Temple’s Dream Scenario

Hooter lifting the National Championship trophy. (Photoshop byChris Ventura from Rappid Development, a company run by recent Temple grads)

Hooter lifting the National Championship trophy.
(Photoshop by Chris Ventura from Rappid Development, a company run by recent Temple grads)

All of those “one-game-at-a-time” people please leave the room right now. As if what we’re about to discuss in the following paragraphs has any impact in Temple winning or losing a game on the field the rest of the way.

Are they all gone?


Now we can talk.

No one even put on the pads yesterday at Temple, but the Owls won by Memphis beating Cincinnati, 53-46, last night. The win drove another stake into Cincy’s hopes for winning the AAC East and put Temple squarely on the road to the AAC title game. Cincy looks like it will go on to a great season, either with Gunner Kiel or Hayden Moore as its quarterback. Memphis’ defense looks as vulnerable to Robby Anderson as it did in 2013. The only difference is that this time Robby has plenty of help.

Now onto the dream scenario: The BCS/Power 5 conglomerate has rigged the system by making it almost impossible for a Group of Five team like Temple to crash their national championship party.

The emphasis is on the word almost for a reason.

A Temple-Miami national semifinal would shut a lot of people up.

A Temple-Miami national semifinal would shut a lot of people up.

Temple is perhaps the only team in the G5 with a possibility of crashing the party due to having already beaten a team that can (but probably won’t) win the Big 10 championship coupled with another top 10 team in Notre Dame. So Temple is not just carrying the banner for 275,000 alumni, 39,000 students and 12,000 employees and the city of Philadelphia, but for the half of college football teams in the country being forced to play under a morally and financially corrupt system. If the Owls can break through the injustice, it would be a dream come true for those locked out of the P5.

The dream scenario would be this:

  • Temple runs the table and finishes 13-0 (12 regulars and the home win against Navy in the AAC title game);
  • Memphis beats everyone but Temple and Navy;
  • Cincinnati has a solid season to boost Temple’s rating, following its win over the fake Miami with a win over the real Miami;
  • The real Miami wins the ACC;
  • Penn State wins the Big 10;
  • Notre Dame finishes with one loss.

It would be impossible for the conglomerate to keep Temple out of the semifinal playoff under that scenario or even a scenario that fit all but one of those criteria. (For example, PSU can still have a great season but doesn’t have to win the Big 10.)

At 3-0 and with nine games left it is too early, but the fact that Temple fans can even dream this is really something special. So let the fans dream and the players and coaches take the one game at a time. Maybe the national semifinal game will be against Al Golden. (That would make the “Temple coach=Temple results” banners look really silly.) Now we can go.

All of those “one-game-at-a-time” people can return to the room right now.


Tomorrow: Saturday TV


5 thoughts on “Temple’s Dream Scenario

  1. Thats cool you ran through each schedule, and determined what had to happen for ND, PSU, Miami, Cincy and Memphis. Like you wrote, there doesnt have to be an exact match, just in general most of those things have to happen to some extent.

    All I know is, TU just needs to take care of itself and things will work out. I’m hoping they load up for next year with recruits so this train keeps going. Unless they join a P5, looks like the best games on their schedule are ND and Pitt for the next few years, and the champ game of the AAC. Going 13-0 may not get them in NCAA champ, like you wrote.

    • where did you see Pitt on the schedule? that’s news to me.

      • and I agree that 13-0 on the surface (without any help from nd, psu and cincy) would not put them in the national semis but be good enough for a bcs slot outside the final four. psu, nd and cincy have great seasons and temple runs the table=nightmare scenario for Power 5, which hates the G5.

  2. the AAC West is stronger this year than the AAC East. Memphis, Houston, Navy, and Tulsa are all capable of winning the division.

    Memphis, Houston, Tulsa, and SMU have some of the best passing offenses in all of college football

    • agree. Houston’s win at Louisville was an eye-opener. Tulsa scored 38 on Oklahoma. Not sold on SMU yet. Memphis beat a borderline great Bowling Green team and rang up 55 at Kansas. Tigers really have that 5-wides thing down. I think our running game and defense slows that down a lot better than Cincy because Cincy tried to get into a track meet with them.

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