Some Good Saturday TV

The full slate of day games is above.

The full slate of day games is above.

I’ll be the first to admit it. A Saturday without my beloved Temple Owls playing football is a Saturday without sunshine, but there are some good day games above. The UMass at Notre Dame game (3:30, PHL 17) should be a study in whether or not Brian Kelly allows the Minutemen to dictate whether or not he runs the ball. I think he’ll find a way, even if they put 20 in the box.. Got to figure that Mark Whipple will make the same gamble he made against Temple since ND has been without star quarterback Malik Zaire.

Since it’s not as fun to pick favorites, I like only three underdogs this weekend: Northern Illinois getting 4 1/2 at Boston College, Florida International getting 14 at Louisiana Tech and Middle Tennessee State–brilliantly coached by Rick Stockstill–getting 6 at Illinois. The macaroni will not be going down easy in the Steve Addazio household on Saturday night.

The later games are below:



16 thoughts on “Some Good Saturday TV

  1. What a surprise. ND is running the ball outside.

  2. Do you think TU can borrow Coach Whipple for a game or two? The guy is slicing and dicing ND. Our close win is looking better and better.

  3. Starting to think that ND should have watched how we stopped UMass.

  4. we should have pounded the rock. our offensive line would have worn them down, just like ND’s did. plus, p.j. would not have had to throw 48 balls. a better balance would have been 200 rushing yards and 250 passing yards, also would have limited the ints to maybe 0, kept the ball away from frohnapfel and widened the victory margin. we’re a running team. that’s our identity. let’s hope we’ve learned something from last week and the way both colorado and nd ran the ball.

  5. The game was close (21-20 ND) when their punter put one on the one. The punt was returned for a td and the game was over. Til then, the UMass O was giving them all they could take.

    • I never thought Umass could give them a 4-quarter game. Us? What we do over the next 3 weeks will determine that. We don’t need to score 73, but we have to score 48-50 on some of these teams. Temple has rarely shown me they can do that, post-Hardin Era.

  6. Mike, I think we all know that isn’t going to happen. While I don’t know is coaching history I hope in addition to coaching QBs that the Thomas hire was also looked at by Rhule as a potential upgrade over Satterfield that would be on staff for 2016. I don’t have them in front of me right now, but if you look at Temple offensive numbers for 2013, 2014 and 3 games into 2015 there are not huge differences in total yards, points, etc. Plus even with the level of defense we have I don’t know if averaging 24 / 25 ppg is good enough in this day and age. Bottom line there is a reason Satterfield wasn’t first choice to be OC. Still think this is going to be a great year just given the level of talent

    • I thought they played closer to their talent level in weeks 1 and 2 than 3. let’s hope 3 was an aberration but, at 14-0, with a commitment to the run, it becomes 21-7 and away we go. Or away we should have went. We definitely made a wrong turn there in offensive philosophy. We can’t afford to follow a broken gps the rest of the way.

      • Mike, are you watching the game at that place you mentioned last time? Id like to watch the game with some big time TU fans. I’d also like to meet up with ppl tailgating for the homegames. Im not a drinker just want some ppl to talk TU football with in person

      • i wasn’t a drinker until we lost a lot of games in a row; I only went to Masters because they promised to put the internet feed on … they will have a big party at masters again (15th and Carlisle) so I’m sure you will find a lot of Temple students who are not old enough to be drinkers wander in … so it’s cool,either way. To me, great to watch a Temple game with fellow Temple fans, whether I’m drinking diet pepsi or diet beer.

    • Nor should it. This team offensively has two problems, a qb with a bad left shoulder that the coaches are protecting thus eliminating the read option and the oline is just a tad better than last year, they were really bad last year. Did you know that in the penn state game that had a total of 15 running plays that gained negative yardage. The running play most effective versus penn state was the read option. Unless pj gets healthy expect the run game to continue to be one dimensional and not consistent.

      • at least 4 of the negative plays vs. psu were knees when we probably should have forged ahead and kicked the field goal to make it 30-10 or scored a td to make it 34-10, but that’s a lot of negative yardage even without the knees. hopefully, the week off fixed p.j.’s shoulder. we’ve got to pound this ballclub and get gardner, armstead and frank nutile plenty of playing time–although I don’t think frank is an option qb.

  7. Ok so masters is an option, as is that place in the NE. I saw TU is having an on campus watch party too. I have options 😉

    • if you are not a drinker, there’s a great alcohol-free party on campus, student activities center, room 200b (ad is in the upper right corner of this webpage). looks to me like all are welcome. i’ve been there for recruiting parties and it is a huge room, easily can get 400-plus in there. i’m thinking of that, Masters or the place (gearos) in the NE. all depends on the weather. If it’s driving rain, I probably won’t venture far out.

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