Enjoy The View

Be there or be square.

One of those morning shows that targets largely a women’s audience has a perfect slogan that should apply to particularly this Temple football season: “Take a little time to enjoy the view.”

Kyle Friend blew a hole open here that 3 guys could have followed for a TD

Kyle Friend blew a hole open here that 3 guys could have followed for a TD

Even if it was a little wet and foggy last night in a very satisfying 37-3 win at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (the guy on Camera No. 5 really needed a towel or a shirt or something to clean off his location), a pretty spectacular view is starting to come into focus. After surviving a stumble last week at UMass, the Owls now have a blueprint of how to win out. They now have to take care of business against a Tulane team for Homecoming, a UCF team that lost to Furman but is always dangerous and an ECU team that has revenge on their mind and a huge home field advantage.

Still, winning those three games, one at a time, is doable if the Owls keep doing what they did against Charlotte: Play good defense and special teams, run the ball on offense, and pick their spots in the play action passing game.

It’s not a particularly flashy style of winning, but any kind of winning is a beautiful sight.

The view last night included:

  • Nick Sharga playing fullback, seeking out and destroying a linebacker that allowed Jahad Thomas to get an eight-yard gain and then, later, subbing for Tyler Matakevich at linebacker, making a Tyler Matakevich play to stop Khalil Phillips at the line of scrimmage. Haven’t seen that kind of two-way impact since first-round NFL draft choice John Rienstra led the way for a Todd McNair touchdown against BYU and then came in on goal-line defense and sacked Robbie Bosco.
  • The P.J. Walker to Robby Anderson connection being revived on a pair of touchdown passes. That was good to see. It was evident on a nice hookup in Cincy, but this is the first time it worked for multiple TDs. Love for P.J. to go up top and hit Robby in stride. That hasn’t happened yet, but will.
  • Probably the greatest Bruce Arians’ interview on the CBS Sports Network ever ended with a “go Owls.” Great to see a nice photo of Matt Rhule with Bruce. True story: The day after Matt was hired as Temple head coach, I casually mentioned to Matt that I had Bruce’s cell number. He asked for it and I gave it to him. (That’s for all of you people who think I hate Matt Rhule; I don’t.) I hope Matt and Bruce become as good friends as Matt and coach Hardin are. I also hope Temple University can pull up that interview and post it online. Without a doubt, Matt and Bruce are the two nicest guys to ever become head coach at Temple University.
  • The Temple defense not breaking, even though we could do without the bending part.
  • Something tells me all of those February practices in the snow are paying off. Temple does not seem fazed by inclement weather. Temple Sunshine.
  • Nate L. Smith making a real impact on the special teams, although not in the punt returning role he might be better-suited for. He showed he still has a nose for the end zone, though.
  • This team played like it didn’t want Charlotte to take them down to the wire and that’s the kind of ferocity they need to play with going forward.

The Owls are now 4-0 for the first time since 1974 with a Homecoming Game against Tulane coming up in a week (noon start). They deserve a crowd of 40,000 or more and any fan who ventures down to the stadium is going to get a great view of a good football team on a mission.

Take a little time out of your schedule to enjoy it.

….. and now a few words from the bad guys ….


19 thoughts on “Enjoy The View

  1. Mike, I noticed a guy compliment your writing in the last post. I must say, you do write really well and give a lot of insight.

    I actually wondered who Sharza was at FB. I looked at the depth chart and saw hes a backup LB. I’d like to see TU have a designated FB, although maybe Sharza can actually go both ways as a super sub. That’s really interesting.

    I met some ppl at Masters last night. I’m looking to tailgate and make some friends to meet up with on a regular basis for home and away games. If you know of any groups that are friendly please point me in the right direction. I’m a little quiet so I’m not the type to just walk up to strangers and hang out with them

    • thanks, captain. … missed you by 1 week at Masters. (Only went to Masters because they were the only place who promised to put the game from computer to TV.) I found a place in the NE that had CBS Sports Network so I went there. As far as friendly groups, you will see that same crowd at the tailgate next week. I assume you met Rick and Scott and Darin and Ike … those were the people I hung out at the bar with last week. Gravitate to those familiar faces and they will introduce you to others, that’s how that usually works.

  2. A few thoughts on the Owls evolution…in ‘Matt’s’ first couple seasons the second half was a disaster while this year Q3 has been the difference maker. PJ has found his groove for winning which includes playing within himself and utilizing his offensive weapons as appropriate (ie executing the read option and generally checking his receivers as appropriate). He’s a better passer then he’s generally given credit for and not as great a runner as referenced by the announcers.

    The receiving core is much more dangerous and balanced then last year. Robbie Anderson remains a deep threat but still lacks consistency and is a bit rusty, however the other receivers have real skills.

    The defense is solid but hasn’t been truly impressive since PSU. Phil Snow needs to reevaluate his approach to getting after QBs. Special teams remains special.

    Speaking of special….enjoy every snap of this season. Keep up the good work mike.

    • thanks, dayowl. … just trying to fill a need … don’t see too much Temple football stuff online every day,although I will say Marc Narducci is doing a bang-up job over at Philly.com. The Daily News is spotty; they will have a story on the Owls one day and not something for 2 more days. I walk into Wawa and pick it up; if there’s a Temple piece in the paper, I buy it. If not, I leave it there. As far as P.J. and running, take a look at that throwback pass from Christopher in the PSU game. P.J. caught the ball and had a chance to make a move on a PSU guy but ran right into him; had he taken it out to the sideline, he might have scored. I think he ran a lot better 2 years ago when he trusted his instincts more.

  3. Is it true this was the first back to back road victories in program history?

    • back to back to back (3 backs) and that is the second time in program history; program has had plenty of 2 backs in the past. Great accomplishment by Matt and the Owls. the first time came in 1970: at Bucknell (Sept. 19), at Holy Cross (Sept. 26), and at Boston University (Oct. 3).

  4. Watching Tulane CFU game. Tulane is improved from last year on both sides of the ball. TU has to remain focused and not be overconfident. Owls will prevail by playing their brand of football.

  5. I’m am impressed with how the owls have owned the third quarter in their games. Great adjustments made by coaches and players. Would like to see them start a little faster and be more consistent.

  6. Tulane has improved. PSU struggling against Army, not surprised.

    Should be a hell of a game against the Green Wave.

    Go Owls!

  7. SMU doing the Owls a favor by beating up on ECU.

  8. Tough year for the Temple D in the number of truly gifted QBs they will face, some of whom will play on Sunday’s…, this new kid throwing the football for ND appears to be better than the QBs from PSU, Cincy, UMass, Memphis, or ECU…,

    Memphis will give Ol Miss all they can handle at the Liberty Bowl.., could be another big win for the AAC

    Maybe Anderson will build on the two TDs and have a breakout game against Tulane.., would love to see more than 30,000 in the seats for that game

  9. Realistically, how many people can we expect to see on Saturday? Im heading up my wife, 3 year old and 1 year old. I hope its nice weather. If not, i would expect around 25,000. This team is good, but the fan base isnt to the point where they show up in crappy weather!

    • We had 25,000 for a Homecoming Game against Bowling Green , 28K in another HC game and have not had less for Homecoming even in post-Al Golden bad years. If 4-0 isn’t good enough for an uptick to the 30-35K range, I do not know what to say. I’m thinking 30K minimum, probably not more than 32K. Would be ecstatic with 35K+, which some people who follow ticketmaster seem to think the trends are pointing. One thing that should help is that about 2,000 PSU fans purchased Owl season tickets and those fans will be there as “Joe Philly” fans and/or selling those seats on Stub Hub type sites for as low as $5. So there are a lot of bargains out there for the what I call “Prodigal Son” Temple fans. Good investment for PSU fans to purchase an Owl season ticket. One, Temple plays a more exciting style of football; two, PSU fans can get the full return on their investment by marking up the ND ticket. I see they are selling their Tulane and UCF tickets for largely in the $5-11 range, but the same ND ticket is going for $100-$200.

  10. While Anderson redeemed himself in the second half, if he had been more focused and not dropped those first half passes Temple would have had a sizable lead going into halftime and the 3rd quarter would have been gravy. PJ was throwing nicely from the getgo. Receivers were the problem. Looks like Tulane could be a tough game after all. Dayowls observations seem right on. Stay focused and keep it going Owls!

    • In those conditions, I can’t blame anyone on either team for dropping passes. If he does it next week, yes. Rather focus on the nice adjustments he made on the 2 tds.

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