Matakevich Vaults Into Butkus Award Conversation

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9 thoughts on “Matakevich Vaults Into Butkus Award Conversation

  1. Got this comment from my former boss (and best boss ever) Terry Nau, who was a former sports editor of the daily newspaper in State College and later the Doylestown Intel. Thanks, Terry:

    Hey, Mike. Thinking of you today. Hope the wait was worth it. Truth is, Temple deserved to beat the Nits at least five times in our years as fans and reporters. Especially in the Hardin years. Good luck to the Owls and their brilliant young coach, who learned about winning with class from Joe Paterno. — Terry Nau

    • thanks, terry, appreciate that comment more than you will ever know. we made at least one memorable road trip to State College together and I think the Rathskeller was a stop along the way.

      • Good thing we did the Skeller then because now it has a long line outside the front door on football weekends. Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded! Yogi Berra said that.
        Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I would have stayed longer in Doylestown if the managing editor wasn’t insane.

      • never will forget listening to “take this job and shove it” 23x ….:)

  2. Tyler should have already been at or near the top of the Butkus list. Also but related, is 10 sacks in one game a Temple team record? It’s an awesome stat. And 3 for one player – where does that stand?

    • Dan Klecko holds the Temple official record with 6 against Rutgers in 2002. His dad, Joe, has the unofficial Temple record of 11 at Delaware (qb Jeff Komlo), 1974. (NCAA did not recognize stats as an official stat until much later so that was never in the Temple books, but it was in several game stories–Wilmington Journal, Philly Inky–at the time.)

    • double win for tyler …. his top competition, Scooby Wright of Arizona (last year’s winner) got hurt. Thing that won it for Scooby was that he had many more tackles for losses than Tyler last year. I would say Tyler is off to a better start.

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