Matthew O’Haren’s USA Today Photo Essay

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16 thoughts on “Matthew O’Haren’s USA Today Photo Essay

  1. I’m still on cloud 9. Hopefully the players aren’t and are hard at work preparing for Cincinnati. Cincinnati will be a tough, tough game.

  2. as bill bellicheck would say, we’re on to cincinnati. I mean the team is, this site will bask in the PSU glory the next 3 days before getting to cincy on thursday. if the Owls win this 1, 10-11 wins is in sight. only notre dame will be a tougher game.

  3. “Focus on ourselves” worked against PSU: Few penalties and only one turnover. 8Man was everywhere. Owls should keep up the good work. Some suggestions: Don’t fall down for no reason. Don’t kick it out of bounds. Nail those coffin corners. If your dinged up, get off the field. Play Temple Tuff, and we’ll have Wincinnati!

  4. The line on the Cincy game has moved from 6 to 81/2. Betters don’t believe Owls are for real. The team will have to revamp blitz schemes because Keil will make them pay if he’s not sacked. Saturday’s game was great. Games though really do turn on single plays. If you watch the replay, it may well have been entirely different had Hackenburg not overthrown the receiver deep when it was 10-0. That kid had 2 steps on the closest defender. 17-0 would have been one hell of a deficit. Also, game may have been different if PSU linebacker had intercepted the ball. It was the next series that our kid did not drop the interception. In past years the opposite always happened. On to Cincy and another Owl victory. If Owls win they could be undefeated for ND. If both are undefeated Linc could be the site of Gameday. Who knows.

  5. Mike — so inspired I have written a new FB post on my “fan page” about my personal 40-years of Darkness. (Sorry I missed you Saturday. But Go Owls!)

    • Yeah, I will have to PM you on facebook with my phone number because i walked around Lot K looking for you and couldn’t find you. If you go to Tulane, tell me. I’ll send you the number and bring my cell to the Lot. (I even stopped by the band alumni center–can’t call it a tent–and told the kid who was there if Rob Vaughn stops by tell him I’m looking for him.) To be fair, it was hard to find half the regulars with that crowd.

  6. I have a question Mike (others)

    I just bought tix to ND b/c I know it will sell out. I was planning on buying a tix game day to the others, starting with Tulane. They don’t sell out right? Even homecoming?

    I don’t have any friends who go to CFB games so I dont want to have to decide now if I’m going to go solo or front a friend

  7. Couldn’t believe the Philly newspaper 2 days after the big win. One article, centered on the woes of PSU, but not much about Temple’s team and celebrating an historic win. No matter what, PSU gets the main focus. Pretty pathetic.

    • I’ve always said that would happen if Temple won. Now 2 things have to remedy that. PSU has to go 11-1 and Temple has to go 12-0. Hmm. I’ll settle for 7-0 TU going into ND. Looking at PSU’s sked very likely 5-1 for them. Unbeaten ND comes to Philly to play unbeaten Temple. ESPN’S GAME DAY is there. Lee Corso, who was once beaten by Temple, has Hooter come up on the podium, borrows Hooter’s head, puts it on, picks Temple, and the crowd goes nuts. Cut. Wrap.

  8. Very funny Mike. Cincy is now a bigger game for Temple than PSU looking forward to the season because a win could mean a fantastic season ahead and it’s a conference game. More than 7 wins now seems very possible.

    • this is huge. Look at it this way: If we win, 2-0. Then comes UMass, which really has nobody who can start for us (not one of 22 players). 3-0. Then the Pope comes and gives us his blessing on our off week. Then Charlotte, which blows. 4-0. Then the good feelings continue as our fans chomp at the bit for our first home game (Tulane) in over a month. 5-0. Then UCF, which lost to FIU and Mario Cristobal wasn’t even coaching FIU. 6-0 At ECU, which almost lost to Towson (before you think Towson is a halfway decent FCS team they were 4-8 last year). That’s 7-0. Then you-know-who.

      the only way all of this happens is to beat cincy, which is by far the toughest game of any of the above.

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