Game Day: Boring Would Be Preferred

CBS Sports Network should own the Philly TV ratings tonight.

CBS Sports Network should own the Philly TV ratings tonight.

One exchange on social media about tonight’s Temple at Charlotte football game centered on whether the weather would make a game that, under perfect conditions, figured to finish something like 56-10 Owls to something like 20-3 or 20-7.

A long-time Temple fan, a guy who might be the best Temple football fan on the planet, ended the thread: “It should be interesting.”


You want a lot of things tonight from Temple at Charlotte, but you do not want interesting. My idea of interesting always has been Temple a lot, bad guys a little.  What might bore a national audience, a Temple blowout, interests me greatly. That would be interesting. Blocking an extra point and winning on a last-second field goal against a vastly inferior opponent might make for great drama, but is not for the faint of heart. Different strokes for different folks.

Leave interesting for the novels.

Speaking of that subject, one of the most republished works of literature in the United States is the book “Charlotte Temple” by Susanna Rowson, a best seller in its first printing in 1794 and a book often described as interesting and compelling with 200 American editions.

Since the last republished one hasn’t been since 1984, you can consider tonight’s game, the 201st edition of Charlotte Temple—albeit the first football edition.

The plot line that supposedly will make this one interesting is the weather. Can the protagonist (in this case, Temple) hold onto a fortune (i.e., the possibility first broached by ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit of running the table) against a conniving antagonist (Charlotte) helped by a surprising ally (wind and rain)?

Or will the protagonist be saved by the good fortune of holding onto the ball and getting out of Dodge with the delicious possibility of an unbeaten season and the wealth and fame that comes with said accomplishment still alive?

It should be interesting.

Geez, I hope not.

Tomorrow: Complete Game Analysis


10 thoughts on “Game Day: Boring Would Be Preferred

  1. Nice post, Mike. I’ll bet you don’t get a lot of comments focused on the writing itself (not that you’re seeking that), but from one writer to another, let me give you a tip o’ the hat. Thanks for the effort you put in. And — go Owls. Here’s to a heaping helping of boring.

    • Thanks, Rob. Loved your story after the Penn State game. A lot of demons were slayed that day. Amazing how good they’ve gotten (in their minds) since Temple. I’m thinking it has more to do with them not having to play Temple.

  2. I’m at master’s if anyone else is. I didn’t see anyone at the student center game watch

  3. 322 yards in total offense for Temple? SMH

  4. Cincy only drew 21,300 in attendance for their home game against Miami…,

    Last year East Carolina led the AAC in average home attendance with 44,000 per game; Temple could challenge for the AAC 2015 home attendance leadership with a 30,000 + turnout for homecoming against Tulane.., home game against ND will certainly help the stats

    • home game vs. ND has been sold out for 2 weeks. 35K is realistically the best we could expect for Tulane; if we get 40K, then Peter J. Liacouras would really be proven right “winning cures all ills”

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