One-Word Game Plan: Pound

Visual proof that Mike Sielski, who wasn't at the game, went on WHIP and flat-out lied. Written proof below.

Visual proof that Mike Sielski went on WHIP and flat-out lied. Written proof below.

There might or might not be a LaSalle University bias against the recent success of the Temple football team, but the evidence is there that at least a jealously exists among members of the media who were graduates of that institution.

Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski wrote a curiously timed column that implied the Owls’ paid the devil for the win over Penn State by cutting seven sports to benefit football. He neglected to do two things that every good journalist does—reach out to get the other side of the story and fact-check his assumptions. Had he done the first, he would have been able to kill two birds with one stone.  He would have been informed that not a single penny of the cuts went to football and had been reinvested into the other Olympic sports.

Sielski compounded his problems by going on the Zach Gelb Show on the Temple student radio station WHIP with this uninformed statement, “let’s be real, there were a lot more Penn State fans there” to Gelb, who, to his credit, shot back and said the stands were a sea of Cherry. Sielski, who wasn’t there, let the issue die but it was easy to picture him smirking and thinking at the other end of the line: “This is just some naive kid who sees the world through Cherry-colored glasses.”

Too bad his colleague, Mike Jensen (who was there), waited a couple of days before objectively settling the issue with this line from a column he wrote on the Owls:


The case on LaSalle’s jealously might have been closed with those few words until Temple fans picked up the Daily News yesterday and saw David Murphy’s “best bet” in the weekly predictions was UMass to cover the 10.5 against the Owls. You know Murphy is hoping and praying he is right.  Coincidently or not, Murphy went to the same college Sielski did. There’s not a whole lot of objective football analysis out there to indicate that UMass will even be in the game tomorrow against the Owls and certainly far less to make them a “best bet.”

More proof.

More proof.

Wishful thinking on his part, yes, and maybe a huge case of football-envy from guy whose school dropped football over a decade ago.

The Owls cannot afford to stub their toes the next few weeks for a number of reasons, the above two being relatively unimportant given the bigger picture, but they should know that, if they do, there are a lot of unscrupulous people just waiting to pound on them.

So, in a word, the game plan tomorrow against UMass: Pound. Pound the rock to keep Blake Frohnapfel off the field and, when the Minuteman quarterback finally gets on the field, pound him like they pounded Christian Hackenberg.

Because, Temple should know now, there are folks waiting to pound on the Owls should they misstep and many of them are consumed by jealously even in their own hometown.

Tomorrow: ESPN Gameday and Depth Charts


10 thoughts on “One-Word Game Plan: Pound

  1. Owls win by 30 on Saturday. No joke, and if you’ve ever read my posts I’m very reticent to make aggressive predictions but here’s why I like the owls to cover: their defense is smart aggressive and disciplined, their offense has learned how to beat teams without trying to put on a track meet and overall the team has an angry focus.

    Add to this strong(ish) special teams and you’re set for a big win. I’m more concerned about the games where the owls are favored and don’t have such a significant talent gap.

    • Should be 5-0 by the time Temple hits those type of games

    • I think you might be right about this game. I certainly hope so. Every game is important now. Any slip and we will hear the refrain about “the same old Temple.” We are really building our brand and reputation, and need to keep moving forward.

  2. Hope Phil Snow learned something last week and doesn’t sit back and give their QB time to throw. That kid, like the Fordham QB, can fling it. Snow should hit him hard and often and on offense, long scoring drives should be the goal. As last week-end showed any team can win against better opponents if the better opponent is not prepared and takes the lesser foe for granted.

    • Last week was the perfect storm. Gunner Kiel saw the film and was dead set on not getting sacked, so it was obvious he was going to put the ball up early. “Phil” saw that and we dropped a lot of guys into coverage, resulting in 4 ints A little cat-and-mouse game. What I’d like to see is us going back to our brand, which I think he more suited for a street fight–which means putting the guy on his ass and hopefully coming up with the turnovers in the backfield as fumbles and not as much downfield as Ints.

      • The nightmare of the Fordham game still resonates and I hope those kids and coaches who were there that day remember it and don’t put themselves in a position for a repeat performance. Have to put the game away in the first half.

    • Looking at his track record I think that Snow just has a tendency to go into prevent mode in the latter part of a game. I think that along with the number of weapons Kiel had at his disposal, he was playing the percentages last week. It appears UMass has one really top receiver so hopefully they will plan on locking him up and put more pressure on this week. Don’t know how good the UMass o-line or running game is either.

    • I like that this qb is an nfl prospect. At least TU will learn.something if it is a blowout. I’d rather play a weaker team that has a major strength than just crush a weaker team that has no weapons. Plus if he is listed as a draft prospect it’ll make temple’s win more impressive. Just like every week a Cincy and PSU win make TU s win more impressive

  3. if you can’t convince them then join them.., the local media will remain biased against Temple until the day they die. Perhaps we should populate the local media with our own Temple grads. Why should we let them shape public opinion without counterpoints from the inside of media ranks?

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