Montel Aaron Could Be the Next P.J.

I’ll have a No. 7 and a No. 11 from this menu.

There is no bigger P.J. Walker fan on the planet than me.

After going through years of Chester Stewarts and Vaughn Charltons, I know a good quarterback from a bad one and only two guys in the last eight years—Walker and Adam DiMichele—have met minimum daily requirement standards for a Temple quarterback. Chris Coyer won a bowl game, but never got the kind of extended run at the position he deserved so he didn’t have a full body of work from which to judge. Both P.J. and Adam could make plays with their feet as well as their arm and, in big-time college football, you need those intangibles. You cannot run an effective read-option play without a quarterback who is a running threat, and that’s something the Philadelphia Eagles  are learning the hard way. Adam was and P.J. is a great leader in the huddle. Stewart and Charlton never were. I’m a hard-marker and P.J. gets an “A” in my book, Adam an A+. The difference is that P.J. has two years to improve that grade.

I'm taking his nickname his Scooooby, give or take a few oooos

I’m taking his nickname his Scooooby, give or take a few oooos

Fortunately, this year the coaches are helping him with a curriculum that he’s better-suited for—a strong run game that (sometimes) includes a blocking fullback, setting up an effective play-action passing game. Temple is a better team when it runs for 200 yards and passes for 200 and P.J. is a better quarterback when he’s throwing 20-30 passes, not 40-50.

A lot (heck, all) of Walker’s so-called sophomore slump can be attributed to one of the worst offensive schemes ever laid at the feet of a Temple quarterback—empty backfields and four wides that invited blitzes and sacks, which led to fumbles and interceptions—and no pocket protection that a blocking fullback or even a max protect scheme could have provided.

That said, P.J. Walker will sadly not be here forever and it was great to see that the Temple coaching staff used the off week to pound the pavement for his replacement—even though his replacement is 3,000 miles away. Apparently, there is money is the budget to send a couple of Temple assistants on a six-hour plane flight to suburban Sacramento and, judging by the film, it was money well-spent for an acceptable replacement for Walker in Montel Aaron, who committed to the Owls on Friday night. Temple had a very good experience with its last Montel (Harris) and there is no reason to believe this Montel will not give Owl fans reason to smile. (For those who’ve forgotten, Harris went off for 351 rushing yards and seven touchdowns in a 63-32 win at Army in 2012. That’s probably a 56-game hitting streak-type record that will never be broken.)

I looked hard on Cherry and White Day and did not see anyone with the physical tools of P.J. that I could project as a replacement. Montel Aaron has those physical tools.

Aaron reminds me of a more polished version of Clinton Granger. We could not win with Clint because he came here raw and stayed that way. If Montel comes here polished as he appears to be and the coaches rub a little extra Pledge on him, Temple can win with Montel Aaron, and going to the other side of the football earth to get him will prove to be worth it.

Tomorrow: Temple vs. Charlotte photos

Tuesday: Tulane and UCF


14 thoughts on “Montel Aaron Could Be the Next P.J.

  1. Does this mean you don’t think Nutile has what it takes? He had very good stats coming here.

    • They obviously do not have enough confidence in him to allow him in to do anything other than take 3 knees. That’s not a good sign. When it got up to 37-3, there were still 11 minutes left. Would have liked to seen him come in and throw a few passes. Also, if you are going to have a strict pocket passer in there, you rip all the plays out of the playbook that include read-option plays–which means we don’t score that touchdown that P.J. scored against PSU.

  2. This kid looks like a winner. Like his size as well. He can be a Mariota type -big and fast. If he continues to play like this Tu has to worry about poaching.

    • Temple has done a very good job identifying high character kids whose word is their bond. Very few have flipped once they have given their word and the few who have (funnderburke comes to mind) have flopped. I guess you would call that a flip-flop. 🙂 I’m here all week.

  3. I was hoping to see Nutile throw the ball at least once. Logan Marchi is redshirting. Here’s a link to his hs highlight clip.

    Looks like Marchi was going to UCONN but had issues with his grades or behavior and TU took a flier.

    Back to your article Mike, I really like this new guy. He’s tall 6ft5, calm, and has accuracy. Looks like he lacks a few key features which kept his profile down. He doesnt run fast (but he gallops ha) and doesnt seem to have a gun.

    I feel like TU is loading up to replenish the best parts of this team (this years class has a lot of guys on D, especially DB plus one Olineman and now this QB)

    Last years class loaded up on RB and TE, and a bunch of other spots on D

    As of now I estimate the team could use a few WRs or Olineman to redshirt in 2016

  4. Is this an unusual thing that TU made visits out to Cali to grab this guy? They may been tipped off that he was under the radar and like you wrote, spent the money to fly back and forth.

    If this is unusual, I hope it becomes normal

  5. with 5 QBs on the roster now this kid will be a red-shirt work in progress next year.., it will help him if Thomas stays on the coaching staff next year..,

    PJ is 50 times better than Chester Stewart, but I don’t see him getting any better than he is right now. Great freshman season, regression sophomore season, and a game manager this season. don’t see him making any plays, or moving the chains with his feet.
    not the dual threat anymore, average college arm, short stature in the pocket, but has become a really good game day manager of the offense.

    Temple will take it to the next level when somebody with Sunday ability steps up under center

    • What team wouldn’t. In any event,blame for PJ’s poor second season can squarely be placed on Satterfield’s shoulders. At least Tu remedied some of those mistakes, unlike PSU, which still runs a bad offense and doesn’t take advantage of Hackenburg’s talents. Saturday they had him throw long twice and he completed both of them. That team’s coaches need to look at the 2013 tape and adopt what made that kid a sure thing pro prospect back then. Wait until he goes to the Texans and reunites with O’Brien, if he lasts the season. PSU will be kicking itself for wasting such a talent.

      • Looks like the Texans are going to get a real good pick as well. How did the Falcons get this good on offense? Hopefully, it’s unrelated to releasing their QB coach.

    • Walkers stats this year:

      PASSING Stats
      2015 67 111 60.4 5 2 126.9

      Projected out over the year equals 15 TD’s 6 Int. And lets not forget three of the games PSU, Cin. and Charlotte Temple had the games well in hand in the late 3rd quarter and throughout the fourth quarter and the offense was very conservative. He also had two TD’s called back for offensive penalties or his numbers would be much better from a TD to INT ratio. I dare say right around where he was his 1st year. I think PJ is doing ok!

  6. Not fast or a scrambler and doesn’t have a strong arm. Why are you all so high on this kid? Forgot about Marchi – Temple has a real stable of QBs – the competition will be intense after PJ. It is too bad Nutile didn’t get any throws. Maybe Rhule didn’t want to chance an interception and jeopardize the big lead. After all, we do want top 25.

    • On one of those throws, he released the ball at the 28 and hit the kid in the numbers at the 5. That’s a strong-enough arm for me. I think 3 Temple coaches, presumably one who coached Matty Ice for the last four years, saw that arm and made the decision to give a valuable schollie to him. I’ll trust that. Also, he might not be as fast as P.J., but he’s faster than any other QB we have and you can run read-option plays with him. Other than Logan Marchi and P.J., I don’t see us being able to run read-option plays now. That’s a big part of the playbook.

    • He run a 4.6 something. That’s fast enough for a qb.

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