranteed to beat PSU

  1. Hey Mike – what would have the greatest impact on the direction of the program, a win over Penn State, or a bowl win? good candidate question for your periodic poll?

  2. Guaranteed win over PSU would win by a landslide, particularly a win over a good PSU team. Philadelphians’ Pavlovian response to college football is Penn State=good; Temple=bad. Temple beating PSU would start to change perceptions immediately and that would grow exponentially by following that up with a win over Cincy and PSU going on a nice run (which, after losing to us and looking at their schedule, looks probable).

  3. Plus, we’ve already had 2 bowl wins in the last 30 or so years without an appreciable change in Joe Philly Sports Fan’s perception of us.

  4. I’ve always had similar thoughts, but the landscape had changed…, the Power Five Confernce are much mor interested in revenue than signature wins

    • Revenue would go up when local perception goes up. There are too many Temple people who never go to Temple football games. Beating PSU in its signature sport would inject a pride serum that might get them off their asses and join us at the other games. Plus, we’d finally get some “Joe Philly” fans like the Frankford guy whose kid is the fifth-string TU QB who has been a PSU fan all of his life.

  5. A win over PSU would be huge and would cause people and the local media to change their perceptions about the Owls. While I lauded Wayne Hardin going for two in 1976 against them, I always thought that a tie would have immediately lifted the Owls’ reputation by showing that they were PSU’s equal.

    • I was for the 2 then, so I cannot be against the two now. Coach Hardin told me at the tailgates three years ago that he thought it was a mistake to go for two now and I told him it absolutely was not. Who knows? Wes might have shanked it with our luck. Plus, you play the game to win.

  6. Well well, another TU FB season will begin soon. I swore we were no longer getting season Tix, especially after last years’ offensive offense on display. But hope springs eternal for folks like us, true ? Is there a possibility the M. S. philosophy of ‘O’ , and M. R. oversight of ‘O’ can have possibly changed/ improved ? I am sooo tried of being disappointed of my constant complaining during and after the games. My wife is doubly tired of hearing my non-stop bitching. Also hope the Band continues to be good, they were the best part of most games last year…..

    • I feel your pain. The actual “game day” coaching (empty backfields, no blocking fullback, no max protect for P.J., no real commitment to the running game after Jahad went off for 157 against Tulsa, no imaginative use of a five-star SEC tight end, no punt return game after Khalif’s concussions, etc., etc., etc) left a lot to be desired last year after a brutal game-day coaching season of 2013. To think that one hire (Glenn Thomas) is going to change all of that is a real stretch but there is always hope. At least Al Golden had a blocking fullback for Bernard and at least Al Golden (and Steve Addazio) used Evan Rodriguez like we should have used Colin Thompson last season. The film is there. We have too many weapons to be this putrid on offense.

  7. This really nice superimposed photo of the owl eye led me to think that a neat slogan would be “The Eye of the Owl” (as in tiger). Sure hope the Owls can take the Lions down. Coaching will be key, since we do have the players.

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