5 Things We’ve Learned So Far From Practice

Click on the Temple balls for the stories and videos.

Click on the Temple balls for the stories and videos.


13 thoughts on “5 Things We’ve Learned So Far From Practice

  1. Temple is the Yeast of the East because they’re rising fast.

  2. ha ha. good one. which yeast didn’t rhyme with least, which is bad. on the other hand, it rhymes with beast, which is good.

  3. Zaire Williams to LB? indicates a few things.., one, the old football adage about the shelf life of RBs who get caught from behind; two, the remaining RBs are better than he is at running the football which is a good thing; three, hearing Rhule say at this time there is not a noticeable difference between the rest of the RBs is not a good thing…,

    Temple needs a Sunday player at RB to run the type of offense they want to run this year.., not to mention bigger, stronger and tougher O-linemen.., Thomas is not a Sunday player…,

    by the end of the first quarter against PSU it will be painfully obvious.., our O line will be unable to move people off the line of scrimmage, and our RBs don’t have the Sunday make you miss talent.., quick slants, screens, counterplays with the run, and few long balls is the only way this team will score enough points to beat PSU

    • This is a depressing thought. If the game plan is not working at the end of the first quarter, history does not suggest that the coaches will modify it during the game.

    • With one week of practice in the books, I would expect some of the position battles to start getting sorted out. I tend to agree about Thomas, but I also thought the same about Kenny Harper, who was pretty effective at times. I’m hoping one of the 3 freshmen RBs will see some carries with Thomas and Hood. We can’t really make judgements on the freshmen (including Hood in that group) after 1+ was.

      I feel better about the OL with Dawkins in there. The right side of the line is a question mark, but the comments from the DL about the OL have been very positive (fwiw). I look forward to seeing Friend against the PSU DL. They have added Anderson, Jennings and Thompson to the offense that played PSU last year, which should help PJ and the running game. I think there is a lot to look forward to this year.

  4. The Rant article seems a bit far reaching given we haven’t played a game yet. This is particularly true in the kicking have which has the same cast of under performing characters as last year as well as the O-line. I want to believe but I’m a longtime owls fan and until we put more points on the board than psu it’s the same old same old.

    • Sam Ficken, the PSU kicker, fell flat on his face his first year and got better with each passing year. Austin Jones had better first year and will also get better. Few kickers start out like gangbusters and finish that way. Those few are usually recruited by Florida State.

      • Fair points mike, I can’t recall a kicker with a worse start than Ficken. I just live in fear we’re going to lose to PSU on a missed chip shot field goal.

        This team has the talent to win that game I’ve just been conditioned over the years to watch that game slip away. I still remember watching Palmer, Rienstra and company completely outplay that team but come up short on the scoreboard. Go owls!

  5. The loss Palmer’s year was on Ariens because he didn’ t order his punt returner to fair catch or leave the ball alone. That was one of the worst losses given how the offense dominated PSU’s defense that day.

  6. Hey Mike, I have 2 questions and a comment.

    1- I love how the Oline is improved, and the young guys are stepping in a bit since we lose 3 senior starters. I also love the 2 RB or 2 TE scheme. Maybe they can recruit receiving and blocking TE’s to get one good one at each spot. same goes for RB. it’s be great to have a blocking RB who can catch a bit, and a fast or strong RB who can carry it

    my questions:
    1- Do you know of any TU groups that meet to watch games and just talk TU football in person? I’m not an alum, and have noone to talk TU football with.

    2-Do you prefer comments on rant or here? I dont want to cross comment

  7. comments here because i check them here regularly. rant’s comments are so far at the bottom don’t give them much of an afterthought. plenty of watch parties for Temple games and I will post them as we get nearer. I watched the Vandy game with about 200 Temple fans at the Field House, even led a few loud “Let’s Go Temple” cheers. I can’t go to road games (except Rutgers and Maryland and we don’t play them anymore) so I really enjoy the road watch parties. Meet new people at every one.

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