Our Long Commonwealth Nightmare is Over

More thoughts on the game tomorrow in this space but this email will have to suffice for now.

More thoughts on the game tomorrow in this space but this email will have to suffice for now.


32 thoughts on “Our Long Commonwealth Nightmare is Over

  1. After the interception I saw something I never thought I’d see-a Penn State team that looked defeated. TU kicked the living crap out of those snobs and they should be embarrassed. Phil Snow finally realized that to beat PSU you have to attack and not sit back. If Owls win next week they play ND undefeated on Halloween. The only down side is that PJ dislocated his shoulder on the td run according to inside sources.

    • ND has Ga Tech, Clemson, and USC before Owls. ND will probably not be unbeaten. PJ’s left shoulder looked to me as being separated. I’ve seen guys rolling on the ground and crying like babies with a separated shoulder so I did not expect to see him back. Very impressive.

  2. Impressive

    We’ve turned the corner!

  3. Well well now! Im just here for the crow eating……

  4. Impressive and long overdue to say the least. The biggest takeaway for me right now is that Temple clicked on ALL cylinders. PJ’s passing game was what we’ve been waiting for. Anderson coming back proved to be a threat (Penn State left him unchecked at the line once…once), and clearly the defense proved resoundingly they are a force to be reckoned with. Can’t tell if I’m more impressed with 10 sacks against a Big 10 line (technically) or that every single forced punt came from a 3rd and LONG, way long, like 3rd and 22 long.

    Makes me hungry for more Temple Football

  5. Loved how the defense went after Penn State, no sitting back with a three man rush. It stopped the run as well as crushing their passing game.

  6. Yes, how about those 10 sacks! How many times do you see 10 in one game by one team?! Awesome against anyone. I do feel bad for Hackenburg. In very bad taste the TV announcers last night were calling him Sackenburg – just unnecessary. You could just see him on the sideline seeing his pro career chances sliding downhill and he was panicking. Oh well, Temple won big. Hope PJ will be ok, its a long season. Next week is not a good game for him to be out.

  7. Mike I’ve been along with you on the frustrating developmental curve of MR and some of his staff but have to say they prepared that team to deliver the programs biggest win on a big stage. Every aspect of the game from defense to offense to special teams and especially coaching was clicking.

    I was especially impressed by the teams attitude (somebody once said ‘winning is an attitude’) and composure. Despite this being the programs biggest win the players and coaches acted like they’d been there before.

    Hats off to the players, students, alums, coaches and you for providing this forum.

    • They followed the suggestions we made here all last year. We lamented the fact they did not even try to sack Hackenberg and complained about the lack of emphasis on the run. Then we had apologists saying if Matt Rhule were to follow the advice of a blog they’d want him fired. Well, he followed the advice of a blog and won. They do not want him fired and neither do I. All I wanted him to do is change and I’m happy he did.

      • Idiots on Philly.com really went after you and this blog as if the criticisms voiced here weren’t warranted, Again the MRAs can’t appreciate that the coaching staff admitted they were wrong last year and that much of what the team did yesterday like blitzing and running a balanced offense, as you point out, was strongly suggested here over the last year and one-half. Still on cloud nine from this win,.

      • I agree the suggestions made on this site, which I agreed with, were ultimately implement it and the big drivers for the victory yesterday. However, the brutal game day coaching and inability to make adjustments during the game has also plagued this coaching staff.

        None of those issues were present on the temple sideline yesterday. I thought temples staff did an excellent job adjusting to the flows of the game and ensuring the team was in the right place to make the plays. One of the big differences was the talent on temples team and their ability to be able to make those plays once they were put into the appropriate position.

        The new receivers on the offense of side and the entire defense coming together enabled the Owl’s to execute in a way they haven’t done at least three seasons. I hope local recruits took note of that during the game.

        Great job by all!

      • I hope u don’t think we r gonna just let u slide after this victory. I’m just waiting for your official article to see if you will be “man” enough to give Rhule any kind of props. And don’t think that a “well he did what I suggested” is gonna be suffice. The ball is in your court. And when I say “we” I don’t mean Rhule apologists bcuz I was never a RA. U can look at all my past comments where I said I will let Rhule recruit his players & implement his system b4 i make a decision on him. The “we” I mean is anybody who called u out on your fanatical hate of everything Rhule since the day he was hired. But here’s your perfect chance to “man up” and give Rhule his rightfully deserved props. We will wait……….

      • the “he did what we suggested” is going to suffice because it is true. Every point we outlined numerous times last year was followed to the T. It doesn’t suffice because you don’t want it to suffice, but if Rhule went five wides and didn’t rush Hackenberg and won, I would have eaten crow and given him props. He did precisely what I and John suggested and there is absolutely no crow to eat. Now you were the one who said all last year if Rhule follows the advice of a blog, you’d want him fired. I want you now to “man up” and say you want him fired.

  8. The hit on Walker was a cheap shot. Should have been a personal foul. The penn st. player hit him after he was clearly in the endzone. It was unnecessary and hopefully pj’s shoulder is fine.

  9. Hardin didn’t do it, golden didn’t do it, Addazio didn’t do it but Rhule did,…..70 plus years. And I saw a ton of one back offensive sets. The difference this year was a healthy PJ who ran the read option exceptionally well. Note the 24 yd td run by Thomas, PJ froze the def end. Kudos to the oline which did a nice job. And the reverse pass was very creative. Coaches get an A plus for recruiting and an A for today’s victory.

    • to be fair to coach Hardin, the PSU team of today bears no resemblance other than uniforms to the National championship team he lost to (10-7) and the No. 4 team in the nation he lost to (31-30) and the national runner-up team he lost to (26-25). This is a 6-6 team from last year’s regular season that lost to another 6-6 team from last year’s regular season.

  10. That one wr Ventall bryant, played well.

    Everything else has been said. just something I noticed at the game.

    • good comment, ship. sorry i missed you. heck, i missed a lot of the regulars the crowd was so big. bryant was going to be “The Guy” before Anderson beamed down from the Starship Enterprise. He still might be.

  11. Since when can’t a runner be hit after crossing the goal line. I’ve see it over and over for years and it’s never called. Of all my sports buddies here I’m the only one who complains that if a player can’t be hit past the sideline why is it ok to be hit after the goal line? Anyway, whether Rhule “took you and John’s advice” and changed, it sure did work. And if I’m not mistaken, it seemed as if Rhule was running the offense not Satterfield (is that correct?) and he simply ran a well organized side line. And there were very few mistakes (off sides, holding, celebrating, ill-timed time outs, etc. which stall progress and set you back, which was the Temple way for far too long – you know, first and goal and then an off side or more. Now we’ll see if he sticks to this game plan next week and beyond (the next “wait and see”). I also noticed that PSU actually played very good D, often bringing temple to 3rd down with 10 or more yards to go. But PJ and the O often got what they needed on 3rd down or our punter did a very nice job (what was his average?). And John, I’m not exactly on cloud nine because I’m already looking ahead to wanting more of the same and a great season, but realizing PSU isn’t a great team so the win, other than breaking that dreaded 75 year, 39 game losing streak, has a caveat to it. Go to Cincy and win and maybe then I’ll catch a cloud! Go Owls.

  12. BTW, agree on Bryant. It appeared that Anderson was more of a threat to be covering then actually being the breakaway you forecast him to be Mike. But it spread the weapons around. Also JA was really good – what a slippery, quick, with awesome cuts runner. No wonder he started. Temple really has weapons at all positions. And kudos to the O-line.

    • Anderson may have made the most underrated play of the game catching that ball up for grabs with 3 defenders hanging on him. His presence also drew a penalty in the end zone. Shaking a little rust off, that’s all.

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