BOT’s Clear Message with Linc Deal: Win or Else

Click on photo of the nicest stadium in the AAC for story.

Click on photo of the nicest stadium in the AAC for story.


23 thoughts on “BOT’s Clear Message with Linc Deal: Win or Else

  1. I love LFF. If the Owls could fill the lower bowl for the next five years, then that would be fun. I wonder what the break-even attendance is.

  2. If this season is so important (8-9 wins and win a bowl game as you’ve contended) for Temple to keep or drop football then why would the BOT give the coaches more time by extending the LINC contract? Seems a bit contradictory. With everything the school has invested to date (a lot for Temple) I still contend they won’t drop the program and are really only extending the time frame for themselves to look into the feasibility and construction of a new stadium. I could be dead wrong, but given their willingness so slog along all these years, I don’t see them dropping football altogether. Hope I’m right.

    • They would like to keep football but the program will not be sustainable with the increased cost of LFF, having to play at another school’s field or having to play in Chester. The BOT wants to find a way to make an stadium happen but if they can’t the future does not look bright.

  3. The delay was ‘cossed’ by something out of the BOTs control.

  4. TJ Simmons in the new Jabo Lee, will never play a down for Temple. RBs with a history of lower extremity injuries have a limited, if any, self-life. Good news is the other two kids are better anyway…, Lofton should not start on the O-line, and Temple won’t beat PSU with him in the lineup…, D-line depth is an issue.., Temple needs a proven RB coach to coach up the young kids, it does make a difference. Don’t think so? Who coached the WRs last year? …Last two four star recruits have turned out to be busts…, DBs are probably the deepest and most talented position on the team…,,O-line is probably the least talented…, the Temple LBs are small and will be no match for the big and strong PSU guards, expect PSU to run the football against Temple, Matekavich is the only one who can get off a block.., our DBs will cover their WRs..,, Temple must score 27 points or more against PSU to win…, expect PSU to dominate time of possession, Temple abandons the smash mouth approach early in the third quarter because they are down by 17 points, PSU brings the rush which leads to INTs and excellent field position for the rest of the 2nd half.., final score PSU 35 – Temple 10…, why? Temple does not have the O-line or Sunday player at RB to play smash mouth football, and lack of depth on the D-line coupled with undersized LBs precludes our ability to stop the run for four quarters..

  5. Well kj, that’s a pretty negative pre-game summary. I would hope we do better than last year score-wise. IF we can’t stop the run, we’re in trouble. But IF we can control time of possession for 3 quarters and score more than last year, maybe we can hold them off in the 4th. They’ll come in looking for blood and we better be ready from the get-go.

    • I was pretty optimistic after the Spring game.., still optimistic Temple will have a good year after the first two games this year.., PSU beat Temple by > two TDs last year, they went to a bowl game and won. They have out recruited Temple the last three years, and are bigger and better upfront this year than they were last year.., both teams are improved but PSU’s stock is rising much higher due the talent, coaching, and depth…, Temple has talent and skill at the WR and DB positions…, but PSU is stronger, bigger, and better at the line of scrimmage, they will wear Temple out by the end of the third quarter

      • KJ your not serious are u? you’re joking right? Ruff & Simmons busts? don’t u wanna let them play a game b4 u call them a bust. how about them play a season first? how about let them play 2 seasons first? or maybe how about let them finish their careers at Temple. that statement u made just killed all your creditability. Ruff redshirted last year (which all good programs usually do). from what i hear he’s progressing well and looks the part of a highly rated recruit. oh i get it, u thought since he’s a 4 star recruit he was supposed to step on campus as the best player on the team. shows u know nothing about college football.

        and as for Simmons….well just read my above comments on Ruff. sometimes fans just amaze me. it’s like some of u be living in a different world. but u gave me a good laugh for today.

    • Oddly enough, I think he’s more optimistic (or less pessimistic) than last season. I think the point about PSU’s OL/DL is valid. I would feel more comfortable about the TU D stopping their rushing attack if Webb were eligible and if Thrift was still in the team. Temple’s OL should be improved and deeper. PSU will always recruit well and as a result be tough to beat. This was one of KJ’s more reasonable posts, sans the TJ Simmons being a bust/comparing him to Jabo (after 2 Weeks of practice) and Aaron Ruff being a bust (RS freshman on the 2nd team). These comments are idiotic, premature and more in-line with his histrionic posts of yesteryear.

      • “Idiotic” was a little overboard on my part. I think the concerns listed in the comments are well-founded. Not positive, but I think TJ has already practiced more than Jabo did. Hopefully there are no lingering issues and they don’t rush him back. I think the coaches really like Armstead and Gardner seems to be doing well. Ruff seems to have the physical tools to be successful, preferably sooner rather than later.

  6. stand by my comments on Simmons and Ruff…, less highly recruited players have come in and started as freshmen for Temple the last three years., and Ruff even after a redshirt year is still not running with the 2s, in fact the two new freshmen on the O-line are ahead of him. YES, we should expect four-star recruits to start, or at least run with the 2s, after their second year on campus. Simmons will probably redshirt.

    history and present day reality are accurate indicators of potential, hope is the least accurate and leads to false expectations

    • my concerns about T.J. are 100 percent injury-related. remember how B.P. used to break down with the hammy with increasing regularity after his relatively durable freshman year? This could be the same thing. I think Gardner will be the starter midway through the season. He’s more explosive than Jahad. Ruff comes from a very bad high school league where he dominated. South Fayette beat them 43-squat in the title game and Ruff didn’t seem to block enough to make an impact. That’s my concern with him.

  7. Just read the article about Bart Blatstein, Philly developer and Temple grad. Maybe Temple should get him to develop plans for a new stadium. He seems to know how to work the system in Philly, has pretty neat ideas and gets the job done.

    • they already have a drawing, I’m told. It must be the best-kept secret in Philadelphia because everything leaks out in Philly. You can bet if the Eagles had a drawing on a new stadium, the press would have cared enough to break the news before the Eagles did.

      • Mike, just tell the Athletic Administration you are interested in donating $50,000 spread over 10 years to the new stadium and they sill show you the drawings.

      • yes, but we have to have the most tight-lipped donors in history that a drawing hasn’t leaked. Even Monica Lewinsky’s tight-lipped performance in the WH leaked, you’d think a drawing would leak.

      • The “drawing” is loaded into the Athletic Administration computers, which are shown to anyone interested in donating money. There are no hard copies distributed to fans or potential donors.

  8. I found the timing of this article very coincidental with something I observed while watching the first two Eagles pre-season games: Holy heck is there a lot of Temple commercials and half-time sponsoring!

    I wondered a couple weeks back with the increased marketing if that could have been part of a LFF deal. “Lurie we’ll sign on for a couple more years but you have to do more to push our program”

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Could just be coincidence.

    • Maybe this is part of the back-up plan; prepare for a stadium, but increase the Temple presence on Eagles’ games to attract the “Joe Philly Football” element priced out of the Eagles’ game day experience. Worth a try because with Temple’s horrific on-campus basketball attendance, a football on-campus stadium is no guarantee that all the attendance ills will be cured.

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