Gameday: Leave No Doubt

New York Jets' head coach Todd Bowles rocks the Temple gear on Friday night's show.

New York Jets’ head coach Todd Bowles rocks the Temple gear on Friday night’s show.

If you are tuning into ESPN College Football’s Gameday this morning looking for extensive talk about  Temple, don’t bother. The Owls will have to take care of business not only today against UMASS, but also in the four weeks after that just to get something other than the casual mention they got this morning.

Money talks, bullbleep walks is the saying and, when it comes to college football, the most important thermometer to measure the temperature of the sport is ESPN’s College Gameday Show. Simply put, if you are a fan of a Power Five team, they talk about your squad. If your team is in the Group of Five, they do not.

There is little wonder, then, when it comes time for the musical chairs to start again, a relatively small number of the current G5 teams are pressing their noses against the window like a shopper on Black Friday waiting for the doors to open.  To be sure, networks like ESPN have a vested interest in talking about only the big conferences because TV contracts have been signed far into the future. In college football, though, the issue runs a little deeper than that because there is a substantial fear that sometime within the next decade, the teams in the Power 5 will break away and make the rest of the schools in the NCAA as irrelevant in college football as today’s Ivy League is.

espn college gameday,

That’s why, for schools like UConn, Boise State, Cincinnati, Houston and Temple – the top G5 candidates for P5 expansion — how football does this year and next is so important. In college football today, it’s all about TV markets and eyeballs, and at least three of those schools (Houston, Temple and Cincinnati) can deliver both a decent football program and a big-time market. For Boise State and UConn, it’s not so much about the markets as it is about the programs. Boise State might have the most consistent football program of the five, but the TV market is so small that it’s irrelevant. UConn has a terrible football program, but a great basketball one.

Cincinnati and Temple are comparatively strong in both sports and Temple can deliver the largest available TV market of any of the five top G5 schools, the nation’s fourth-rated one. There are P5 teams in the New York market (Rutgers), the Chicago market (Northwestern and Notre Dame) and the third-ranked market, Los Angeles (UCLA and USC), but none in the fourth. Temple would complete a chain that includes the fifth-ranked market, Dallas-Fort Worth, which has Waco suburb member Baylor. Houston is No. 10, while UConn (Hartford-New Haven) is No. 30 and Cincinnati 34.

Whatever happens, all of those schools are on the outside looking in because ESPN College Gameday is not talking about them now. The G5 is dying and the evidence is on TV every Saturday morning for all to see.

Temple has a chance to pump some life into it by going 7-0 into the Notre Dame game, but the Irish will have to keep their end of the bargain by beating Georgia Tech today. So those are at least two teams to root for, another would be Penn State to add further legitimacy to the opening-day win. If you are a G5 team like the Owls are, a lot of dominoes have to fall your way.

Depth Charts

Here is the depth chart for UMASS with no changes from last week and the depth chart for Temple follows below.



40 thoughts on “Gameday: Leave No Doubt

  1. Isn’t Houston a candidate as well? And I thought they were the 4th/5th market almost tied with Philly.

    P.S. wouldn’t a team have to get kicked out of a P5 to make space, or would a P5 want to get bigger.

    • yes, i mentioned houston in the paragraph next to the gameday photo. although i do not see what wake forest brings to the p5 table anymore (a 30k stadium and 3k students), i seriously doubt anyone will get kicked out of the p5. big 12 currently is the conference looking for an eastern partner for wva and cincy makes the most sense.

  2. College Gameday already mentioned Temple and Herbstreit said they can run the table. He also said he likes Matt Rhule and that he will be a candidate. I’m assuming he means a candidate for a big time school!!.

  3. TV markets, student body size, stadiums, etc. aside, if history means anything Temple will some damn way get screwed when choices are made. Be pro-active and fight for it but don’t expect Temple to get what they may deserve – they rarely do.

  4. Wonder if UConn has an advantage because ESPN’s HQ is in Connecticut.

  5. wheres praise on the DL? isnt he the best guy they have? I know hes injured

  6. Mike, any there any changes on the depth chart? I dont see any for TU>

  7. UMass has nine guys in the box. Hit the tight end on quick passes.

  8. The Owls are creating doubt.

    • Listening to this game on the radio I can only think of 2 words: Fordham and Idaho. We are letting this team hang in there, need to take charge right away in the second half

  9. Again hard to tell from the radio, but sounds like Whipple really game planned well for.

  10. Is PJ really trying? This is a travesty and as I said after the Cincy game, don’t hold a coronation for Phil Snow just yet. For the second week in a row, he’s getting out-coached. Whipple is making him look foolish. Kids better wake up because all of the good will they created will disappear as if it never existed.

  11. I can’t believe that we have won?

  12. wow…, winning ugly…., PJ looked awful, offensive and defensive lines got outplayed, and Snow and Rhule got out coached.., this Temple team was not prepared to play..,, we better rock Charlotte it we want 30K in attendance for homecoming

    • On the glass half full side of things, 2 years ago we would have lost this game, so even with everything you pointed out, which I don’t disagree with at all, it does show me something that the team found a way to win. Looks like the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time!!!!

      • I agree. We have to put things in perspective. This would have been a loss last year or two years ago. Let us accept this as lucky win that demonstrates who we are and what we still need to work on. The realistic goal is to our division in AAC and be in the AAC championship game.

      • Exactly, we as Temple fans aren’t used to hearing this but this team is a good team and good teams find a way to win. In the end, this may be an important lesson for the team. If they think they can just show up and beat teams they are sadly mistaken.

    • middle Tennessee scored 65 on Charlotte, so we better score 75.

  13. 2nd week in a row Thomas fumbles when the team is salting the game away. Time to give one of the freshman a shot.

    I dont care about corronations or P5 expansion. This team can only control one thing, and that is winning football games. This was a huge trap game, and they won. I dont care how they won. Everybody on here would have sold one of their kidneys if I said they would be 3-0 at this point. Last year, they would have lost this game. Fix things during bye week, get in the right mental place, and move on.

    Go Owls.

  14. It is really exciting that they are 3-0. Just concerned with how easily teams are passing on the defense. Are they studying film enough or is it the scheme? Don’t know what the defenses were when they beat us deep but it may be safer just to play a cover two so a safety is available to help when a receiver beats the primary defender.. This team still has to face some dynamic QBs including the kid from SMU, a team TU really will have to be prepared to play given how they’ve played against Baylor and TCU. The bye could not have come at a better time. The Owls can heal and correct some of the problems that surfaced the last two weeks.

  15. Tough day but even the best teams like Ohio State struggle with less talented teams. The QB we faced today will play on Sunday. This team showed it could take a punch and predecessor going. Turnovers e great equalizers we lot the turnover battle and it almost cost us. Same for Ohio State.

  16. By the way, would welcome a boycott of the Inquirer. Why is PSU on the front sports page? That rag has to be made to recognize that TU is its home town team especially this year when TU beat them.

    • Why is Penn St ever even mentioned on Comcast or any type of Philly sports talk? They are like 2 1/2 hours away. There is no reason James Franklin should be throwing out the 1st pitch at a Phillies game. What genius ever decided to consider Penn St a Philly team?

  17. PJ has a banged up shoulder, they have been protecting him with no real read option threat which was very successful during PSU game. Hope he gets healthy with bye week. Need his wheels going forward too.

  18. In response to others comments: first off, Houston (the city) is about to take over the 3rd largest city in America spot from Chicago – as far as TV markets go. Yes, yesterday was an abomination of coaching and play on the field. Walker needs to get more focused – missed a wide open receiver in the end zone, as well as others going down the field. He did however put together a very nice drive at the end under pressure to get into field goal position to win the game. Thomas should not be replaced. He fumbled at the end of the game – ONCE all game – just like against Cincy. I think he was just plain tired. The coaches should think about putting in other backs to give him a rest along the way or at least into the 4th quarter. It will be interesting to see how UMass does the rest of the way – I hope they do well so this game isn’t some anomaly. But Temple better get back on track if they want a nice season. Temple is still struggling against the pass. There’s no excuse for what occurred yesterday. How could their coach do such a good job against Temple and such a bad job against Colorado. BTW, UConn played a great game against a Big 10 team. Can’t take them lightly for sure. On a positive note, that was one weird game but Temple did find a way to win! Go Owls.

  19. Temple has also face 3 QB’s that will be drafted. That could have something to do with pass defense.

    3-0! Soak it in. How many of you thought we could say that before the season started?

  20. 3-0 sounds great. But the coaching and focus is going downhill. It’s still a long season where anything can happen, including things falling apart. Sorry everyone, but after UMass I’m very skeptical again. Hopefully in 2 weeks we’ll see a rested and refocused team with retooled coaching strategies.

  21. Walkers 390+ passing yards is awesome but shows that stats don’t mean much when he also threw 2 interceptions and missed 1-2 open receivers for touchdowns. No interceptions and one of those TDs and the results would be quite different. Thomas’s fumble (s) in both games happened at bad times in the games, giving the opponents big chances instead of salting the games away. Timing is everything. Temple’s run D is still very good but the pass D needs a lot of work.

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