5 Other Games of Interest to Owl Fans

The American Trophy heads to Memphis this week.

The thought just occurred to me that the top game of interest to Temple fans on Saturday, UMass at Notre Dame (covered in yesterday’s post), might be interrupted a few times. It is on one of the three major local channels at 3:30, right smack in the middle of the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia.

Geez, I hope Channel 10 has more respect for the region’s 1.4 million Catholics than that. When Notre Dame is on, they do not want any interruptions.

Just in case, though, keep the remote control handy. Here are the other Saturday games of interest to Temple fans (with earlier games added at the end).

Boston College's Alumni Stadium would be a nice model for TU to copy.

Boston College’s Alumni Stadium would be a nice model for TU to copy.


Navy at UCONN (-8), noon, CBS Sports Network,

If Memphis does not win the AAC West, Navy will. Last week, I predicted Navy would beat East Carolina, 38-17. I was wrong. Navy won, 45-21.  Close enough. UConn was impressive in holding No. 18 Missouri to just nine points on the road, but that doesn’t erase giving up 15 to Villanova and 17 to Army. Navy should score 27 in this one and win, 27-14.

Northern Illinois at Boston College (-4), 1, ESPN3

This is only important because of Fraudazzio’s involvement with Boston College. Northern Illinois is coming off a 20-13 loss at Ohio State and BC is only favored because it is a P5 team at home. Anyone who watches BC can see that Addazio’s century-old approach to offense has not changed. Northern Illinois with the upset, 30-16. If the Owls do not make a BCS bowl, a matchup with BC in Yankee Stadium might make for a good storyline.

Virginia Tech at East Carolina (+7.5), 3:30, ABC or ESPN 2

ECU is probably a lot closer to the team that struggled to beat Towson and was blown out by Navy than the one that lost by a touchdown at Florida. Virginia Tech should win this won by about 20-10 on the road, slightly covering the spread. Right now, this is listed as an either/or game, but fans better hope this is on ESPN 2 because Channel 6 is going to be breaking in with Pope coverage every five minutes.

ECU's Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Let's hope the Owls come up with a better name, like The Apollo of Temple.

ECU’s Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Let’s hope the Owls come up with a better name, like The Apollo of Temple.


Cincinnati at Memphis (-7), 7:30, ESPN

Probably the game of the year so far in the AAC pits West preseason favorite Memphis against East preseason favorite Cincinnati. Memphis blew out Kansas, scoring 55 points, but probably had a more impressive win at Bowling Green, 44-41, last week. That was more impressive because Bowling Green was coming off a 48-27 win at Maryland, the same Terps’ team that beat South Florida, 35-17, a week ago. Temple fans might like Cincy to get another loss to drive the Bearcats further down in the East standings, but would be also consoled by a Cincy win by knowing the Owls would be considered the defacto top dogs in the AAC. Gunner Kiel suffered a head injury and is day-to-day. Memphis wins this, 35-24.


Boise State at Virginia (+2.5), 8, ESPN

Only important for Temple down the road because, if the Owls keep taking care of business, a Boise State team that lost only to BYU could be up against the Owls for a BCS bid. Unfortunately, I do not see Boise State losing this one. Boise State, 20-17.

Tomorrow: Fifteen Perfect Plays


8 thoughts on “5 Other Games of Interest to Owl Fans

  1. Daz lost his starting QB, which doesn’t bode well for BC. Hope they get killed. Daz is a fraud and I love it when he loses.

    • down 14-0 in the fourth quarter: three straight runs, including one on 3d and 10. I thought we were stuck with him. Then, one December night around 5:45, I’m driving by the Rydal train station on my way to the Glenside LA Fitness, and Harry Donahue comes on and says: “We have a coaching change at Temple.” I thought Tonya Cardoza was going to be fired and the next words I hear are “Steve Addazio is off to Boston College.” I pulled over to the side of the road and started pounding the steering wheel in delight. True story. No way Temple was going to fire him. BC did us all a favor.

      • I knew he was a fraud when I heard his acceptance speech, Florida recognized that he was flawed when it didn’t hire him after Meyer left. It was clear, at least to me, that he was using TU to advance his career. Rhule on the other hand gave one of the best acceptance speeches I ever heard.

  2. yeah, daz lost me when he talked about macaroni in his acceptance speech. I thought it was baloney.

  3. Daz may be a fraud but he gave Temple 1 of only 2 bowl victories ever (and one of their best seasons). Well, there’s still a lot of ifs with Temple right now – 3-0 and still if’n. I hope Rhule follows your advice and looks at what worked for another team over their next opponent. Go Owls.

    • colorado’s process=48-14 win over umass; our process=25-23 win. we ask our kids to trust the process, but let’s have enough humility to understand that other processes might work better in certain situations and improvise and adjust.

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