Weather: The Great Equalizer


Playing at Jerry Richardson Stadium will be like playing at Northeast High.

First, the good news: the weather for Temple’s football game at Charlotte could be a whole lot worse than things appear now.

Tropical Storm Joaquin “meandered” off the cost of Bermuda for so long, stopping, then going southeast, before making a slow turn up the coast and apparently headed for North Carolina that it will not get there until Sunday. Although Jerry Richardson Stadium (15,000 capacity) seats about 6K more than Northeast High and 7K less than Allentown’s J. Birney Crum Stadium, it does have a state-of-the-art turf field that should absorb rain.


Now the bad news: there’s going to be a whole lot of rain and wind and that is never good for the more talented team. Ask UConn in 2008 when the 17.5-point favorite Huskies needed overtime (and an incredibly bad holding call on Temple wide receiver Travis Shelton) to win, 12-6, in overtime. Ask ECU last season when a double-digit road favorite came out a double-digit loser, thanks to turnovers. The forecast changes every few hours, so there is always hope.


Bad weather is never a friend of a more talented team with multiple weapons that thrives on a dry field and that’s what Temple is on Friday night (7 p.m., CBS Sports Network).  Temple is a 24.5-point favorite, the largest road margin in Temple history.  The previous road favorite margin was -15 at Akron in 2011 (the Owls won that game, 41-3, but it was on a dry field). Charlotte has had some interesting results, more so last year when it beat FCS No. 23 Albany, 31-28, on the road and hung tight with this year’s SMU-killer James Madison, 48-40, at home. This year, though, the team has two wins over cupcakes before being torched for 73 points by the only decent team so far on the schedule, Middle Tennessee State. Don’t expect the Owls to score 73 points, though, because MTSU is a much-better coached team, offensively, than Temple is and recognizes that the tight end is an eligible receiver and can be utilized as an effective weapon.

The biggest question coming out of this game is going to be whether the Owls are the team that beat Penn State and Cincinnati or struggled against a truly horrible UMass team. I think UMass was an aberration. At least that’s the hope.  The big difference was that the Owls had a commitment to the run in the first two games that they abandoned in the UMass game. For this team to realize its potential, it must be successful in establishing the run and throw off play action. The weather could dictate a lot of what the Owls do on Friday. So we might have to wait until next week against Tulane to get a better reading on the Owls because weather could be the great equalizer here. Got to think the Owls win this one; it just might not be 25-0.

Temple biggest home margin came as a 29.5 favorite in 2010, also against Akron. In a great testament to the people in Vegas, Temple won, 30-0. (It’s amazing how close these lines are sometimes.) One line-killer is weather and, tropical storm or not, it does not look good at this point for the favorites.

Bad weather never does.


19 thoughts on “Weather: The Great Equalizer

  1. I’d like this kinda weather for ND. This weather makes feel uncomfortable.

    • This would be great weather for ND, I agree. Not so much now. I’m seeing one (just one) forecast that calls for 56 degrees and no rain from 7-9, then rain from 10 on …. give us two hours to dominate the game and I will sign for that chance.

  2. Watching the Cincy game and so far their offense is slicing up Miami. All I can think is that if the score holds Golden is going to be fired because he won’t fire Donofrio, his defensive ccordinator, who has shown he’s incompetent. Hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Rhule because of his loyalty to Satterfield and Snow.

    • I dont think it is fair to include Snow in that statement. He had a great year last year, and has started off decently this year. (Notre Dame gave up more points to Umass at home than Temple did on the road). I completely agree about Satterfield. I think the QB coach should become the OC next year. Unfortunately if this team wins 9 or 10 games, nobody is getting firef!

      • I think Snow is doing a pretty good job and has been the last 2 seasons. The offense is another story. Can’t let a team as porous against the run like UMass dictate to us that we stop running. Got to put more helmets on their helmets on knock them back off the ball. That will open up the whole offense for play-action fakes. That’s what I want to see tomorrow night. Do what that noted power Middle Tennessee State did to Charlotte. Not necessarily 73 points but at least 300 yards on the ground and a couple of hundred more via the air.

      • Sorry. Over a thousand yards in two games ain’t getting it done.

      • Probably wrong about this but I think or at least hope that was some of the same thinking Ehule had when he hired Thomas as QB coach. Give Satterfield 1 more year and have his potential replacement already on staff. Given that statistically this offense has basically been stagnant for 2+ years so far Rhule seriously needs to look at a new OC for 2016

    • I gotta turn the cincy game on. i forgot about it. glad they are winning

  3. Al is toast. Miami Nation is in revolt. Can’t lose to a team manned by a 2nd team QB that was beaten by TEMPLE. With ten projected draft choices on the field, U of Miami should win ten with ease. Coaching makes a hell of a difference and Al and his assistants are simply not game day coaches.

  4. i hope Coach Rhule is watching what is happening to Golden in Miami and realizes that the grass isn’t always better on the other side of the fence. he has a good thing going on here at Temple.

    • agreed, otherjd. look at what happened to brady hoke (Ball State, San Diego State, Michigan), Darrell Hazell (Kent State, Purdue) as well. I’m sure there are other guys who fit that pattern.

  5. Rhule should hire Golden as a recruiter, think both Satterfield and Thomas will be gone for different reasons, Satterfield will be fired for poor performance; and Thomas will go back to the NFL.., Temple’s offense is poor, they need an OC with a proven track record, and an experienced RB coach. Satterfield is probably the worst RB coach in college football…, and the defense is giving up way too many yards

    • So let’s see, Temple puts up 27 points in the first game, 34 in the second game and 25 in the third game all wins I might add and the OC should be fired for poor performance. Wow, this board is full of negativity!

      • 25 in the third game is a disgrace considering the other 2 teams UMass played averaged 55 points against that same porous run defense.

      • It’s not 3 games this year, look at the offensive stats over the pat 2 seasons and 3 games really not a whole lot of change. You have an offense averaging 25 ppg, that’s the “gross” number not factoring out defensive and special team scores, and about 355 total yards per game. If the talent on the team is getting better, which it is, I would think the offense would be “producing” better than it did 2 years ago, which it really isn’t.

      • I agree. When I saw Marcus give up on the run and send the 3-4 wides out in the second quarter, I knew we were toast. Then I hear Rhule say in the presser he was not pleased with our run game “but we had to win the game” and to put off the run game to being fixed the next day. What? You can’t fix it on the fly? Ugh. Even Al didn’t have this problem with an experienced guy like George DeLeone. Got to be able to make in-game adjustments and not wait until the next day.

  6. Never thought Golden would make it at Miami. While he did a great job revamping the Temple program and bringing some respectability back, he wasn’t a very good game-day coach. Never won against a winning MAC team. Did win a few other good games and got Temple into only their 3rd bowl game ever. So, again, as far as reorganizing, cleaning things up (which I think is why Miami hired him to do the same down there) and pulling Temple out of possibly their worst ever football slump, he did a great job. Rhule better learn that being Mister Nice Guy with your assistants is not how you build a sustainable program, which is what I hope to see happen at Temple – not just another short period of decent success (Golden, Daz and Rhule so far have brought some success but with some lousy seasons sprinkled in). There’s a chance here for sustained success, but……………

    • al was a perfect ceo with a book on how to build the program from the ground floor. I loved Al, but on gameday, not a good coach. It’s not easy to be a guy great at moving chess pieces around while coming under fire. Those guys are very hard to find. Wayne Hardin was definitely one. He amazed me with his ingenious adjustments during games. Anyone who saw him has been absolutely spoiled. The guy had a Mensa IQ and was able to apply it on the fly. Al and Matt are pretty much the same guy. Al is the guy who can get you the talent to hand over to a good gameday coach who has proven to be a winner elsewhere. Then, by winning, the good gameday coach sustains recruiting. That’s the kind of guy Miami will hire next.

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