Getty Images’ Mitchell Leff’s (Mostly) Unpublished Photos

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12 thoughts on “Getty Images’ Mitchell Leff’s (Mostly) Unpublished Photos

  1. clearest indicators before the departures by AG and Daz was the significant drop-off in the during the season recruiting efforts before their announcement….., Temple is currently ranked in the bottom third of the AAC after two straight seasons in the top third at comparable time periods in the prior two recruiting season.., we are watching history repeat itself…, enjoy the ride while it lasts.. the jet pack is off and we must enjoy the present.., my guess is Rhule made up his mind to win and leave while his rising stock value is rising and after the BOD decided against fighting the city and North Philly community of a new stadium.., Rhule’s agent has been busy on th phones this past week

    • I also wondered why TU cant just pay the coach to stay. Why do they always leave. I have noticed TU picked up a recruit earlier this month. They seem to be on par with last year, and the year before, but I didnt pay as much attention to TU and PSU in the past. I simply cant tell what happened in years past

      • If you research the salaries of a lot of big time coaches a good portion of their salaries come from booster clubs, athletic apparel companies, and tv and radio deals, sources of income TU just doesn’t have.

    • when did the BOT decide against fighting?

    • Don’t know if Rhule wants to leave. Why did he ask for a 15 year contract? In any event, if he decides to go there are plenty of jobs including Virginia and maybe Miami if they don’t win at least nine games in a weak ACC. One good result of his leaving is that Satterfield would be gone along with Snow whose “vaunted” defense had given up over 1000 yards in the last two games.

      • I don’t think Miami would take another Temple coach if they fire Al. I like Al, but am rooting for Cincy because it drives up our statue if we beat the Big 10 champion (PSU) and a team that beat the ACC champ (Miami) in addition to a top 10 ND.

      • I wish they would give him a 15 year contract. well maybe an 8 year one. I just want us to know we have a solid coach and a rising program. Why do you think TU can always find good coaches who leave? It’s like they have access to all the up and coming coaches

      • Wow, seemed like the D was getting gashed for a lot of yards but didn’t realize the number was that high. Continue “bending” that much, then the offense needs to start scoring a lot more than they’ve shown so far

  2. does anyone want al golden to come back? I wish he would. well maybe only if rule left. it’d be awesome if he wanted to build himself back up and came here as an offensive coordinator and recruiter until another team grabbed him. right now, I don’t see him moving up. I doubt one would want to go to say U of Buffalo after rising to the top of the coaching world at Miami

    • al would not come back unless he’s captain of the ship; love matt, but al was a better ceo than matt. both are not good gameday coaches, quite frankly; neither was fraudazzio. good gameday coaches are few and far between.

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